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Typescripts of miscellaneous articles, speeches, 1953- 24 June 1999, n.d.

MS. Eng. c. 7107
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fols. 1-5) 'Barristers and Solicitors: An American Proposal (From a Correspondent in the United States)' TS. copy, 1953-54
  2. (fols. 6-11) 'Barristers and Solicitors: An American Proposal' amended TS., Aug 1954
  3. (fols. 12-14) 'Topic for Tonight' specimen broadcast on the price of tea, 16 Dec 1954
  4. (fols. 15-21) 'Going to the Bar' TS., transmission date 30 Dec 1954
  5. (fols. 22-23) 'Three Years is Too Long' TS., 1954
  6. (fols. 24-27) Untitled TS. on the surrender of the Mau Mau, Kenya, 1954
  7. (fols. 28-29) Speech on the Suez Crisis for ITN (Independent Television News) bulletin [?], TS., 1956
  8. (fols. 30-31) Bulletin on the Parliamentary debate on Suez, TS., 23 Sep 1956
  9. (fols. 32-33) Broadcast on the Suez Crisis, TS., Oct 1956
  10. (fols. 34-41) 'Transcript of Interview with President Nasser 29 Jun 1957 and broadcast 1 Jul 1957 11.05pm on ITN', TS. 1957
  11. (fols. 42-50) TS. script on the history and achievements of ITN, 1957
  12. (fols. 51-55) TS. News Chronicle article on the 1959 General Election, 1959
  13. (fols. 56-61) 'Oxford Union speech by Robin Day at the Farewell Debate of Robert Jackson (President)' TS., 1967
  14. (fol. 62) 'Morecombe and Wise VC [Variety Club] Lunch, Dorchester Hotel, May 1974' speech by Robin Day, printed copy, 1974
  15. (fols. 63-67) 'Address given by Robin Day at the service of Thanksgiving for the life and work of Ivan Yates, 27 Feb 1975' TS., 1975
  16. (fol. 68) Unidentified wedding speech by Robin Day, TS., Feb 1975
  17. (fols. 69-73) 'Oyster Feast' MS. speech cards, Oct 1976
  18. (fols. 74-75) Transcript of BBC Nationwide interview with Rt. Hon. Sir John Knott, Secretary of State for Defence, 2 Oct 1982
  19. (fols. 76-79) 'From Sir Robin Day's remarks in proposing the health of Aidan Crawley at his 79th birthday party' TS. 10 Apr 1987
  20. (fols. 80-96) Speech delivered to the Churchill Club of Manchester to mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill becoming Prime Mininster of the wartime coalition governemnet, TS., May 1990
  21. (fols. 97-104) Address by Sir Robin Day at the Thanksgiving service for Robert Carvel, TS., Jul 1990
  22. (fols. 105-112) 'Remarks in honour of the 70th birthday of the Rt. Hon. Lord Jenkins of Hillhead PC at a private dinner in the Garrick Club' TS., 12 Dec 1990
  23. (fols. 113-117) Speech for Sue MacGregor, TS., 16 Sep 1991
  24. (fols. 118-126) 'SEH [St.Edmunds Hall, Oxford] London' amended TS. speech cards, 12 Jan 1993
  25. (fols. 127-131) 'Speech by Sir Robin Day at his 70th Birthday Luncheon in aid of the Greater London Fund for the Blind, Café Royal' TS., 26 Oct 1993
  26. (fol. 132) 'Remarks by Sir Robin Day when he opened the new Pret-A-Manger for Anne and Brian Hall' TS., 7 Feb 1994
  27. (fols. 133-136) 'Sir Robin Day's tribute to Aidan Crawley at the Memorial Service, St. Michael's Chapel, Chester Square' TS., 10 Feb 1994
  28. (fols. 137-147) 'Garrick Annual Dinner speech by the Guest of Honour, Sir Robin Day' TS., 23 Apr 1995
  29. (fols. 148-154) 'From speech by Sir Robin Day at the Royal Television Society's 1995 Convention at the concluding dinner on 16 Sept in the Great Hall, King's College, Cambridge' amended TS., Sep 1995
  30. (fols. 155-156) 'John Gau's intro to Robin Day's induction to the Hall of Fame' TS., 26 Oct 1995
  31. (fols. 157-161) 'Speech of Acceptance by Sir Robin Day at his election to the Hall of Fame by the Royal Television Society (BAFTA dinner)' TS., 16 Oct 1995
  32. (fol. 162) 'Sir Robin Day's Appeal, Portland College' amended TS. speech cards, 1 Dec 1995
  33. (fols. 163-164) 'Reflections of a humble media man by Robin Day' to the Medico-Legal Society, TS., 13 Dec 1995
  34. (fols. 165-166) 'Vote of Thanks proposed by Sir Robin Day at Foyle's literary luncheon for Robert Robinson's memoirs SKIP ALL THAT' TS., 15 Oct 1996
  35. (fols. 167-171) 'Speech by Sir Robin Day in proposing the toast of the Rt. Hon. Lord Mayhew of Twysden, QC, PC [Patrick Mayhew, Baron Mayhew of Twysden] at the Annual Garrick Club Dinner' TS., 19 Apr 1998
  36. (fols. 172-175) 'Remarks by Sir Robin Day, chairman of Foyle's literary luncheon at the Dorchester Hotel 13 May 1998 in honour of MARILYN, HITLER AND ME the memoirs of Milton Shulman' amended TS., 1998
  37. (fols. 176-179) 'Remarks by Sir Robin Day at the Bromsgrove Charter Dinner' TS., 24 Jun 1999

and (fols. 180-198) Miscellaneous undated broadcasts, interviews, articles and speeches, with unidentified fragments. Includes:

  1. (fol. 180) 'The Role and Responsibility of the Director-General', n.d.
  2. (fol. 186) 'Life Peerages under the Royal Prerogative', n.d.
  3. (fols. 188-193) 'May it Please Your Majesty', n.d.
  4. (fols. 194-196) 'Looking Back', n.d.


  • Creation: 1953- 24 June 1999, n.d.


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MS. Eng. c. 7107

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