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Articles and reviews, 1929-1984

Dep. c. 1235
Held at the Weston Library

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Comprises the following short stories, essays and articles:

  1. Owen Barfield, 'Abysses of Incomprehension', Nation, 214 (1972), photocopy, a review of Norman Fruman, Coleridge, the Damaged Archangel, with carbon copy of typescript
  2. Owen Barfield, 'The Art of Eurhythmy', Golden Blade (1954), 53-62, and draft carbon copy typescript
  3. 'Barfield on Coleridge: An Exchange', comprising a review by Douglas Wilson and a rejoinder by Owen Barfield, Denver Quarterly, 7.2 (1972), 61-71
  4. Owen Barfield, 'Comment: Focus on Language', Denver Quarterly, 9.3 (1974), 80-89
  5. Owen Barfield, 'Comment: The Politics of Abortion', Denver Quarterly, 6.4 (1972), 17-28
  6. Owen Barfield, 'The Concept of Revelation', Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 47.2 (1979), 222-233
  7. Owen Barfield and C.S. Lewis, A Cretaceous Perambulator, ed. by Walter Hooper (1983)
  8. 'Discussion: Changes of Consciousness or Changes of World?', Owen Barfield et al, Theoria to Theory, 10 (1977), 271-285
  9. 'Discussion: Thick Metaphysics in Practice', Owen Barfield et al, Theoria to Theory, 11 (1977), 9-25
  10. Owen Barfield, 'Either: Or', in Imagination and the Spirit: Essays in Literature and the Christian Faith, Presented to Clyde S. Kilby, ed. by Charles A. Huttar (Grand Rapids, 1971), pp. 25-42
  11. Owen Barfield, 'Equity', Anthroposophy, 2.7 (1932), 134-156
  12. A.O. Barfield, 'Financial Inquiry', Nineteenth Century and After, 106 (1929), 774-784, economics essay
  13. Owen Barfield, 'A Giant in Those Days', Denver Quarterly, 11.1 (1976), 102-111
  14. Owen Barfield, 'Goethe and Evolution', Listener, 42 (1949), 945-946
  15. Owen Barfield, 'Historical Perspectives in the Development of Science', in Towards a Man-Centred Medical Science, ed. by Karl E. Schaefer et al (Mt. Kisco, 1977), pp. 121-136
  16. Owen Barfield, 'Imagination and Science: A Review Essay', Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 52.3 (1984), 585-589
  17. Owen Barfield, 'Inspiration und Imagination', Das Goetheanum, 64.41 (1985), written in German
  18. Owen Barfield, 'Introduction to Romanticism comes of age', Hartwick Review, 2.2 (1966), 23-28
  19. Owen Barfield, 'Language, Evolution of Consciousness, and the Recovery of Human Meaning', Teachers College Record, 82.3 (1981), 427-433
  20. Owen Barfield, Law, Association and the Trade Union Movement (London: Threefold Commonwealth Research Group, c.1938), pamphlet no. 2
  21. A.O. Barfield, 'The Lesson of South Wales', Nineteenth Century and After, 105 (1929), 215-222, economics essay
  22. Owen Barfield, letter in response to Stephen Thorson's article, CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society, 15.3 (1984)
  23. Owen Barfield, 'The Light of the World', Supplement to Anthroposophical Movement, Feb. 1954
  24. Owen Barfield, 'Man, Thought and Nature', Anthroposophical Quarterly, 7.2 (1962), 26-32


  • Creation: 1929-1984


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Dep. c. 1235


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