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Poetry, articles, short stories, letures and travel account entitled 'Land of Kingsley and King Arthur', c.1903-1918

MS. 18516/3
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Folder 1:
  1. Draft typescript poems, including 'Survival of the Fittest', 'Anglesey', 'Modern War', 'In Time of Defeat', 'Multitudes, Multitudes in the Valley of Decision', 'Armistice Day at Fowy: Martinmas 1918', 'In Mid-Atlantic', 'Funeral March of the Western Men "Bloody Assize" 1685', 'One Way to Fairyland', 'The Discharged Soldier', 'Battle Song of the Clubmen: Civil War Period', 'Jamaica', 'Wild Jamaica: The Country of "Look Behind"', 'In Jamaica: Falmouth', 'In Jamaica: Bath' and 'The Last Romans', n.d.
  2. Manuscript draft of 'The Diary of a Canadian Woman in England', 1903
  3. Typescript draft article, 'Religious Experience in Maturity', with manuscript corrections, n.d.
  4. Duplicate typescript draft article, 'Spirit and Life', 1915
  5. Typescript draft article, 'English Modernism', with manuscript corrections, n.d.
  6. Typescript draft article, 'The Theology of Mr Clutton Brook', with manuscript additions and corrections, n.d.
  7. Typescript draft article, 'Thoughts Preliminary to a Restatement of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit', with manuscript additions and corrections, n.d.
  8. Manuscript draft essay on poetry, untitled, n.d.
  9. Manuscript draft short story, 'A Modern Ghost Story', n.d.
  10. Typescript draft article, 'The Giant Infant and its Golden Spoon (A study of modern California)', n.d.
  11. Duplicate typescript draft short story, 'What Happened to Jones After He Died', n.d.
  12. Draft manuscript piece, 'The Truth Once Given', n.d.
  13. Typescript draft [lecture] on Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice entitled 'A Hundred Years Ago', Exmouth Reading Union, 6 Apr 1910
  14. Typescript draft [lecture] on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Exmouth Reading Circle, 31 Mar 1909
  15. Typescript draft synopsis of The Earthly Purgatory, n.d.
  16. Typescript draft article, 'The Charm of Richardson as Studied in Sir Charles Grandison', unpublished, n.d.
Folder 2:
  1. Manuscript draft [article], 'Life', n.d.
  2. Typescript draft article, 'Prayer', n.d.
  3. Typescript draft article, 'Religious Union', n.d.
  4. Typescript draft article, 'The Church and Christian Science', n.d.
  5. Typescript draft article, 'Introduction', n.d.
  6. Typescript draft article, 'Creation', n.d.
  7. Typescript draft article, 'The Common Conviction of Immortality', n.d.
  8. Typescript draft article, 'Body and Soul', n.d.
  9. Typescript draft article, 'Impressions of the World Missionary Conference', n.d.
  10. Typescript draft article, 'Wanted. A Wholesome Faith', with manuscript corrections, n.d.
  11. Typescript draft article, 'The Eucharist - How We Feel', n.d.
  12. Typescript draft article, 'The Purpose of the Church', n.d.
  13. Typescript draft article, 'The Life Beyond', with manuscript corrections, n.d.
  14. Typescript draft article, 'The Meaning of Paul for Today', with manuscript corrections, n.d.
  15. Manuscript and typescript draft article, 'Conscience and Authority', n.d.
  16. Typescript draft article, 'Introduction', with manuscript corrections, n.d.
  17. Manuscript draft article, 'Transmutation of Earthly Ideals', n.d.
  18. Manuscript draft article, 'Upon Immanence', n.d.
Folder 3:
  1. Typescript draft travel account, 'Land of Kingsley and King Arthur', chapters I-V [incomplete?], n.d.
  2. Photographs of Devon and Cornwall to accompany 'Land of Kingsley and King Arthur'. n.d.


  • c.1903-1918


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MS. 18516/3

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