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Papers, 1600-1799

MS. Eng. c. 7031
Held at the Weston Library

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Comprises; (fols. 1-13) Richard Towneley's papers on natural philosophy, with some drawings of apparatus, and geometrical figures, 1660s,

  1. (fols. 1-3) pages 145-149 of Experimental Philosophy by Henry Power (London, 1664), describing (pp. 147-149) 'Mr Charles Townley his Experiment; from which, he would deduce a Perpetual Motion', 1664
  2. (fol. 4) 'Miscellannea Probleme To find the iust gravitation or weight of the masse of Air', record of an experiment, 1666
  3. (fol. 5) 'De impotentia liberi Aeris ad [mercury] sustenta'o in exp[er]im[en]to Torricelli', record of an experiment on air pressure, in Latin, [1660s] (lower left corner missing)
  4. (fol. 6) record of an experiment on air pressure, using mercury in the manner of Torricelli, [1660s]
  5. (fol. 7) partial record of 'An exp[eri]m[en]t' on air pressure using Torricellian tubes, [1660s]
  6. (fol. 8) 'Obiections against the hypotheses of the weight and spring of aire assumed to solve the Torricellian Exp[eri]m[en]ts', with record of a related experiment. Endorsed 'Peripatetices Digbaeo-Albianae Elementa Physica', [c.1660]
  7. (fol. 9) partial record of an experiment to record the weight and pressure of air, using a mercury filled cylinder with counterweights, [1660s]
  8. (fols. 10-11) notes 'Concerning the application of force', with record of a related experiment, [1660s]
  9. (fol. 12) 'Boyle his Pneumaticall Engine improved to the further expanding of Aire', notes and diagram setting out improvements to Boyle's air pump, [1660s]
  10. (fol. 13) 'Miscellanea. De physica trocklearum efficenia ad sublevenda pondera et a quibus eorum illa coice[?]', notes on using pulleys to lift weights, in Latin, [1660s]

(fols. 14-28) Richard Towneley's mathematical notes, 17th cent.,

  1. (fols. 14-15) 'Ex Clavio', mathematical notes, in Latin, possibly from Oughtred's Clavis Mathematicae (London, 1631)
  2. (fols. 16-18) mathematical notes on geometry, in Latin
  3. (fol. 19) geometrical calculations, with diagram on verso
  4. (fols. 20-21) note containing simple explanation of fractions
  5. (fols. 22-25) mathematical rough jottings
  6. (fols. 26-28) diagrams and notes on the workings of clocks, in English, French and Latin

(fols. 29-49) astronomy papers, mainly of Christopher Towneley, 17th-18th cent.,

  1. (fols. 29-44) copies of extracts from letters from Mr Crabtree, 1640-4, n.d., relating to astronomy, [c.1661 - see inscription on fol. 33]
  2. (fol. 45) 'Theoria Cometarum' diagram showing the movement of the comets from 1577-1680, in Latin, [1680?]
  3. (fol. 46) 'Astronomy' notes on the diameters, rate of travel and relative distances of the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, 17th cent.
  4. (fol. 47) astronomical diagram, 17th cent.
  5. (fol. 48-9) astronomical calculations, 20 May 1787


  • Creation: 1600-1799


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  • English


MS. Eng. c. 7031

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