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Selection from three volumes assembled by the Deneke family to contain manuscripts of Ernest Walkers works and associated material presented to them, 1929-1937, n.d.

MS. Mus. c. 513

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a (fols. 3-5v) 'Weihnachtsstück für Klavier'. [Op. 54]. Title-page (fol. 4) headed, 'An C.S.D., H.C.D., M.D.'. Dated at end 10.12.1932. Published, London: Augener, 1933. [See also MS. Mus. c. 93, fol. 26].

b (fol. 7) 'Tune from County Londonderry, generally known as "Emer's farewell to Cucullain" [the Londonderry air]'. Arranged for piano by Ernest Walker. Dated at end, August 8 1913;

c (fol. 8) 'The Gunfield Choir meet on Wednesday night'. Poem by M.D. Set for unison voices and piano (on 2 staves with interlinear words). Dated at end, December 1st 1932;

d (fol. 9r,v) 'Sunset and evening star. Unaccompanied choral song'. For SATB. Words by Tennyson. Short score. Dated at end November 8th 1932. [See MS. Mus. b. 115, fol. 94, for further details];

e (fols. 10-17) 'Fantasia-variations on a Norfolk folksong. For piano duet'. Dated November 1929. Published as op. 45, London: Oxford University Press, 1930. Also exists in orchestrated version [see MSS. Mus. c. 92 and c. 487-488];

f (fols. 18-23) 'Hymn-tunes for the L.M.H./Gunfield Choirs and their choirmaster'. Composed, Feb-Apr 1931. Fair copies of SATB version, together with arrangements for SA and SSA. [See MS. Mus. b. 115, fols. 67-75, for further details];

g (fols. 24-25v) 'The earth is the Lord's. A short anthem for two sopranos and altos, unaccompanied'. Dated November 11th-12th 1932. 'To the choirmaster and choir of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford'. With crayon annotations. Title-page (fol. 24) signed by 16 members of the choir. [See MS. Mus. c. 511, fols. 21v-3v, for further details];

h (fols. 26-27) 'Carmen Harknessiense. Poem by H.C.D. and M.D.' For unison voices and piano. Begins: Beyond the banks where Cherwell flows. Dated Sept. 23 1933;

i (fol. 28) 'Poco allegretto espressivo (sempre con moto)'. For piano. Dated at end April 1934. [See MS. Mus. b. 115, fol. 18, for further details];

j (fol. 29r,v) 'Prelude for the left hand'. For piano. [Op. 61]. Dated at end, Sept. 29 1934. Published, London: Augener, 1935. [See also MS. Mus. c. 93, fol. 31];

k (fols. 30-31) 'A West African fantasietta for piano-solo'. Fair copy. 'For Margaret Deneke'. [See MS. Mus. b. 115, fol. 19, for further details];

l (fol. 32r,v) Descants by Ernest Walker for John Goss's 'Praise my soul the King of heaven', and Ralph Vaughan Williams's 'Sine nomine' ('For all the saints');

m (fol. 35) 'Drop, drop, slow tears'. [Overstrand, no. 6 of Ten Lady Margaret Hall hymn tunes]. Arrangement for SSA. [See MS. Mus. b. 115, fols. 67-75, for further details];

n (fol. 34) 'Round for M.D.'s Gunfield Choir. Poem by Mary Venables'. Begins: We are just going to post the letters tonight. Dated 22 March 1935. [See also MS. Mus. b. 115, fols. 79, 96-97];

o (fol. 35) Descant by Ernest Walker for H.J. Gauntlett's 'St Albinus' ('Jesus lives! thy terrors now'). On a postcard addressed to Margaret Deneke, postmarked 1 May 1937;

p (fols. 36-39v) 5 single, 12 double and 2 quadruple chants. Dated 1935. On fol. 39 are 3 descant by Ernest Walker to 'Monks Gate', P.C. Buck's 'St. Sebastian' and G.F. Handel's 'Gopsal'. [See also MS. Mus. c. 514, fols. 8-9];

q (fols. 40-43) 'Cadenza to Mozart's Pianoforte Concerto in B flat (K. 456)'. Dated November 1935. [See also MS. Mus. b. 115, fols. 28-29v];

r (fols. 44-6v) 'Cadenzas to Mozart's Piano Concerto in C major (K. 467)'. Dated at end February 1st 1936. [See also MS. Mus. b. 115, fols. 32-33v];

s (fols. 48-49v) 'Cadenza to first movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto in A (K. 48)'. Dated at end March 9 1936. [See also MS. Mus. b. 115, fol. 34];

t (fols. 50-51) 'Easter piece ... Arranged for organ October 7 1936'. [For the original piano version see MS. Mus. b. 115, fol. 10];

u (fol. 52r,v) 'Ring out, wild bells. Song for two equal voices and piano'. Words by Tennyson. [Op. 64]. Dated at end 5.10.1936. 'For the Gunfield Choir and its conductor'. Published, London: Stainer & Bell, 1937;

v (fol. 53) 'Tempo di marcia'. For piano, in C major. Dated at end Nov. 4 1936. [See also MS. Mus. b. 115, fol. 20 (where entitled 'Marchlet')];

w (fols. 54-58v) 'Variations on an original theme for pianoforte, clarinet, violin, viola, & violoncello'. Piano part only. Dated at end April 13th 1933. In ink, with crayon annotations. [See also MS. Mus. c. 495].

See also MSS. Mus. c. 512 and 514.


  • 1929-1937, n.d.


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MS. Mus. c. 513

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