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Notes on Oxfordshire folklore (volume II), c. 1893-c. 1914

MS. Top. Oxon. d. 191

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Folk-lore (General) II. A volume containing collections on Oxfordshire folklore, arranged alphabetically. Includes a list of contents at fol. 1, newspaper and journal clippings, (fols. 370-371) photos of rocks or ancient monuments, and letters from individuals including (fol. 39) William Reginald Halliday, (fols. 95, 103) J. Rhys, (fols. 97, 99) J. Earle, (fols. 191, 195, 201, 202, 203, 246a) Charlotte Sophia Burne, (fol. 26) H. Salter, (fol. 369) Edward Mulligan Beloe [i+217 leaves]. Covers:
  1. Dialect terms, arranged alphabetically
  2. The etymology of 'Cold Harbour'
  3. Proverbs and sayings
  4. Songs and rhymes
  5. Weather maxims
  6. Manning's essay and research on the Mayday/Whitsuntide custom of 'bringing in the fly'
  7. The Shotover Giant and kindred matter (giants etc.), including two tipped in prints/photographs


  • c. 1893-c. 1914


1 volume


MS. Top. Oxon. d. 191