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Research papers of Albinia de la Mare and Laura Nuvoloni for de la Mare, A.C. and Nuvoloni, L., Bartolomeo Sanvito. The Life and Work of a Renaissance Scribe (Paris: Association internationale de Bibliophilie, 2009), 1980-2001 and n.d. [c.1985-2005]

MS. 18746/242
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Folder 1: 'Sanvito - Horace', correspondence of de la Mare, notes and images, 1980-2001 and n.d. [c.1990-2005], relating to Horace manuscripts by Bartolomeo Sanvito, including descriptions of

  1. New York, Public Library, Spencer 48 ( Opera)
  2. Cambridge, King's College, MS. 34 ( Odes, Carmen seculare and others)
  3. Budapest, National Museum, MS. 419 ( Carmina)
  4. Cambridge, University Library, Dd. 15. 13 ( Odes, Carmen seculare and others)
  5. 'Austin Horace', [relating to Austin, Texas, University Library, HRC 35 (formerly 17) (Horace, Carmina)]
  6. Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut. 34. 1 ( Odes)

Folder 2: 'Horace', papers, 2000-2001 and n.d. [c.1998-2001], including

  1. 'Sanvito – Horace readings noted'
  2. 'Horace readings to check'
  3. 'Horace readings – latest version (Apr 2001) including Naples (added)'
  4. 'Sanvito and Horace, passages marked by marginal signs'
  5. 'Marginal sigla most commonly used by Sanvito with approximate date of first use'
  6. notes relating to [V. Fera, G. Ferraù and S. Rizzo eds.,] Talking to the Text: Marginalia from Papyri to Print, [proceedings of the Erice Conference 1998 (Messina, 2002), to which de la Mare contributed the paper, 'Marginalia and Glosses in the Manuscripts of Bartolomeo Sanvito of Padua']

Folder 3: draft of 'The early manuscripts of Bartolomeo Sanvito: a chronological list' and related papers, 1985 and n.d. [c.1985], apparently intended as a contribution to 'Studia J. Ruysschaert' but not published, noted by de la Mare as having been 'offered to M[gr.] J. R[uysschaert] on his retirement'

Folder 4: 'Question', papers, n.d. [c.2005], relating to Berlin, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preuβischer Kulturbesitz, MS. lat. fol. 28 (Suetonius, Vitae imperatorum)

Folder 5: papers, 1998-1999 and n.d. [c.2000], relating to the work of Bartolomeo Sanvito, including

  1. 'Bartolomeo Sanvito of Padua (1435-1511)' by de la Mare, including 'Manuscripts of Horace’s work copied by Sanvito'
  2. copy article, 'The Aldine Italic', by Nicolas Barker, published in David S. Zeidberg ed., Aldus Manutius and Renaissance Culture, Essays in Memory of Franklin D. Murphy, Acts of an International Conference, Venice and Florence, 14-17 June 1994 (Florence, 1998)
  3. notes relating to items 'to check'

Folder 6: 'Sanvito', correspondence of de la Mare and papers, 1997-1998 and n.d. [c.2000-2005], including

  1. correspondence with Michael Koortbojian, Department of Fine Art, University of Toronto, Jun-Dec 1998, regarding Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Ashb. 905 ([Fra Giocondo, Sylloge]), Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Borg. lat. 336 ([Giovanni Giocondo, Collectio inscriptionum]) and other manuscripts
  2. 'Bartolomeo Sanvito as Illuminator', paper given by Ellen Cooper Erdreich at the Oxford Seminar of the History of the Book, 22 Jun 1997
  3. 'Sanvito Bibliography' and 'Bibliography to check'


  • Creation: 1980-2001 and n.d. [c.1985-2005]


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MS. 18746/242