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Papers relating to Tananyika, 1936-1947


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  1. (fol 1-9) - reprint from The Empire Journal of Experimental Agriculture, Vol.IV, No.14, 'Native production of coffee on Kilimajaro', by A.J. Wakefield, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Tanganyika Territory, Apr 1936.
  2. (fols 10-25) - Annual Report of the Moshi Native Coffee Board, 1945-1946.
  3. (fols 26-27) - reprint from the East Africa Agricultural Journal, Vol.XII, No.1, 'A Short Account of the Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative Union Limited', Jul 1946.
  4. (fols 28-32) - Annual Report on the Co-operative Development in Tanganyika Territory, by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, 22 Mar 1947.
  5. (fols 33-44) - letter from E.F. Hitchcock, Chairman of the Tanganyika Sisal Growers' Association to Elspeth Huxley, enclosing the 1946 Draft Report of the Association Labour Bureau and notes on the Sisal industry, 8 Apr 1947.
  6. (fols 45-49) - letter from J.F.R. Hill, Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Moshi, to Elspeth Huxley, enclosing notes on the Chagga [Chaga] people, including diagrams of the Council and Appeal Court, 15 Apr 1947.
  7. (fols 50-105) - letter from P.H. Hodgson, the Secretariat, Dar-es-Salaam, to Elspeth Huxley, enclosing draft of the Legislative Council debate on Colonial Paper No.2 on Inter-Territorial Organisation in East Africa, 29 Apr 1947.
  8. (fols 106-108) - letter from the wife of A.V. Hartnoll, Provincial Commissioner, Tanga, to Elspeth Huxley, with notes on the Mlalo Rehabilitation Scheme, 9 May 1947.
  9. (fols 109-119) - letter from Donald Malcolm, District Commissioner, Sukumaland Federation and Development Headquarters, Malya, Lake Province, enclosing an account of a visit to Malya, with photographs and a map by Pamela R.C. Clarke, his secretary, 21 May 1947.
  10. (fols 120-127) - letter from the Chief Secretary to the Government, Dar-es-Salaam, with copies of the Animal Husbandry Trade Reports, 4 Jun 1947.
  11. (fols 128-133) - letter from Miss Maureen L. Swindlehurst, Assistant Private Secretary to the Governor of Tanganyika, to Elspeth Huxley, with a report on Co-operative Development for 1936 (duplicate of fols 28-32) and a note from J.P. Moffett listing articles on Sleeping Sickness in various periodicals, and a typescript of one by himself, 14 Jun 1947.
  12. [no description for fols 134-139]
  13. (fol 140) - letter from Maureen Swindlehurst to Elspeth Huxley, giving the acreage of land owned or leased by non-natives, 2 Jul 1947.
  14. (fol 141) - letter from the General Secretary to the Tanganyika Sisal Growers' Association, to United Empire, Journal of the Royal Empire Society, about a misstatement in an article by Elspeth Huxley which had appeared in the Sep-Oct 1947 Journal, 12 Dec 1947.


  • Creation: 1936-1947


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