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First Treble, Second Treble and Lute, Tenor and Lyra, and Bass part-books, mid-17th cent.

MSS. Mus. Sch. E. 410-413

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Three part-books of consort music for strings in three and four parts by Charles Coleman, Richard Cooke and William Lawes; and (volumes reversed) anonymous lute and lyra viol consort music, two anonymous lute solos, and lute consort music by J. Birchensha.

1-2: Charles Coleman. 'Ayres of 4 Parts' for 2 trebles, tenor and bass:

1. Pavan, Coranto, Almaine, Galliard, Almaine, Coranto, 2 Almaines, Saraband, Galliard, in D minor [VdGS 101-110], numbered 1-10. i, ii, iv, fols. 5-9v; iii, fols. 72v-68 rev.

2. 'Pavan Almaine', Coranto, Almaine, Saraband, Almaine, Galliard, Almaine, Coranto, Almaine, Saraband, in D major [VdGS 71-80], numbered 11-20. i, ii, iv, fols. 10-14v; iii, fols. 67v-63 rev.

3-6: Charles Coleman. 3-part Airs for 2 trebles and a bass. The tenor book contains second copies of the bass parts:

3. 9 airs in G minor [VdGS 301-309], numbered 21-29. i, ii, iv, fols. 15-19; iii, fols. 62v-58v rev.

4. 6 airs in G major [VdGS 251-256], numbered 30-35. i, ii, iv, fols. 19v-23; iii, fols. 58-54v rev.

5. 6 airs in B flat major [VdGS 381-386], numbered 36-41. i, ii, iv, fols. 23v-26; iii, fols. 54-51v rev.

6. 4 airs in F major [VdGS 191-194], numbered 42-45. i, ii, iv, fols. 26v-28; iii, fols. 51-49v; rev.

7. Mr. W. Lawes. 2 'Eccos' [from The Royall Consort, suites 1 and 6], for 2 trebles, 2 basses and through bass, in D minor [VdGS 40] and D major [VdGS 7], numbered 46-47. i, ii, iv, fols. 28v-29; iii, fols. 48v-49. A second copy of the through bass was added [by Rhodes (?)] in iv, fols. 29v-30.

8-11: Richard Cooke. Airs for 2 trebles and bass:

8. Aire, Alman, Corant, Sarabrand, in B flat major [VdGS 7-10], numbered 50-53 (52-53 also bear the number '31'). i, ii, fols. 30v-33; iv, fols. 31v-33.

9. Ayre, Almaine, Corant, Sarabrand, in G minor [VdGS 11-14], numbered 54-57. i, ii, fols. 32v-34; iv, fols. 33v-35.

10. Ayre and Corant in D minor [VdGS 15-16], numbered 58-59 (number 59 also bears the number '31'), i, ii, fols. 34v-35; iv, fols. 35v-36.

11. Ayre and Sarabrand in D major [VdGS 17-18], numbered 60-61(number 61 also bears the number '31'). i, ii, fols. 35v-36; iv, fols. 36v-37.

Volumes reversed:

12-13: Music for treble, lute, lyra viol and bass. ii and iii are in tablature. Instructions for tuning [in Rhodes's hand (?)] are in ii on fols. 78, 71 and 70v rev., and in iii on fols. 6 and 12:

12. 20 pieces in A minor and C major, numbered 1-20. (No. 7 bears the title 'Saraband' in iii). i, fols. 79-74v rev.; ii, fols. 78-71v rev. (The piece numbered 17 is really 19 and should follow the piece wrongly numbered 19; see MS. Mus. Sch. c. 44, 13.); iii, fols. 5v-11v, with an alternative treble part of nos. 1-9, not in tablature, on fols. 1-3; iv, fols. 77-72 rev.

13. 6 pieces in G major, numbered 21-26. i, fols. 74v-73 rev.; ii, fols. 71-68v rev.; iii, fols. 12-15v; iv, fols. 72-71 rev.

14. Lute solos: 'Brande' and 'Seraband'. ii, fols. 68-67v rev.

15. 'Mr. Birchingshaw' [J. Birchensha]. 6 pieces for 2 trebles, lute and bass, in A minor [VdGS 1-6], numbered 27-32: 31 is a Pavan. i, fols. 73-71 rev.; ii, fols. 66v-64 rev.; iii, fols. 13v-15; iv, fols. 71-69v rev.


  • Creation: mid-17th cent.


1 box (3 volumes)

Language of Materials

  • English


MSS. Mus. Sch. E. 410-413

Former reference:

Music School A. 4. 38-42

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. V, nos. 26527-26531

Physical Facet

Five instrumental part-books, 83, 82, 76, 81 and 44 leaves, respectively. MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 410-411 and 413 (i, ii and iv) were originally each quired in 8 gatherings as follows: 1/4, 2/12-6/12, 7/8, 8/4 with a quire of 4 unruled leaves at either end; the following leaves were removed: i, 8/3; ii, 4/2. 7/1; iv, 5/9, 5/12, 6/1. MS. Mus. Sch. e. 412 (iii) is quired in 8 gatherings: 1/2, 2/8, 3/12 (lacking 3/1), 4/8, 5-7/12 (lacking 6/5), 8/4, with a quire of 4 unruled leaves at either end. MS. Mus. Sch. e. 414 (v) was rebound and the quiring cannot be determined. Watermarks: MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 410-413, (i-iv) Fleur de Lys, not in Heawood; MS. Mus. Sch. e. 414 (v), three kinds of paper - fols. 1-12, Bird, resembling Heawood 199, fols. 13-44 (except fols. 26-33) two-headed Eagle, somewhat resembling Heawood 1302 with initials IC, and fols. 26-33, Foolscap somewhat resembling Heawood 1963 with initials L B (?). Ruling: MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 410-413 (i-iv) 6 5-line staves throughout, altered in ii (fols. 78v-55v rev.) and iii (fols. 5-28) to 6 lines for tablature; marginal ruling at both edges. MS. Mus. Sch. e. 414 (v), fols. 1-12, ruled as MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 410-413; fols. 13-44, 7 staves to a page. MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 410-413 (i-iv) bound in chestnut calf, described in MS. Mus. Sch. e. 414 (v), fol. 1, as 'Red leather a little guilt'. Instructions to the binder in MS. Mus. Sch. e. 412 (iii), fol. 76v, partly cut away, read: 'singill filletes with a print in the m[idst] & strong pastbords & sowed too o[pen] verie flatt; & too bee donn with [? full] speede'. MS. Mus. Sch. e. 414 (v) was originally in a blue paper cover.


Upright quarto

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