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Piano music (for piano solo except where noted), 1892-1940

MS. Mus. b. 115, fols. 1-53

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a (fol. 1r,v) 'Prelude to E.A. Poe's "The raven". Dated at end Dec. 15 1892. With pencil indications of orchestration, and note that orchestral version was to be in C [minor];

b (fol. 2r) 'Albumblatt' in D minor. Dated Oct. 6 [18]95. 'For the album of Miss Bessie Carter';

c (fol. 2v) 'Albumblatt' [in E flat major]. Dated Dec. 18 [1898]. 'For the album of Miss Marian Page';

d (fol. 3r,v) 'Intermezzo (Study) [in tenths]'. Dated August 22 1898;

e (fol. 4r,v) 'Intermezzo (Study) [for the left hand]'. [Op. 47]. [First sk]etch, 22. 9. [18]99, [complete]d 31. 8. [19]01. Mutilated score in ink. [See also MS. Mus. c. 93, fols. 29-30v (engraver's copy) and MS. Mus. c. 418, fols. 1-2v (fair copy)];

f (fols. 5-8v) 'The days of the week: seven short pieces (in the lighter style). [Op. 37]. Composed, 1904; this manuscript written from memory Jan. 1905, since original manuscript was lost in the post. No. 1 (only) was published as Prelude in E flat, London: Oxford University Press, 1925;

g (fol. 9) Untitled piece, 'Andante con moto tranquillo' in C major for piano duet. Dated March 6 1921. 'For Helen Stevenson and Miss Margaret Deneke';

h (fol. 10r) 'Ostereistückchen'. Dated 31.3.[1929]. {Op. 43]. 'Für Frl. Margaret Deneke in Wien'. Published as Easter piece, London: Augener, 1929. [See also MSS. Mus. c. 93, fol. 25 and c. 512, fol. 12; for an organ arrangement see MS. Mus. c. 513, fols. 50-51];

i (fol. 11r) 'Hündchenlied für [Ish]'. For the Denekes' dog, Ismael, otherwise 'Ish' - represented here by the musical letters E flat and B natural. Dated Feb. 16 1930. Published as 'Scherzetto (for a small dog)', no. 2 of Four miniatures for pianoforte, op. 46, London: Oxford University Press, 1931. [See also MS. Mus. c. 512, fol. 14];

j (fol. 12) 'Geburtstagsblättchen für C.S.D.'. Dated 23 April 1930. 'For Mrs. Deneke's 83rd birthday'. Published as 'Ground', no. 1 of Four miniatures. [See also MS. Mus. c. 512, fol. 15];

k (fol. 13) 'To the Thomas Tomkins of 1930, this wriggling canon, based on the leading theme of the anthem of his 300-years-earlier namesake ['Praise the Lord, O my soul]'. Composed 9 Sep 1930. 'Tommy' was Ernest Walker's name for the Denekes' dog. Published as 'Canon', no. 3 of Four miniatures. [See also MS. Mus. c. 512, fol. 16];

l (fol. 14r,v) 'Aristotelischer Nachtgesang. On a theme from the Song of Seikolos. (For the Denekes' cat, Gristotle, otherwise Tottle)'. Dated at end Sept. 11 1930. Published as 'Ostinato', no. 4 of Four miniatures. [See also MS. Mus. c. 512, fol. 17];

m (fols. 15-17) Three fughettas, in A minor, E flat major and E flat major. Dated Sept. 12-14 1931. Published as op. 49, London: Oxford University Press, 1932. [See also MSS. Mus. c. 418, fols. 26, 28, 30 and c. 512, fols. 13v, 16v, 17v-18];

n (fol. 18) 'Poco allegretto, espressivo (sempre con moto)'. Dated at end April 1934. 'E.W. for M.D.' Based on the letters 'Gunhill Cottage, Southwold, Suffolk'. [See also MS. Mus. c. 513, fol. 28];

o (fol. 19r,v) 'A West African fantasietta'. [Op. 63]. Dated Dec. 29 1934. 'For M.D.' Published, London: Augener, 1935. [See also MSS. Mus. c. 93, fols. 27-28v and c. 513, fols. 30-31];

p (fol. 20) 'Marchlet'. Dated Nov. 4 1936. [See also MS. Mus. c. 513, fol. 53];

q (fol. 21r,v) 'Topsy-turving of Duettino no. 1'. For piano duet. Dated May 9 1937. No. 1 of the 'Six duettinos' [see MS. Mus. c. 500] with the primo treble transferred to secondo bass and vice versa. [See also MS. Mus. c. 514, fol. 12];

r (fols. 22-4v) 'Suitelet for piano, with accompaniment of cuckoo, quail, nightingale, trumpet, drum, triangle and rattle'. Score in ink (fols. 22-3v) and ink and pencil draft, dated 11. 10 [19]37 (fol. 24r,v). [See also MS. Mus. c. 514, fols. 14-15v];

s (fols. 25) 'Gavotte' in D major. Dated 2.1.[1939]. Draft score. [See also MS. Mus. c. 514, fol. 16];

t (fols. 26-27) 'Gigue' in B flat major. Dated 5 October 1940. 2 copies;

u (fols. 28-29v) 'Cadenzas to Mozart's Piano concerto, K. 456 [in B flat major]. Dated 13 Nov. 1935. Cadenzas for all 3 movements. [See also MS. Mus. c. 513, fols. 40-43];

v (fol. 30r,v) 'Cadenza to 1st movt. of Mozart's D minor Concerto [K. 466]'. Dated Dec. 1 1904, with pencil note, 'sketched earlier';

w (fol. 31r,v) 'Cadenza to Finale of Mozart's D minor Concerto [K. 466]';

x (fols. 32-33v) 'Cadenzas to Mozart's Piano concerto in C, K. 467 [1st and 3rd movts.'. Dated at end 1st February 1936. [See also MS. Mus. c. 513, fols. 44-46v];

y (fol. 34r,v) 'Cadenza to Mozart's Piano concerto in A (K. 488)' [1st movement]. Dated March 9th 1936. [See also MS. Mus. c. 513, fols. 48-49v];

z (fols. 35-37v) 'Cadenza to Beethoven's C minor Concerto' [op. 37, 1st movement]. Dated May 9 1915. Fair copy (fols. 35-36v) and draft (fol. 37r,v);

aa (fols. 38-41) 'Mozart, orchestral dances, arranged for piano solo by Ernest Walker'. K. 568 nos. 8 and 4, K. 571 no. 1, K. 600 no. 5. Dated August 1929. 'For Margaret Deneke';

bb (fol. 44v) '2 cadenzas to Haydn's piano concerto in D [Hob. XVIII:11]'. Only one cadenza is present;

cc (fols. 45-49) 'Balliol dances, op. 17, nos. 14-16 [by] D.F. Tovey. Arranged for pianoforte solo from the duet-original by E.W.'. Dated April 1937. Complete copy (fols. 45-48), and a copy of no. 14 in another hand (fol. 49);

dd (fol. 50) R. Vaughan Williams: '"Alla Sarabanda" for two violins and two violas, from the "Phantasy quintet"'. Arr. for piano, presumably by Ernest Walker;

ee (fols. 51, 52a,b) '"Sumer is icumen in", freely transcribed for piano'. Dated 3.4.[19]30. 'For M.D.' 2 copies, with a note (fol. 52b) 'done by Dr. Walker for Margaret Deneke's tours in U.S.A.';

ff (fols. 51v, 52av) 'Agincourt song'. Copy by E.W. of 'modern harmonisation (No. 249 in English hymnal) presumably by Vaughan Williams' (fol. 51v), and transcription of original (fol. 52v);

gg (fol. 53) 'Scottish tunes, harmonised by E.W.'. Probably originally contained in folder, now MS. Mus. c. 418, fols. 42-43, marked 'British composers: Scottish airs set for Alistair Buchan's wedding by E. Walker'.


  • 1892-1940


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MS. Mus. b. 115, fols. 1-53

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