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Correspondence and notes concerning Nellie Grant, 1958-1979


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  1. (fols 1-28) - Elspeth Huxley's notes concerning Nellie Grant's family background and childhood, and correspondence with: Dorset Record Office; Grosvenor Estate Office; British Architectural Library (R.I.B.A.); National Railway Museum, York; Cheltenham Ladies' College; and Oxford University.
  2. (fols 29-47) - letters with reminiscences of Nellie Grant from: Michael Blundell; Rose Cartwright; Kate Petrie; Audrey Richards; E. Rodwell; Nan Sherwin; Hans Stjernsward; Peggy Trowell; and Errol Trzebinski.
  3. (fols 48-49) - letter from Sonia Cole giving details of the publication of Louis Leakey's book on the Kikuyu, 11 May 1978.
  4. (fols 50-57) - extracts from Nellie Grant's letters, and notes by Nellie Grant and Elspeth Huxley.
  5. (fols 58) - cutting from Field and Farm (Kenya): the President's [Nellie Grant's] Report to the AGM of the Kenya Horticultural Society, Apr 1958.
  6. (fol 59) - cutting from the Cape Times, on Colonel E. Grogan, 25 Apr 1978.
  7. (fols 60-63) - notes by Elspeth Huxley, including Kenyatta chronology.
  8. (fols 64-84) - typescript 'The Mau Mau in Kenya', n.d., no author but official format.
  9. (fols 85-118) - booklet Mau Mau: A Pictoral Record, The English Press, Nairobi, n.d.
  10. (fol 119) - map of Kenya, used for Nellie, 1979.


  • Creation: 1958-1979


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MSS. Afr. s. 2154 box 13, file 5