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Volume of various literary writings and other miscellaneous papers, 1701-[c. 1818]

MS. Eng. d. 3888

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  1. (fols. ii-vi) an index of contents
  2. (fols. 1-2) ancedotes relating to the Vernon family, in the hand of Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, n.d.
  3. (fols. 3-6) description of the execution of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, n.d.
  4. (fols. 7-8) description titled 'An excursion up the Nile in 1610', n.d.
  5. (fols. 9-10) instructions for the funeral at Stanton Harcourt of Elizabeth Harcourt, Viscountess Harcourt, June 1724
  6. (fols. 11-16) 'An imitation of a scene in [....]: the character of Mrs Cassock drawn from real life 1769', in the hand of Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt
  7. (fols. 17-18) list of events held at Dublin Castle by Simon Harcourt, 1st Earl Harcourt, Dec. 1772-[May 1774?]
  8. (fols. 19-20) letter, in French, to Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, from the French ambassador Anne-César, Marquess de la Luzerne concerning a fete to be held to mark the recovery from illness of George III, May 1789
  9. (fols. 21-3) ceremony, in French, for receiving Queen Charlotte, at a fete held by the French ambassador Anne-César, Marquess de la Luzerne, May 1789
  10. (fols. 25-6) letter to an unidentified editor, in the hand of Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, on the manners and morality of society, n.d.
  11. (fols. 27-30) 'An accurate delineation of the transcendant beauties, in the road from Nuneham to Windsor' by Anne Kennicott, 'written in ridicule of the fashionable descriptive style', 1797
  12. (fols. 31-2) humorous writing titled 'Advertisement extraordinary' offering to supply country gentleman with suitable guests, n.d.
  13. (fols. 33-4) paper concerning the opening of the Theatre de la Nation, 1794
  14. (fol. 35) extract from a religious discourse, 1701, by Robert Fleming, printed by Andrew Ball Cornhill, n.d.
  15. (fol. 26) sermon based on the words 'man is born into trouble as the sparks fly upward' from verse 57, chapter 15 in the book of Job, in the hand of Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, n.d.
  16. (fols. 37-8) notes, with verse, concerning the legend of Dorothy, n.d.
  17. (fol. 39) prayer commencing 'O thou supreme almighty being in whom I firmly believe', n.d.
  18. (fol. 40) exhortation to holy living referring to the death of Peter Grand, vicar of Derham, Gloucestershire, n.d.
  19. (fol. 41r) copy of an inscription, from a sign near Reading, relating to services offered by 'Isac Factotum: barber, peri-wig maker, surgeon, parish clerk, school master, blacksmith and manmidwife', n.d.
  20. (fol. 41v) epitaph, from a Staffordshire churchyard, commencing 'whether in the other word she'll know her brother John' by Robert Kemp, n.d.; ancedote concerning American ladies, n.d.
  21. (fol. 42) letter from Edward Stratford, 2nd Earl of Aldborough, to Mr Dunn on the improper branding of sheep, Oct. 1798
  22. (fols. 43-6) 'Reflections on the associations and political conduct of the sectaries of the present times' by S. Bentley, n.d.
  23. (fols. 47-55) 'Essay on marriage' by William Whitehead, n.d.
  24. (fol. 56) instructions for taking the imprints of seals, n.d.
  25. (fols. 57-8) 15 charades with answers in the hand of Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, n.d.
  26. (fol. 60) advertisment concerning Mrs [J?] Kavenagh addressed to Gustavus Hamilton, n.d.
  27. (fol. 61) notes, in the hand of George Simon Harcourt, 2nd Earl Harcourt, concerning the Oxford Parliaments of 1625 and 1680; and the robbery of plate from the Duke of Malborough, n.d.
  28. (fol. 62) miscellaneous noted headed 'Codex Napoleonis Buonaparte' with a brief note, in the hand of Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, 'thirteenth chapter of the Revelations the three last verses', n.d.
  29. (fol. 63) 'translation of the Latin inscription which was affixed on the tomb of Mary Queen of Scots when she was buried at Peterborough Cathedral; but it was very soon taken down by order of Queen Elizabeth', n.d.
  30. (fols. 64-7) account of Harley, Berkshire, by unidentified, n.d.
  31. (fols. 68-70) letter from the French Ambassador to [Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt?] enclosing 'The outline of the life of the Marchioness de Reveleyez and widow of the late Count de Chantal, n.d.
  32. (fol. 71) copy of a hand bill issued by J. Jacobs, Mayor of Maidstone, concerning a visit to Maidstone of George III and Queen Charlotte, n.d.
  33. (fols. 72-3) description, in French, of the allegorical print on the death of Louis XVI, n.d.
  34. (fol. 74) list of words and their definitions titled 'Vocabulary of fashion', n.d.
  35. (fol. 75) copy of a card from Mrs Maxwell, maid to Miss Pelham, to Lady Mary Fitzgerald, n.d.
  36. (fol. 76) sketch and description of the Aigrette awarded to Horatio Nelson, Baron Nelson of the Nile, by the Ottoman Emperor following his victory at the battle of the Nile, Nov. 1798
  37. (fols. 77-8) account, transcribed an Irish newspaper, concerning the first appearance, [June 1783?] of Sarah Siddons at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, n.d.
  38. (fols. 79-82) satrical political writing titled 'Scarcity of ideas and a plan for putting them in requisition' by unidentified, n.d.
  39. (fols. 83-4) letter to Euphronius on the death of Hydaspes, n.d.
  40. (fols. 85-90) work titled 'An Idler' by Frances [Hay`], daughter of ? Hay of Glydnebourne, with an annotation by George Simon Harcourt, 2nd Earl Harcourt, that 'this number of the Idler was never printed', n.d.
  41. (fols. 91-6) 'Remarks on the character of Doctor Johnson by Bishop Horne', [c.1818]
  42. (fols. 97-9) obituary of George Simon Harcourt, 2nd Earl Harcourt, transcribed from a newspaper by Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, 1809
  43. (fols. 99-100) description, in the hand of Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, of the momument erected to the memory of George Simon Harcourt, 2nd Earl Harcourt, at Stanton Harcourt, [c.1809]
  44. (fols. 101-4) letter to Elizabeth Harcourt, Countess Harcourt, from [A. Foster?] enclosing a translation of a vision by Charles XI of Sweden, Nov. 1810
  45. (fols. 105-17) story titled 'The black cat', Aug. 1808


  • Creation: 1701-[c. 1818]


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MS. Eng. d. 3888