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Dunn School: Notebook 2, Dec 1982-Oct 1983

MS. 12364/3

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Notebook covers experiments including:
  1. Experiment 108: Mini library (in new blunt-ended plasmid vector) of AluI digest of experiment 105 on bovine dsDNA, prepared from an 22-22S enriched sucrose density gradient fraction - successful.
  2. Experiment 110: Blood samples of haemophilia B patients under the care of Dr Charles Rizza at the Oxford Haemophilia Centre (and some pedigrees) that were a source of DNA for experiments by Peter Winship (PR) (DPhil student) and Jaspar Rees (DJGR) (DPhil student) to find out their disease-causing mutation and to establish carrier status when this was unknown. List includes known obligatory carriers (female) and inhibitor-producing patients. The inhibitor patients were mainly studied by Francesco Giannelli - on sabbatical from the Paediatric Research Centre, Guys Hospital, London. He came to learn molecular biology.
  3. Experiment 122: Potential HA expression clones prepared by transfection of fibroblasts by Joyce Huddleston (Brownlee's assistant) in L cells - for collaborative experiments with Andrew McMichael.
  4. Various cell sorting experiments of chromosomes with the idea of purifying an X chromosome (e.g. experiment 134 on pp.81-2; experiment 139 on pp.91-94; and experiment 145 on pp.109-120).These experiments came to nothing.
  5. Experiment 132: Design of experiments to express factor IX cDNA clones in E coli expression vectors.
  6. Experiment 141A: Test of viability of experiment 108 mini library after freezing and thawing. Re-amplification of mini library.
  7. Experiment 150: Karyotype of cell line GM1416B (human cell line) for Brownlee by Yvonne Boyd (Genetics Department).
  8. Experiment 164: Experiment with Don Anson (post-doctoral researcher) of DNA that Brownlee had prepared from GM1416B to ligate into an EMBL3 vector by Anson for a normal human library.
  9. Experiment 172: cosmid cloning using vectors modified by Jaspar Rees (DPhil student).
  10. Experiment 186: Cosmid libraries from haemophilia B patients.
  11. Experiment 192: Experiments with Stephen Goss somatic cell hybrids.
  12. Experiment 194: DNA from cell lines of various Haemophilia B (Christmas disease) patients.
  13. Experiment 202 and many previous experiments: attempts at obtaining X chromosome by "chromosome sorting" to construct a cosmid library.


  • Dec 1982-Oct 1983


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MS. 12364/3

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