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The common-place book of [Robert] Reynys of Acle co. Norfolk, c. 1500

MS. Tanner 407
Held at the Weston Library

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The common-place book of [Robert] Reynys of Acle co. Norfolk, containing, among other things:

  1. (fol. 1) Statuta de assisa panis et cerevisiæ;
  2. (fol. 8, passim.) Various notices relative to Acle and to the Reynys family;
  3. (fol. 11b) Rules for blood-letting;
  4. (fol. 14b) Charms for the cure of fever, falling sickness, etc.;
  5. (fol. 18) Four lines beginning, "There beth iii thyngs that be moche of prys";
  6. (fol. 18 b) A poem of fifty lines. Begins, "There ben iii poyntis of myscheff that arn confusion to many man / Weche that werkyn the soule gret gryff, I schall hem telle you as I can";
  7. (fol. 20) A short poem on the genealogy of Christ. Begins, "In the olde lawe in that lyff, a man hyght ysakar / Nasabath was his wyff, namyd so Ʒar";
  8. (fol. 21) The history of the Virgin Mary, in verse. Begins, "Souereynys and serys Ʒyf it be Ʒour wylle / To here and to lore of thyng that is good";
  9. (fol. 29 b) A poem on the miracles of the Virgin. Begins, "Serys a merakyl or to I schal Ʒou telle / That for our ladyis loue somtyme be felle";
  10. (fol. 32) Stanzas on king Arthur, Charlemagne and other worthies;
  11. (fol. 34) Dispositions of persons born under the several signs of the zodiac;
  12. (fol. 35) The ten commandments; the seven deadly sins; the seven works of mercy; the seven cardinal virtues; the seven sacraments;
  13. (fol. 35b) Four lines beginning, "Whan the hed quakyth, memento; whan the lyppys blakyth, confessio";
  14. (fol. 35b) Four lines beginning, "For loue of God and drede of peyne";
  15. (fol. 36) Charm for preservation from all danger and from sudden death;
  16. (fol. 36b) Five lines beginning, "Drede god and alle thyng schal drede Ʒow";
  17. (fol. 36b) Eight lines beginning, "He that hath thougthe / Ful in wardly and ofte";
  18. (fol. 37) Geographical and statistical notes relative to England, etc.;
  19. (fol. 38b) Eight lines beginning, "O Jhū mercy what world is thys";
  20. (fol. 42) Story of a "woman solatarie and recluse coueytinge to knowe the nombre of the woundes of oure lord Jhū crist";
  21. (fol. 43b) A poem on delight. Begins, "Lo here is a ladde lyght / Al fresch I Ʒou plyght";
  22. (fol. 44b) Epilogue to a miracle play. Begins, "Now wursheppful soueryns that syttyn here in syth / Lordys and ladyes and frankelens in fay";
  23. (fol. 45) A poem on the fifteen days of the last judgment; [imperfect; begins with the eleventh day.] Ends, "Whan body and soule schal parte a too / Crist us graunt that it be soo. Amen. / Expliciunt quinquedecim signa";
  24. (fol. 48b) Verses on a rosary left in church for the use of those who have none. Begins, "Man in the chirche not idyll thow stande, / But take thy bedys in thy hande";
  25. (fol. 51b) Chronological table of remarkable events;
  26. (fol. 52) List of battles fought in England, with the names of the chief persons slain;
  27. (fol. 53) Prognostications of weather from the dominical letter, as also from thunder in various months;
  28. (fol. 54b) Sums assessed upon the cities and counties of England for the support of archers in the year 1473;
  29. (fols. 57b, 64) Ecclesiæ parochiales in civitate Romana, et tabula episcoporum sub Romano pontifice "qui non sunt in alterius provincia constituti";
  30. (fol. 60) Weights and measures by the discretion and ordinance of the lords spiritual and temporal in the year 1475.


  • Creation: c. 1500


64 Leaves

Language of Materials

  • English
  • Latin


MS. Tanner 407