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Letters to Elspeth Huxley, arranged alphabetically, 1938-1970


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Letters to Elspeth Huxley, arranged alphabetically (85 fols):

  1. BROWN, Leslie, of Karen, Kenya, reply to letter about birds, with general news, 23 May 1970.
  2. CARY, L.F., of Richmond, Virginia, on stills for making whiskey from corn; envelope marked 'illicit stills', 28 Jun 1938.
  3. HUXLEY, Charles, Oriel College, Oxford, enclosing an account he had written of visiting Kenya over Christmas 1957, and of other memorable events, May 1965.
  4. LANGDON, J.D. and Passmore (solicitors) concerning Nellie Grant's marriage settlement, and making it over to Elspeth Huxley, 29 Apr, 2 Sep 1960.
  5. Lord LUGARD of Abinger, concerning his introduction to Race and Politics in Kenya, 9 Jun 1943.
  6. MACINNES, Colin, views, as stimulated by Elspeth Huxley's article in Encounter, 19 May, 29 May, 6 Jun 1961.
  7. MILLIN, Sarah Gertrude, from London and Johannesburg, after a meeting with Elspeth Huxley, 9 Aug, 17 Oct 1962.
  8. Editor of OPTIMA, replying to a letter from Elspeth Huxley after publication of her article on farming in Britain, 12 Nov 1970.
  9. POWELL, Enoch, House of Commons, on meeting, and comments on a draft of article by Elspeth Huxley, 21 Jan, 6 Feb, 8 Mar 1969.
  10. SCOTT, Lord Francis, Deloraine, Kenya, with congratulations on Race and Politics in Kenya, 17 Aug 1944.
  11. SMUTS, J.C., Capetown, with thanks and appreciation of Red Strangers, 8 May, 18 May 1939.
  12. TAYLOR, Pamela, Lusaka, with comments on The Flame Trees of Thika and The Mottled Lizard, 4 Sep 1962.
  13. TURNBULL, Sir Richard, from Government House, Dar es Salaam, with congratulations on CBE, 3 Jun 1962.
  14. WALLER, Bob, of the Soil Association, on its work, 14 Jul, 30 Jul 1964.


  • Creation: 1938-1970


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