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Papers relating to Kenya (1): history, labour, land utlisation, and settlement, 1940-1947


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  1. (fols 1-21) - notes about the history of North Kavirondo from 1883 to 1900, recording the activities of notable Europeans in the district. These include: Joseph Thomson, sent to East Africa by the Royal Geographical Society; Bishop Hannington, first Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa; Sir Frederick Jackson, sent by the British East African Company to try to assist Emin Pasha; Dr Karl Peters; Captain Lugard; and C.H. Hobley. These notes were made by the Education Officer, Government African School, Kakamega, and a letter from him to the District Commissioner, Kakamega, dated 28 Feb 1940, introduces the collection, which includes notes on the Wanga people and on the Missions (Friends Africa Mission, Church Missionary Society, and the Catholic Mission).
  2. (fols 22-27) - Memorandum on Machakos Reserve, for submission to Sir Harold Tempany, giving details of area, population, land, labour, and livestock, 25 Mar 1946.
  3. (fols 28-38) - Memorandum on African settlement and land utilisation, referring to Circular No.1 from the Member for Agriculture (Major Cavendish-Bentinck) dated 30 Mar 1946, signed by Desmond O'Hagan, Chairman, and four others. There are three appendices. 3 Sep 1946.
  4. (fols 39-40) - cyclostyled list of nineteen 'Talking Points' by the African Settlement and Land Utilisation Board, n.d.
  5. (fols 41-45) - Memorandum, unsigned, on progress of African Land Utilisation including settlement, n.d.
  6. (fols 46-62) - Registrar of Co-operative Societies Annual Report 1946, n.d.
  7. (fols 63-86) - two copies of a report on Ex-Servicemen's Training Centre 'C', Kabete, near Nairobi; and a draft report of Centre 'B', 10 Feb 1947.
  8. (fols 87-109) - Annual Report on African Affairs in Nairobi 1946, signed by T.G. Askwith, Municipal African Affairs Officer, with three appendices on housing, Mar 1947.
  9. (fols 110-161) - letter and memorandum, with manuscript corrections, on the Resident Labour Problem in Kenya, signed by E.M. Hyde Clarke, Labour Commissioner, and addressed to Major the Honourable F.W. Cavendish-Bentinck, Member for Agriculture and Natural Resources, 3 Mar-5 Mar 1947.
  10. (fol 162) - note on C.M.S. Masene School 1947, 19 May 1947.
  11. (fols 163-173) - letter from G.C. Griffiths, East Africa Industrial Management Board, Nairobi, to Elspeth Huxley, enclosing a copy of the Managing Director's Report on the operations of the Industrial Management Board's plants for the year 1946, 6 Jun 1947.
  12. [there is no description for fol 174]
  13. (fol 175) - note of the African Highlands Produce Company's ration scale as at 1 Jun 1947, n.d.
  14. (fols 176-179) - letter signed 'George' to Elspeth Huxley, about the bloodsucker superstition known as Mumiani, giving an account of a certain incident of this at Mombasa, 20 Jan [no year given].


  • Creation: 1940-1947


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MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 2, file 2