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Commonplace book of Poetry , written in English and Latin, late 17th cent.

MS. Don. e. 176
Held at the Weston Library

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Comprises the following verse:

  1. (pp. 1-15) 'The Argumt.', beg. 'Of Justices doe office truly'
  2. (p. 15) 'For Drinking', beg. 'For warr the horse we never keep'
  3. (p. 17) lines in English and Latin, from Virgil's Aeneid, book 4, verse 615 onwards, 'English'd at the late Kings Com'and at Oxford, by Mr Ab. Cowley; he not knowing it was the Kings fors Virgiliana'
  4. (p. 19) 'On Poetry', beg. 'Poetry is an intellectuall mint'
  5. (p. 20) 'Mr Carcasse his verses in Bedlam...', beg. 'Clauserat obscuro cum me Medicaster in Antro'
  6. (pp. 21-22) Edmund Waller, 'On the Lord Protectors dying in a storm', beg. 'We must resign, heaven his great soul does claim'
  7. (pp. 22-25) [ Sir William Godolphin], 'The Answer by Mr Godolphin', beg. 'Tis well he's gone (oh had he never been)'
  8. (p. 25) 'To the Ld Protector after his return from Ireland by R.B.', beg. 'Though all are statesmen now & 'tis the guise'
  9. (p. 26) 'In Regem & Reginam', beg. 'Sic Catharina ferat, Carolus sic gignat ut illa'
  10. (pp. 27-39) Abraham Cowley, 'A Satyre. The Puritan Papist', beg. 'Soe two rude waves by stormes together thrown'
  11. (p. 40) 'Upon the Ld Hide', beg. 'Pacto uno Binis thalamis, bello quibus triformi'
  12. (pp. 41-43) Lord Rochester, 'Upon Nothing', beg. 'Nothing thou elder brother ev'n to shade'
  13. (pp. 45-52) John Dryden, 'Heroick Stanzas consecrated To the memory of Cromwell', beg. 'And now 'tis time for their officious haste'
  14. (p. 54) [ Lord Rochester], 'Essay. Ld R.', beg. 'Too long the wise commons have been in debate'
  15. (pp. 59-85) [ Thomas Sprat], 'A Pindarique Ode in praise of Cromwell with the Answer', [first part missing] beg. 'Tis true vile name thou art secure'
  16. (pp. 87-97) [ Lord Rochester], 'A Letter from Artemiza in the town To Cloe in the Countrey', beg. 'Cloe, in verse by your command I write'
  17. (pp. 98-107) [ Lord Rochester], 'A Satyre', beg. 'Were I (who to my cost already am'
  18. (pp. 109-116) [ Lord Rochester], 'My Ld R. to my Ld M.', beg. 'Dear freind I hear this Town does so abound'
  19. (p. 116) 'Answer by G.E.', beg. 'As crafty Harlotts use to shrinke'
  20. (pp. 127-131) 'In Defence of Satyre', beg. 'When Shakespear, Johnson, Fletcher rul'd the Stage'
  21. (pp. 132-133) Lord Dorset, 'On the Supposd Author of a Poem in defence of Satyre', beg. 'To wrack and torture thy u[n]meaning brain'
  22. (p. 133) Sir Carr Scroop, 'An Answer to the Reply supposd to be written by my Ld Rot.', beg. 'Rail on poor feeble Scribbler! Speak of me'
  23. (p. 134) 'Upon a Fart', beg. 'What proud Bravados this that still doth crack'
  24. (p. 135) [ Ben Jonson], 'Upon Chancellour Noe when he kept his readers feast', beg. 'When the world was drown'd'
  25. (p. 135) 'Pie Memoria', beg. 'His iacet Egrimundus Rarus'
  26. (p. 135) 'On a Lady that dyd soon after her husband', beg. 'He first deceased she liv'd, and try'd'
  27. (pp. 138-139) [ William Strode], 'On his Majesties Fleet', beg. 'Cease now, they talk of wonders nothing rare'
  28. (pp. 148-144 rev.) prose entitled, 'An Occasionall Reflection upon Dr. Charltons feeling a Doggs pulse at Gresham Colledge 1668 by Robert Boyle esq To Lindamore'


  • Creation: late 17th cent.


134 pages

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Don. e. 176

Custodial History

Booklabel of John Sparrow inside upper board; shelfmark inside upper board, 'KK 4'.

Physical Facet

Blind-ruled brown calf.

Repository Details

Part of the Bodleian Libraries Repository

Weston Library
Broad Street
Oxford OX1 3BG United Kingdom