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Collection of four Latin and English MSS. in one volume, Written in various 17th century hands between c. 1597 and 1693

MS. Wood D. 18
Held at the Weston Library

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(8537) 1. A catalogue by Wood of the contents of Twyne MSS. concerning Oxford, II, III, IV, VI, XVII, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, arranged as follows:

  1. XXI, citations from printed books and MSS. (p. 1)
  2. XXIV, miscellanea (p. 23)
  3. XXIII, extracts from public records and archives of the city of Oxford (p. 49)
  4. XXII, collections about Cambridge (p. 65)
  5. II, extracts relating to Oxford from episcopal registers (p. 82)
  6. XVII, codes of statutes and royal visits (p. 93)
  7. III, IV, extracts from deeds and MSS. relating to Oxford (p. 98)
  8. VI, University buildings and property (p. 121)

2. P. 133. A 'Catalogue of such plays that were in the hands of mr. [ ] Horne sometimes fellow of Oriel college. They came after his death into the hands of mr. John Houghton of Brasenose, then in mr. Hernes of St Abbs parish, then into the hands of R. Sheldon of Weston, esqr.' This MS. belongs to MS. Wood E. 10.

In Latin. 174 pages.

(8557) 'Mercurius Rusticanus', a Latin play, of which the scene is laid in Hinksey, by an Oxford man. Written about 1663 in Latin, 36 leaves.

(8559) 'An [? autograph] apology for the governement of the university of Oxon' against Hen. 8, writt (as appeares pag. 7) by a regent-maister [Roger Jones, B.C.L., of New college] of the University anno 1597.' Written in 1597 in Latin, 22 pages.


  1. Fol. 1. Notes in the hand of dr. Gerard Langbaine from documents relating to the dispute between the university and the Dominicans, 1311, and (fol. 14) extracts from the statutes and accounts (14th-17th centt.) of University college, followed by (fol. 24) copies of royal charters to the city of Oxford (Hen. ii-Ed. i)
  2. Fol. 40. extracts by Wood 'out of certaine depositions of witnesses between George Owen, esq., and the commonalty of Oxon: 20 Sept. 1553', relating to Port Meadow
  3. Fol. 51. 'Articles against James Parkinson, M.A. & Fellow of Lyncoln coll. [for libelling the rector] drawne up by the Fellows thereof' in 1683
  4. Fol. 59. 'An account of king James II his leaving London and the nation'
  5. Fol. 63. 'An account of the murder of Arthur [Capell], earl of Essex' in 1683 and (fol. 66) a note of the marriage of dr. Edward Barnard, rector of Brightwell, in 1693
  6. Fol. 67. a metrical life of Catharine of Aragon by William Forrest, chaplain to queen Mary Tudor, from a MS. at that time in Ralph Sheldon's library and now no. 8590, thought by Wood to be the original
  7. Fol. 78. a copy, not by Wood, of sir Robert Cotton's pamphlet on 'The daunger wherein the kingdome nowe [1628] stands', printed in Somers's Tracts, vol. 4, followed by (fol. 88) 'The forerunner of vengeance against the duke of Buckingham, being the humble complaint of George Eglisham Scott, dr. of physicke, unto kinge James' and other contemporary papers against the duke, including (fol. 101) a letter to him from Thomas Allured
  8. Fol. 108. church notes made in 1620 at Thornborough by Dodsworth, and other Yorkshire notes
  9. Fol. 113. notes, for which cf. MS. James 26, p. 160, from the now missing Oseney 'rationale' and extracts (as MS. James 27, p. 106) from a Cottonian Registrum brevium (fol. 114)
  10. Fol. 115. extracts by Wood made Apr. 20, 1665, from the chartulary of the hospital of St. James, Brackley, at Magdalen college, with (fol. 117) notes of the names of the monks who elected abbot Whethamstede from a St. Alban's register (cf. Life and Times of A. Wood, ed. A. Clark, iv. 108), and excerpts from a Ramsay chartulary in three parts among the Cottonian MSS. (fol. 121)
  11. Fol. 130. an account of the riot of 1327 from a rotular chronicle of Abingdon, not now known to exist, for which see the Life and Times, iv. 89, further extracts in MS. Wood D. 11, and a printed version in Eng. Hist. rev., vol. 26, p. 727, from Twyne's excerpts
  12. Fol. 135. brief notes from the Oseney chronicles, one of which was found by mr. Thomas Allen in the library of mr. Henry Ferrers (fol. 140v), from a MS. of Wykes in the possession of John Bridges of Stanton Harcourt (fol. 142v), and from the Oseney chartulary at Christ Church (fol. 147), with a few extracts from Thomas of Eccleston's chronicle (fol. 151)
  13. At fol. 158 are copies, apparently from Harl. MS. 3688, of early grants to Missenden abbey
  14. Fol. 161. Henry Jackson's Collectanea from the Vita Regis Oswini (fol. 161); from a Gloucester abbey register, now at the Queen's college, compiled by abbot Walter Froucester in 1397 and lent to Jackson by 'mr. Robinson' (fol. 163); from a Malmesbury chartulary lent by 'mr. Warneford' (fol. 173), and the ledger-book of Cirencester 'apud D. Gul. Master[s]' (fol. 174)
  15. Fol. 181. Wood's 'Account of the Fast Sermons during the Rump Parliament', followed by (fol. 197) notes of public events, 1651-6, and (fol. 216) his list, made Aug. 22, 1676, of the contents of a volume of medieval transcripts made by bishop Sanderson, and lent to Wood by mr. Henry Symmons, bishop Barlow's secretary.
  16. Fol. 220 is now in MS. Wood B. 14 at end

Written in 1665-1693 in Latin and English, 220 leaves.

Labelled 8537 ('75'), 8557 ('95'), 8559 ('97'), 8563 ('101')


  • Creation: Written in various 17th century hands between c. 1597 and 1693


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Language of Materials

  • Multiple languages
  • Latin
  • English


MS. Wood D. 18

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, no. 8537, 8557, 8559, 8563

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