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Summaries of Public Opinion Poll Surveys mainly conducted by the Opinion Research Centre, produced by the Conservative Research Department, Jun 1967-Mar 1973

CCO 20/27/7

Poll Summaries include:-

  1. PS/67/1 Political issues in Education, 30/06/1967 [Author: JATD/MS]
  2. PS/67/2 Attitudes to Taxation, 17/07/1967 [Author: JATD/MS]
  3. PS/67/5 Industrial Relations, 27/11/1967 [Author: JATD/EMA]
  4. PS/68/1 Economic Situation, 29/01/1968 [Author: JATD/EMA]
  5. PS/68/2 General Issues Survey, 22/02/1968 [Author: JATD/EMA]
  6. PS/68/3 Attitude to Nationalised Industries, 21/03/1968 [Author: JATD/EMA]
  7. PS/68/4 Voting Intention 1964-1968, 29/03/1968 [Author: JATD/EMA]
  8. PS/68/5 Women's Interests and Problems, 11/04/1968 [Author: JATD/EMA]
  9. PS/68/6 Target Groups: Voting Intention according to National Opinion Polls (NOP), 09/05/1968 [Author: JATD/AMB]
  10. PS/68/9 Economic Affairs, 14/08/1968 [Author: BH/EMA]
  11. PS/68/12 Post-Conference Attitudes, 21/11/1968 [Author: BH/JG/EMA]
  12. PS/69/1 Political Attitudes regarding Money, 29/01/1969 [Author: JG/ISW]
  13. PS/69/3 General Issues Survey, 02/04/1969 [Author: JG/EMA]
  14. Public Opinion – Summary of Summaries, 25/04/1969 [Barney Hayhoe]
  15. PS/69/4 Politics and Other Subjects, 11/06/1969 [JG/ISW]
  16. PS/69/6 Housing, 01/08/1969 [Author: JG/ISW]
  17. PS/69/7 Industrial Relations, 19/08/1969 [Author: JATD/EMA]
  18. PS/69/9 Specific Issue Survey, 31/12/1969 [Author: JATD/SJB]
  19. PS/70/2 Cost of Living/Family Allowances, 13/04/1970 [Author: JRG/ISW]
  20. Local Government Issues, 22/12/1970 [Author: JH/ART]
  21. PS/72/4 Industrial Relations, Wages and Prices, 28/06/1972 [Author: DJN/LJN]
  22. PS/72/5 London Issues and Priorities, 21/08/1972 [Author: DJN/MJD]
  23. PS/72/6 Party Images, 20/10/1972 [Author: DN/VAE]
  24. PS/73/1 The Government's Record, 23/01/1973 [Author: DJN/EBJ]
  25. PS/73/2 Issues and Political Attitudes in six Greater London Constituencies, 26/03/1973 [Author: DN/JWF]

Also includes:-

  1. Opinion Research Centre report, ORC/194 'Audience Reaction – Liberal Party Political Broadcast', 29/11/1967
  2. Extract from the Shadow Cabinet meeting of 10/07/1967, at which Sir John Hobson's paper 'Age of Majority' [ref. LCC(67)148] dated 03/07/1967 was discussed


  • Creation: Jun 1967-Mar 1973


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CCO 20/27/7

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