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Papers relating to Kenya (2): agriculture, 1942-1947


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  1. (fols 1-4) - reprint from the East African Agricultural Journal, 'Artificial Insemination and community breeding of cattle', by Dr James Anderson, Naivasha Experimental Station, Department of Veterinary Services, Kenya, Jul 1942.
  2. (fols 5-7) - reprint from the East African Agricultural Journal, vol.X, no.1, 'Notes on Animal Diseases' by J.R. Hudson, Veterinary Research Laboratory, Kabete, Kenya, Jul 1944.
  3. (fols 8-9) - reprint from the East African Agricultural Journal, vol.XI, no.3, 'Bukura Native Agricultural School, Nyanza Province, Kenya' by E.L. Braford, Department of Agriculture, Kenya, Jan 1946.
  4. (fols 10-15) - report by the Senior Agricultural Officer, Rift Valley Province, to the Director of Agriculture, on rehabilitation of the Kamasis Reserve, Baringo District, with a sketch map and a copy of a memorandum by the Senior Agricultural Officer, Nakuru, on the Kisokon-Esageri-Kakamoi schemes, 24 Jan 1946.
  5. (fols 16-17) - notes on agrarian policy, n.d.
  6. (fols 18-21) - Notes on Maize, Nyanza Province, by K.L. Hunter, Provincial Commissioner, Nyanza, n.d.
  7. (fols 22-26) - reprint from the East African Agricultural Journal, vol.XII, no.2, 'African mixed farming economics as applied to Bukura, Nyanza Province, Kenya', Oct 1946.
  8. (fol 27) - letter from Colin Maher, Officer-in-charge of the Soil Conservation Service, Kitale, to Elspeth Huxley, about his typescript on 'Communal Farming in Three Countries' and schemes for group farming in Kenya, 28 Nov 1946.
  9. (fols 28-34) - memorandum from the Anti-Locust Research Centre reviewing the world locust situation in 1946, 25 Jan 1947.
  10. (fols 35-43) - letter from Colin Maher with copies of the Agreements made by the Soil Conservation Service with farmers for anti-erosion works and for dam construction; also a memorandum on the routine of soil conservation work on European farms, and a 'score card' for dairy cattle, 3 Feb 1947.
  11. (fol 44) - cutting from The East African News Review with an article on Onchocericiasis [river blindness], a disease causing blindness, 22 May 1947.
  12. (fol 45) - note on the simulium fly, carrier of the disease Onchocericiasis, and the discovery made by the Insect-borne Diseases Division of Kenya's Medical Department that DDT was effective in ridding infested waters of the fly, n.d.
  13. (fol 46) - cutting from the East African Standard on the Karatina decision to pull down the dried vegetable factory, quoting the views of P. Wyn Harris, Acting Chief Native Commissioner [1947].


  • Creation: 1942-1947


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