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Lectures, conference papers and draft manuscripts of books, 1942-1960

MS. Eng. misc. c. 738
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fols. 1-16) 'Tradition and Aspiration in M.E. Society', manuscript, seems to be fairly full noteform for lecture series beginning
  2. (fols. 17-35) 'Misunderstanding the Middle East', typescript paper for the University of Rochester, New York, 8 Mar 1960
  3. (fols. 36-43) 'A World-View', manuscript paper to be read aloud
  4. (fols. 44-56) 'On Understanding Foreigners', typescript address to Radcliffe Phi Beta Kappa, 20 Nov 1956
  5. (fols. 57-66) 'The 'Charismatic' Community', typescript paper
  6. (fols. 67-81) 'What's 'Wrong' with the Middle East?', typescript paper for Mount Holyoke College, 4 Feb 1959
  7. (fols. 82-102) 'The Clash of Cultures in the Middle East', manuscript address delivered to the Cosmopolitan Club of Liverpool University, 4 Mar 1942
  8. (fols. 103-123) 'Ibn al-Muqaffac: Risāla fi's-sahāba', manuscript translation
  9. (fols. 124-221) 'The Argument from Design: A Muctazilite Treatise attributed to al-Jāhiz', typescript paper plus handwirtten translation of Kitāb al-cIbār wa'l-Ictibār, and two letters (one from Nicholson), and notes on Rieu, Supplement to Catalogue of Arabic MSS, no. 684; see Ignaz Golziher Memorial Volume, I
  10. (fols. 222-297) Seems to be basis for a 'Geographical Handbook'. Contains: Arabia: I. Medieval Arabia. II. Arabia in the Nineteenth Century. The Persian Gulf: The Persian Gulf down to the War of 1914-1918. 2 'drafts', 1943 with comments by ?Mason. Handwritten draft on 'Arabia: The War 1914-1918', '1919-1940' etc.
  11. (fols. 298-431) 'Muhammad and the Qur'an'. Draft of small opus, typed and handwritten, autumn 1954. Contains Introduction, Prefatory, Sources and origins, Muhammad in Mecca, The Meccan Sūras of the Qur'an, Muhammad at Madina, [some pages missing] The development of Islam as an autonomous religion, The social life and legislation of Muhammad, The Islamic community
  12. (fols. 432-523) Islamic history / institutions, handwritten work. Contains the following chapters: Pre-Islamic Arabia, Muhammad, The Early Caliphate, The Umayyad Caliphate, The Abbasid Caliphate, Islamic Institutions (Government), Law, Social Institutions, The Transition, 1050-1200
  13. (fols. 524-572) 'Islamic Institutions. Traditional and Pre-Modern History', manuscript notes for a book


  • Creation: 1942-1960


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MS. Eng. misc. c. 738

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