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Correspondence of the Fairfax, Greig, Somerville, Graham and Williamson Ramsay families, 1809-1877 and n.d.

Dep. c. 358
Held at the Weston Library

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Folder MSFP-13: letters from W[illiam George H.T.] Fairfax, [Mary's nephew], and [his wife], Mary, to Mary and her daughter, Martha, 1842-1877, including:

  1. letters from William George to Mary regarding his mission to Zanzibar on behalf of the Foreign Office to stop or limit the slave trade on the east coast of Africa, 22 Nov 1872; the settling of the affairs of Woronzow Greig, 23 Jan 1866; and referring to regimental movements to Ireland to deal with Fenianism, 21 Feb 1866
  2. letter from William George to Martha Somerville regarding the funeral of Agnes Greig and details of her will, 17 May 1874

Folder MSFP-14: letters received by Agnes Greig from W[illiam] G[eorge] H.T. Fairfax and [his brother], Henry, and his wife, Harriet, 1856-1872, including a letter from William George regarding the movement of his regiment to South Africa and India, 22 Jan 1854; and containing information about Admiral Samuel Greig and his family, 2 May 1861

Folder MSFP-15: letters received by William George Fairfax from correspondents including Martha Somerville and Woronzow Greig, 1840-1869 and n.d. [1873?], some relating to the genealogy of the Fairfax family

Folder MSFP-16: letters received by Woronzow and Agnes Greig from [Sir] J.F.W. Herschel, [astronomer], M[argaret] Herschel [Lady Herschel], and Maria Herschel, 1865-1867 and n.d., including comments by J.F.W. Herschel on Mary's work [probably drafts of On Molecular and Microscopic Science], 1866 and n.d.

Folder MSFP-17: letters received by Mary from Richard and Mrs A.L. Napier, 1832-1861 and n.d.

Folder MSFP-18: letters from Frances Power Cobbe, [social reformer], to Mary, n.d. [c. 1860]. referring to subjects. Also enclosing two photographs of herself, 25 Oct, no year. With a letter from Agnes Greig to Frances Cobbe regarding an expected visit from Martha and Mary Somerville, n.d. Includes:

  1. her disagreement with Darwin's theory on moral sense, 7 May, no year
  2. Herschel and Carpenter's attempts to measure the temperature at the bottom of the ocean and the movement of water from the Equator to the Poles, 17 Jul, no year
  3. the death of William Somerville, 9 Jul, no year [1860], annotated by Mary 'From my dear and valued friend F.P. Cobbe for whom I have the most sincere affection and admiration'

Folder MSFP-19: letters from Frances Power Cobbe to Martha Somerville, 1873 and n.d., some relating to the publication of Mary Somerville's autobiography, with a letter from M[ary] C. Lloyd to Martha regarding alterations to the autobiography, and the gift of Mary Somerville's books to Girton College, Cambridge, 27 Jan 1873

Folder MSFP-20: letters received by Captain Henry Fairfax, RN, from Agnes Greig and Martha Somerville, [1858?]-1869 and n.d.

Folder MSFP-21: letters received by William and Martha Somerville from H[enry], George and J[ane] Elliot, mainly regarding family property and an application for a naval cadetship for Mary's nephew, 1824-1849 and n.d.

Folder MSFP-22: letters received by Mary, and Woronzow and Agnes Greig, from Mary Fairfax of Gilling Castle, [1830]-[1845] and n.d., mainly regarding family matters

Folder MSFP-23: letters received by Woronzow Greig and William Somerville from William Rutherford, Junior, Jedburgh, apparently employed by Lord Somerville, regarding fishing rights, education and work prospects for Rutherford's son, Thomas, the settlement of a debt owed by James Wemyss, and other matters, 1833-1836

Folder MSFP-24: letters received by Mary and Martha Somerville from Jane C. Rushworth regarding the illness and death of her mother, 29 Mar and 12 Apr 1841, the letter to Martha enclosing a lock of hair

Folder MSFP-25: last will and testament of Adele Linsig, [in service with the Somervilles], appointing them as executors, 15 Nov 1837; letters received by Martha Somerville and her sister, Mary, from Adele Linsig, Sep-Oct [1837] (in French)

Folder MSFP-26: list in Mary's hand of members of the 'Fell Foot Circle', n.d.

Folder MSFP-27: copy of a letter from Mary Greig [later Somerville] to Mrs Wilson, conveying news of her family, 27 May 1809; letters received by Jane W[illiamson] and Elizabeth Ramsay from Mary and William Somerville, [1844]-1860

Folder MSFP-28: letters from the Marchesa Teresa Doria to Mary and her daughters, Martha and Mary, 1860-1876 and n.d. (in Italian)

Folder MSFP-29: letters received by Woronzow and Agnes Greig and members of the Graham family from J.W. Gordon and [Colonel] C.G. Gordon, 1861-1870 and n.d., including letters to Mr Graham regarding the death of Woronzow Greig, 23 and 27 Oct 1865


  • Creation: 1809-1877 and n.d.


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Dep. c. 358

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