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Photographs and slides, 1945-1980

MSS. Brit .Emp s. 602/3

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Folder 1

Eritrea 1946-1953, n.d.

  1. 1/1/1 Ismalia Egypt 1946: British Garrison Transit Camp 211, Margaret Reardon (left) with fellow travelling companion, Mrs Griffiths and daughter Cherry.
  2. 1/1/2 Ismalia Egypt 1946: Nissan Hut 22A with thatched covering made from reeds to mitigate sun/heat
  3. 1/1/3 Ismalia Egypt 1946: British Garrison Transit Camp 211
  4. 1/2/1 Asmara 1946: Major Patrick Reardon with Army Police issue 327 Fiat Topolino ('little mouse' in Italian)
  5. 1/3/1-7 Asmara 1946: first home Viale Roma, interior with furniture made by Italian craftsmen (6); exterior (1)
  6. 1/4/1-3 Gazabanda in Asmara 3 May 1947: Patrick and Margaret hosting tea party in honour of Magboul, political official of the Sudan government
  7. 1/5/1-3 fiesta in Asmara 1946: local dancing; tribesmen gathered; official dancers
  8. 1/6/1 British Military Eritrean Police Force Officers 1946 with Patrick (back row, 3rd right)
  9. 1/7/1-3 Asmara 1946: Gondar Road Uolchefitt pass; Massawa-Keren Road, the turnings of the Fil-Fil valley; Massawa-Asmara Railway coasting the Mai-Henzi valley
  10. 1/8/1 Asmara 1946: Patrick and Margaret at the Royal Signals Mess
  11. 1/9/1 Asmara 1946: Gabriella Gasperini (left) and Margaret (right) at Gymkhana/Polo
  12. 1/10/1 Asmara 1946: airport arrivals
  13. 1/11/1-2 Asmara 1946: Eritrean Police departures with Patrick (far right) (2)
  14. 1/12/1 Asmara 1946: first car owned by Patrick and Margaret
  15. 1/13/1 Medlock Route 1946: Patrick's post war posting with British Military to Eritrea 'SS Sudan' Wadi Halfa to El Shellal on Nile Valley Route Nile Steamer
  16. 1/14/1 1946: Medlock Route - Patrick's post war posting with British Military to Eritrea. Sudan State Railway from El-Shellal to Kharoum, Jan 1946
  17. 1/15/1 Asmara 1946: Viale Roma
  18. 1/16/1 Asmara 1946: Government House
  19. 1/17/1 Asmara 1946: local native village
  20. 1/18/ Asmara Coptic Christian procession with Embelti and Cerebata players
  21. 1/19/1-6 Asmara to Keren 1946: after Teclesan; bridge over Mogordatat River; view downhill of Baloa Valley; with car; road; at 12km
  22. 1/20/1 Adi-Ugri Residence September-December 1946: on temporary service
  23. 1/21/1-6 Keren 1948: residence with Judy and Bobby on balcony; sleeping quarters on veranda; gardens and entrance gate (3); interior of residence
  24. 1/22/1 Keren 1948: Alfa Romeo Car
  25. 1/23/1-4 Tessenei or Keren Staff 1948: Cook (crouched right) with milkman outside kitchen; Teclai (Coptic) house boy outside kitchen; first and second house boys; Gabriella and Omar on balcony
  26. 1/24/1-4 Keren 1948: standing in a group of four, Margaret (3rd right); Margaret seated (3rd left); Brigadier Hardy Spencer taking the march past; Sudan Defence Force Military march past
  27. 1/25/1 Keren: 'HLI For Ever Scots HQ' written on the rocks below Keren battlefield
  28. 1/26/1-4 Tessenei 1949: village square; pet gazelle with local huts; locals gathered; mosque
  29. 1/27/1-3 Tessenei 1949: work safari with staff (including cook in white) (2); with game for feast
  30. 1/28/1-2 Tessenei February 1949: house; gates to grounds
  31. 1/29/1-2 Tessenei 1949: Margaret in hat with Helen Murphy and Taffy Saunders on shooting trip for the pot in Senior Divisional Officer Western Province's jeep; with Askari for protection against Shifta
  32. 1/30/1 Tessenei June 1946: Military Administration Police Patrol in road (Patrick on left)
  33. 1/31/1-2 Agordat 1949-50: house, on top floor, offices below; netted sleeping quarters on roof top
  34. 1/32/1-3 Agordat Staff 1949-50: outside-gardener and house servant (left); staff wearing white Djellaba and turbans (left to right) House Boy El Amin, Askari, Mohammed the cook, Houseboy, Nanny Lulu, Safari cook; Timothy (Patrick and Margaret's son) with his nursemaid outside the family home of Mohammed the cook with goats and children
  35. 1/33/1 Agordat 1949-50: view of Askari Camp from Agordat house
  36. 1/34/1 Agordat 1949-50: view of town from Agordat house
  37. 1/35/1-4 encampment at Keru on Safari Trek: main tents (2); village chiefs and tribal leaders gathered for discussions; Patrick seated (centre) with Mike Seeward and George Kellcher
  38. 1/36/1-2 Mersa Gulbub, Red Sea March 1952: nursemaid with Margaret, her son and dog; tribal tents of nomadic tribe
  39. 1/37/1-2 Keren 1951: Main Street; mosque
  40. 1/38/1-4 Halhal while visiting on official business 1952: road to Halhal; Margaret with office staff and Jeep; explaining about the election; outpost
  41. 1/39/1 first Eritrean election 1952: the returning officers
  42. 1/40/1-2 Nacfa District Officer's House 1952: house and view from garden (2)
  43. 1/41/1-2 Eritrean District Officer with captured Shifta; Sheik Idris (right) and Patrick (left) with captured Shifta bandit
  44. 1/42/1-2 office staff on safari trek 1950; local tribesmen encountered on safari
  45. 1/43/1 Keren Football team 1950: Patrick (back row far right) plus others including Italian office staff of British Military Administration
  46. 1/44/1-3 Peoples of Eritrea c. 1945: Coptic Christians (2); Abuna (Coptic priest)
  47. 1/45/1 Peoples of Eritrea c. 1945: Moslem Bilene
  48. 1/46/1 Peoples of Eritrea c. 1945: Asmara Tribe
  49. 1/47/1 Peoples of Eritrea c. 1945: Dancala girls
  50. 1/48/1-4 Peoples of Eritrea, Tigrai c. 1945: women collecting wood; men drawing water for cattle; children collecting water in gourds; three women
  51. 1/49/1 Peoples of Eritrea c. 1945: Kunama tribesman
  52. 1/50/1-2 Keren, Four Powers Commission: representatives from the tribes waiting; seated at tables with CineRadio vehicle and CineFilm camera in foreground
  53. 1/51/1 Ethiopian officials explain the Federation with Ethiopia to Eritreans
  54. 1/52/1-8 Handing over ceremony: Notables and foreign officials; South Wales Border Regiment at the lowering of the British Flag and the handing over of Eritrea to a Federation with Ethiopia; celebrations; British officials and others; Ethiopian troops march in; George Kellcher, Frank Stafford and Sir F. Pearce; Haile Salassie; Empress and H.E. Emperor Haile Salassie
  55. 1/53/1-6 Keren 11 October 1952: their Highnesses standing in tent; high ranking local and religious officials and tribal leaders; mounted camel batallions and others; Haile Salassie laying wreathes at cemetery; plaque unveiled by Haile Salassie; British ambassador laying wreathes at ceremony
  56. 1/54/1-2 First anniversary of federation with Ethiopia
  57. 1/55/1-3 Asmara 1952: final house
  58. 1/56/1 Asmara: Margaret with Timothy in the streets
  59. 1/57/1 Asmara 7 June 1953: Margaret (centre) at French Consul's cocktail party
  60. 1/58/1 Asmara 1953: Count and Countess de la Porte with Margaret (left)
  61. 1/59/1 Egypt 1946: album leaf with various photographs covering the trip on the Medlock Route by Patrick Reardon on 'SS Sudan' from Wadi Halfa to El Shellal on Nile Valley Routes, and others. Also Sudan State Railway El-Shellal to Khartoum, January 1946
  62. 1/60/1 Port Said 1946: album leaf with various photographs
  63. 1/60/2 Cairo 1946: album leaf with various photographs
  64. 1/60/3-4 Ismalia 1946: album leaves with various photographs
  65. 1/60/5 Giza 1946: album leaf with photographs of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx
Folder 2

Tanganyika 1952-1959

  1. 2/1/1 Bagamoyo 1957: A visit by the Governor Sir Richard Turnbull to the copra plant owned by Indian family. Neville Chittick, 2nd from left
  2. 2/2/1 Bagamoyo 1957: Neville Chittick, the geologist and antiquary officer, with Sir Richard and Lady Turnbull
  3. 2/3/1 Singida House 1952: Central Province 1st tour
  4. 2/4/1 Central Province 1952: Margaret Reardon, Timothy (son) and Judy (dog) on car
  5. 2/5/1-2 Central Province Kisiriri House 1952: front and side view
  6. 2/6/1 Central Province Rest House 1952: with vehicle used for official business and staff
  7. 2/7/1-2 Central Province Local Buildings 1952: Tukul and Long House
  8. 2/8/1-3 Central Province Dodoma 1954-1955: Famine Relief
  9. 2/9/1 Central Province 1954: Boy Scouts
  10. 2/10/1 Dodoma House 1955: Margaret with expat children at her son's farewell party
  11. 2/11/1-3 Central Province, Kilosa German construct house 1957: (condemned) before alterations to make it more habitable; after alterations to make it more habitable; Princess Tai-Lu (cat) balancing on Public Works Department issue furniture in poor repair
  12. 2/12/1 New Dodoma Club April 1957
  13. 2/13/1 Kurasini House 1957
  14. 2/14/1-3 local leave in Iringa 1958: nursemaid with baby daughter; expatriate cottage belonging to Albert and Phil Gowey (2)
  15. 2/15/1 Government Rest House Kizolanga 1957
  16. 2/16/1 Mashua Bagamoyo 1958
  17. 2/17/1-4 Bagamoyo, Boma 1957: upstairs apartment in Arab House; interior picture; daughter on government issue chairs; maid with child in pram
  18. 2/18/1-7 Bagamoyo 1957: Indian mosque; Main Street; Government Rest House, Kizolanga; the prison; the Roman Catholic Mission; the Mission; town centre
  19. 2/19/1-11 Queen's Birthday Parade 1958: various of Patrick as Her Majesty's representative (dressed in white uniform) taking the march past and salute
  20. 2/20/1-4 Bagamoyo Queen's Birthday Parade 1957: Jim Spencer (agriculture) and his special constable; police march past; Patrick talking to local school children; Margaret (left) and Patrick taking the salute and march past
  21. 2/21/1-2 Bagamoyo 1957: visit of governor, Sir Richard Turnbull, Patrick (seated 2nd from right)
  22. 2/22/1 Tabora 1959
  23. 2/23/1 Central Province 1954: Boy Scouts
  24. 2/24/1 Bagamoyao Main Road 1957
Folder 3

Bechuanaland/Botswana 1963-1966, n.d.

  1. 3/1/1 Mochudi House 1963: Mochudi House (black and white)
  2. 3/2/1-3 Gaberones House Staff 1965: Ellen Mpeti (housemaid) outside dining room; Wright Selinbogwe (gardener); the gardens shortly before the Reardons' departure from Botswana (1971/2)
  3. 3/3/1-2 Gabarones 1965: co-operative staff at first store in Gabarones
  4. 3/4/1-2 Botswana Independence Day Celebrations: (left to right) Norman Walker, Lady Ruth Khama, Princess Marina and Sir Seretse Khama; Princess Marina with the press
  5. 3/5/1-2 Gabarones airport 1966: official greeting of Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Khama back from an overseas visit; Sir Seretse and Margaret
  6. 3/6/1-4 BCl copper-nickel mine: Selibe Phikwe mining town (colour); Patrick Reardon (left) with Sir Seretse and Lady Khama inspecting mine; Selibe Phikwe mining town (black & white)
  7. 3/7/1 Botswana 1966: signing of the De Beers Agreement (left to right) Patrick Reardon, Harry Oppenheimer, Jimmy Haskins, Sir Seretse Khama, Quett Masire
  8. 3/8/1-9 De Beers Diamond Mining: enlargement of 8 selected diamonds from first pit sunk into Kimberlite; one of the drills used to delineate the side walls of the pipe; closer view of washing plant showing the washing pan; Dr. G. Lamont, responsible for the discovery of the pipe; small heavy media separation plant under construction; plant processing the gravels at the diamond pipe; portable washing plant for concentrating gravels from prospecting pipe; drill operator removing kimberlite core from core barrel; aerial view of AK1 diamond pipe proved by De Beers (Prospecting) Ltd, 200 miles west of Francistown
  9. 3/9/1 Commonwealth Conference: Patrick (2nd to right) representing Botswana
  10. 3/10/1-2 British Honours--OBE being awarded to Patrick Reardon
Folder 4

Gilbert and Ellice Islands Protectorate 1970-1979, n.d.

  1. 4/1/1 Gilbertese girl in traditional island dance attire
  2. 4/2/1 Tarawa 1970: Gilbert Island Women's Corona Group with Margaret (front right)
  3. 4/3/1-5: Japanese Fishing Delegations 1970s: Patrick as acting Governor with Margaret entertaining delegation at Government House (2); Patrick with Senior Delegate at Government House; Gilbert & Ellice Island Fisheries Delegation visit Japan with Patrick (2nd on left) and Minister (right); Japanese Fisheries Delegate (right) with Patrick Reardon (2nd to right) with Gilbert Island Ministry staff
  4. 4/4/1-3 Patrick attending international meeting as a delegate (unknown location); Patrick and Minister attending as delegates (2)
  5. 4/5/1 Patrick as Acting Governor, presentation on behalf of the Gilbert Islands of a ceremonial sword with visiting VIP
  6. 4/6/1 Government House: Patrick (left) with Margaret being presented to Foreign Secretary James Callaghan, circa 1975
Folder 5

Turks and Caicos Islands 1980, n.d.

  1. 5/1/1-3 Grand Turk: Government House 'Waterloo' (3)
  2. 5/2/1-3 Grand Turk: first live broadcast of the Turks & Caicos Government Radio Station (L to R) Hon James McCartney, Chief Minister, and Patrick Reardon, Financial Secretary and Deputy Governor; other photos from first live broadcast (2)
  3. 5/3/1 Grand Turk 1980: Patrick and Margaret in lounge of house
Folder 6

Slides 1960, n.d.

  1. 45-47: Inauguration of Julius Nyrere (Dodoma), 1960 (3 slides)
  2. Bagamoya, Tanganyika Territory (5 slides)


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