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Album of watercolours, drawings and photographs, [1830s-1840s]

MS. WHF Talbot 99
Held at the Weston Library

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Labelled 'Constance Talbot' on front pastedown. Two photographs by William Henry Fox Talbot and one possibly by Constance Talbot are mounted in the album. Twenty of the paintings and drawings in the album are signed or initialed by Constance Talbot. Many of the sixteen unidentified watercolours and drawings also appear to be by her. Comprises:

  1. watercolour with traces of pencil titled 'from drawing room. Cowes' by Constance Talbot, 1835
  2. watercolour of a young woman knitting by Lady Louisa Fitzmaurice, n.d.
  3. watercolour titled 'Tomb of William de Longespée, Earl of Salisbury, in Salisbury Cathedral' by 'Mr Yorke', n.d.
  4. watercolour titled 'Bosphorous. Constantinople' by [? Page], n.d.
  5. pen and ink drawing titled 'Tutbury Castle', 1832
  6. chromolithograph titled 'Geneva from les Délices', n.d.
  7. pencil drawing titled 'The House in which Mrs Siddons was born Brecon', n.d.
  8. watercolour titled 'Rostwhaite. Borrowdale' by ? Page, n.d.
  9. watercolour of flowers titled 'Markeaton' by Emily Mundy, 1832
  10. pencil drawing, heightened with white, titled 'Marchande de Roses' monogrammed 'TCL', n.d.
  11. pencil drawing titled 'Terracina' by Amélina Petit, n.d.
  12. watercolour titled 'Zante' by ? Page, n.d.
  13. watercolour, with pencil traces, titled 'Temple of Venus AEgina' by ? Page, n.d.
  14. pressed wild flowers, mounted on paper, titled 'Wild Flowers from Markeaton' by Miss Snow, n.d.
  15. watercolour titled 'Tomb of William Longspee Earl of Salisbury buried in Salisbury Cathedral A.D. 1226. The inside coffin is of wood, the rest stone painted & gilt.'
  16. pencil drawing, with highlights, of children with a bird, n.d.
  17. watercolour, with shades of brown with white highlights, over pencil of a Mediterranean scene by Lady Caroline Strangways, n.d.
  18. watercolour titled 'Citadel of Corfu' by ? Page, n.d.
  19. watercolour titled 'Salerno, Martello, Tower Majore' by ? Page, n.d.
  20. watercolour titled 'Temple of Jupiter. Nemea' by Page, n.d.
  21. pencil drawing titled 'Chapel at Marino, near Grotta Ferrata' by Constance Talbot copied from George Molineux Montgomerie, n.d.
  22. watercolour titled 'At Thiers' by Harriot Mundy, n.d.
  23. watercolour of flowers titled 'justinia mirabile', n.d.
  24. pencil drawing, with highlights, of children at a door bearing a sign 'Infantish', n.d.
  25. watercolour, with ink washes and white hightlights, of wheat being harvested by Lady Louisa Fitzmaurice, n.d.
  26. watercolour of a child and dog at the beach by ? Gant, 1832
  27. watercolour titled 'Chester' by Constance Talbot, n.d.
  28. pen and brown ink drawing, with pencil traces and brown ink wash, titled 'San Francesco d’Assisi' by Lady Louisa Fitzmaurice, n.d.
  29. hand coloured engraving The Viscountess Valletort published by Longman & Co., n.d.
  30. pressed floral arrangement, with manuscript poem, on embossed paper, signed [E.S.?] n.d.
  31. pen and brown ink drawing, with pencil traces and brown ink wash, titled 'San Girolamo, San Francesco, and San Antonio' by Lady Louise Fitzmaurice, n.d.
  32. blank page bearing traces of a drawing which has been removed, n.d.
  33. watercolour, over pencil, of fishermen, boat and observers by Rosamond Talbot, Dec 1849
  34. pen and brown ink drawing titled 'Grasmere' by J.G.
  35. watercolour, over pencil with pencil traces, of flowers by Constance Talbot, n.d.
  36. watercolour, over pencil, of flowers titled 'at Lacock Abbey' by Constance Talbot, n.d.
  37. pencil drawing of fisherman, boat and observers by Harriot Mundy, n.d.
  38. pencil drawing titled 'Guy’s Cliff Mill nr Warwick Copied from Nature', n.d.
  39. photogenic drawing negative, salt fixed, copy of a manuscript poem by Thomas Moore 'Remember the glories of Brian the brave' possibly by Constance Talbot, n.d. Schaaf 4023
  40. salt print from a calotype negative portrait of three Talbot daughters in a row by William Henry Fox Talbot, n.d. Schaaf 4596
  41. watercolour, with pencil traces, of redcurrants by Constance Talbot, 1833; watercolour over pencil of berries titled 'at Unterseen, Amelanchier' by Constance Talbot, n.d.; watercolour titled 'Campanula Lacock Abbey' by Constance Talbot, n.d.
  42. watercolour of pink flowers titled 'at Lacock Abbey' by Constance Talbot, n.d.
  43. salt fixed salt print from a calotype negative of two Talbot daughters, toy hay cart, and a nursemaid carrying Charles Henry Talbot by William Henry Fox Talbot, 5 Apr 1842. Schaaf 2636.
  44. pencil drawing of a building with a mill stone adjacent to a wall by Harriot Mundy, 1 Feb 1847
  45. charcoal drawing, highlighted in white chalk, of a tower in the woods, 1837
  46. pencil drawing, with brown ink wash and white highlights, titled 'Hastings Castle' by Charles Henry Talbot, 1857
  47. watercolour, over pencil, titled 'at Thun', 1833
  48. watercolour of blue flowers titled 'At Andermatt', 1835
  49. watercolour titled 'Saxifrage at Splugen', 1833
  50. watercolour, over pencil, titled 'Lattyrus', 1833
  51. brown ink drawing, with white highlights, of a ruined bridge leading into town, figure resting foreground, n.d.
  52. watercolour of flowers titled 'Copied from Miss Cotton', n.d.
  53. pencil drawing of a cat and kitten titled 'Rosamond’s Favourites' by Constance Talbot, 16 Mar 1846
  54. watercolour, with pencil traces, of flowers, n.d.
  55. watercolour, with black ink over pencil, titled 'Copied from a Papyrus at Lacock Abbey' by Constance Talbot, n.d.
  56. watercolour, over pencil and pencil sketch, of partially coloured drawing of fruits, buds and blossoms, by Constance Talbot n.d.


  • Creation: [1830s-1840s]


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MS. WHF Talbot 99

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