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Reference files of Albinia de la Mare: 'English humanism, Vergil, Nicoletto Vernia, and miscellaneous notes and reproductions', 1948-1986 and n.d. [c.1970-1990]

MS. 18746/217
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Folder 1: 'Notes etc. for art[icle] on Ashmole / D[uke] H[umfrey] manuscripts', notes, images, letters received and draft article, 1984 and n.d. [c.1984]

Folder 2: 'English humanism and the classics', notes by R.W. Hunt, [Keeper of Western Manuscripts, Bodleian Library 1945-1975], n.d. [c.1965], possibly used for the exhibition, 'Duke Humfrey and English Humanism in the Fifteenth Century' held at the Bodleian Library in 1970, and the accompanying catalogue, of which he and de la Mare were joint editors

Folder 3: 'Things to deal with in Jan[uary]', correspondence, notes and images, 1985-1986, including

  1. letters received from Nigel Thorp, Glasgow University Library, Feb-Mar 1986, regarding MS. Hunter 41; 47; 91; 202; 282; 344; 425; MS. General 193; 337; 338; By 2. 3; Bf 2. 11
  2. correspondence with Henri Schiller, Paris, Nov 1985, and related papers regarding a Terence manuscript
  3. letters received from Professor Virginia Brown, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, Apr 1986, regarding Vergil manuscripts (Jena, Universitätsbibliothek, G. B. q. 20; Milan, Brera, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, AF. X. 13; AG. XI. 1; Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, G. 111 inf.; N. 79 sup.; P. 57 sup.; P. 159 sup.; Siena Duomo) and related images. Approximate dates, provenance, and other details are indicated.

Folder 4: 'Nicoletto Vernia', images, n.d. [c.1990], relating to

  1. Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Urb. lat. 220
  2. Venice, Biblioteca Marciana, Lat. VI. 146 (2658); Inc. Venise 11 / 12
  3. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Inc. Velin 479; 480; 481; 482

Folder 5: 'Duke Humfrey', papers and notes, some apparently in the hand of R.W. Hunt, 1948-1970 and n.d. [c.1970], relating to the exhibition 'Duke Humfrey and English Humanism in the Fifteenth Century' held at the Bodleian Library in 1970, including a letter from Neil [Ker, Reader in Palaeography, University of Oxford, 1946-1968] to R.W. Hunt, 21 Mar 1948, concerning manuscripts for possible inclusion in an exhibition

Folder 6: 'Xeroxes needing indexing etc.', notes and images, n.d. [c.1983-1985], relating to

  1. Venice, Museo Correr MS. 248 (humanistic miscellany, Milan?)
  2. J.J. van Oosterwijk Bruyn, Laren, Netherlands, sold at Sotheby's, 13 Jul 1977, lot 55 (Cicero, Orat.)
  3. Rouen, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS. A. 581 bis (Sinibaldi)
  4. Christie's, New York, Cat. 16-17 Dec 1983 (Erasmus, Luther, Machiavelli)
  5. Phillips, Son & Neale sale, Blenstock House, London, 16 Feb 1984, lot 434
  6. Cicero, Speeches, Paris, private collection, former Nico Israel

Folder 7: 'Duke Humfrey manuscripts etc.', images of manuscripts and related papers, 1970 and n.d. [c.1970]

Folder 8: images of manuscripts and notes, n.d. [c.1970], apparently considered for or used in the exhibition 'Duke Humfrey and English Humanism in the Fifteenth Century', including materials relating to

  1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Auct. F. 5. 4 (Petrus Lomer, Petrus Carmelitanus note of acquisition)
  2. 'Io. R'
  3. Flemmyng and Nic. Bolsuardia
  4. James Goldwell (Jacobus Norwyck)


  • Creation: 1948-1986 and n.d. [c.1970-1990]


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MS. 18746/217

Former reference:

Archive A. C. de la Mare, sect. II., cont. XCII