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Autograph theological and antiquarian collections by James Ussher and secretaries, Written about 1600-1633 by James Ussher and others

MS. Barlow 13
Held at the Weston Library

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Autograph theological and antiquarian collections by James Ussher and secretaries arranged under 95 headings, e.g. 'de editione scripturarum authentica' (fol. 16), 'de translatione scripturarum in alias linguas, an fieri debet' (fol. 26), headings on the authority of church, pope, and councils (fol. 40), on the hierarchy (fol. 88), and on church and state (fol. 96). Numerous letters and incidental pieces occur among which are:

  1. Fol. 17. letter from Ussher to mr. Francis Barnby at Dublin castle, dated Jan. 31, 1611, with an answer
  2. Fol. 80. 'The argument of the conference betweene mr [Henry] Fitz-Simons and dr. Uscher in the Queen's Castle of Dublin the 27 of June 1600, upon the Question, Whether the Pope be Antichrist', with copies of letters from Ussher (fol. 83), Edward Warren (fol. 85), and Scaliger to John Drusius (fol. 87)
  3. Fol. 103. 'A report of the breefe declaration made the 4th daiee of Februarie 1611 uppon the oath of allegeance by Francis Barnby the prisoner in the Castle of Dubline'
  4. Fol. 152. printed indulgences, for which see B.Q.R., vol. vii, no. 73, pp. 11, 12, followed by notes on indulgences in various hands
  5. Fol. 189. Letters of Thomas Aris and (fol. 201) W. Bedell
  6. Fol. 203. Verses beg. 'Penna licet tacuit' addressed to Nicholas Vualsius
  7. Fol. 272. 'Sixtie foure questions propounded to the Jesuytts of Cowre in the yere of our Lorde 1607 by mr. Peter Mowlyn, mynyster of the Worde of God in the church of Paris'
  8. Fol. 280. 'The Coppie of that which mr. Thomas Flemminge and Stephen Duffe of Drougheda aldermen nowe imprisoned for refusing to go to churche did expose to be resolved'
  9. Fol. 296. 'A short ... answer unto a certaine Treatise indeauouring to proove that Christ's visible Church ... bee Vniversall', dated May 27, 1609
  10. Fol. 324. Collections relating to Presbyterians and Puritans, including 'Interrogatoryes mynestred by the lord ... [ ]manne [MS. torn] 1573 where-unto he delyvered the an[swer the] same monthe', on the prayer-book (fol. 344); 'Disciplina ecclesiae sacra Dei verbo descripta', dated at Middelburg July 4, 1597 (fol. 346); 'The Churche government set downe in the nationall synode holden by his excellencie's commandement in the 20th daye of June stylo novo anno domini 1586', being 79 articles 'Subscribed bye Michaell Pannel, Jacobus Kymedontius, ministers'
  11. On the dorse of the last page of this (fol. 365) is a contemporary certified copy of an 'Authorisation by his excellencie [Robert Dudley, 14th earl of Leicester] touching this church ordinance'
  12. Fol. 369. A tract on pluralities, pref. beg. 'We see the insolent endeavors' (fol. 371), text beg. 'The Answer of the Vicechancellor ... of Oxford to the humble petition [i.e. the Millenary Petition]'
  13. Fol. 424. 'An Ansuere to Certayn Poopishe Questions and demands'
  14. Fol. 439. 'A dew and thorough examination of the 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 verses of the 16 of St Mathew, or the chiefest fort in all Poperie ... anno 1625'
  15. Fol. 457. 'The Jesuit's Challenge', beg. 'How shall I answere to a papist demanndinge this question' and signed by W. B., from whom there are also a number of letters (fols. 393, 492, 497)
  16. Fol. 458. 'Questions of a papist and the answeares of a protestant thereunto'
  17. Fol. 500. 'The Theme that mr. (?) Grynes made before his redinge in the Inner Temple', beg. 'The common lawe and the ancient customs', endorsed (fol. 506) with a list of the names and arms of the J.P.s in Norfolk (A.D. 1585), and (fol. 509v) a narrative pedigree of the Knyvett family, 1066-1587, in the same hand
  18. Fol. 515. A scheme for a work entitled 'Panopliae sive Belli pontificii Tomi quatuor totidem Bellarminianis obiecti'
  19. Fol. 525. A contemporary copy of 'Mr Edmo: Campion's request to the honourable nobilitye of England', printed in R. Simpson's Life of Campion, pp. 225-8
  20. Fol. 527. 'Jesuitae provocatio', beg. 'Apud doctores magistrosque vestros', with a reply (fol. 527v) beg. 'Ad asserendam religionem'
  21. Fol. 529v. Notes from Latin printed books on the canon of the bible ending 'Controversia haec prima finita dei fauore per Christum 6 Januarii 1594 Athoniae in Hibernia' (fol. 533v)

Two indexes of names on fols. 511, 513 do not relate to this volume, which had no contemporary foliation.


  • Creation: Written about 1600-1633 by James Ussher and others


535 Leaves

Language of Materials

  • Multiple languages
  • English
  • Latin


MS. Barlow 13

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, no. 6421*

Physical Facet

On paper, binding, contemporary brown leather on boards with roll-produced border


13 1/10 × 8 1/2 in.

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Weston Library
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