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Transcripts, with sketches of seals, of charters in St. Mary's tower, York, Copies of documents from St. Mary's Tower, York, A copy of the visitation of Staffordshire and Collection of four Latin writings by Dodsworth, Written in and after 1636 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written in and before 1645 by R. Dodsworth and others, written 1637-c. 1650, in various hands, written about 1641 by Dodsworth

MS. Dodsworth 94, 95, 96, 97
Held at the Weston Library

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MS. Dodsworth 94, 1636, 163 leaves: Transcripts, with sketches of seals, of charters in St. Mary's tower, York:

  1. Fol. 1. Copies of deeds relating to Byland abbey, including Mowbray, Malebisse, Redmayne, and Percy grants, and deeds concerning Newburgh (fols. 9, 17, 33) and the cell of Hood (fol. 9)
  2. Fol. 66. South Yorkshire charters of the 14th-15th centt.
  3. Fol. 75. an exemplification of nine Mowbray grants and episcopal confirmations to Newburgh, in Yorks. and Lincs
  4. Fol. 86. charters relating to the fees of Harewood, Skipton, and Aumale, in Yorks. and Lincs., of the 13th-14th centt.
  5. Fol. 107. charters of St. Clements nunnery, near York, 12th-13th centt.

Also (fol. 113v) deeds relating to numerous northern monasteries, including:

  1. Sinningthwaite and Guisborough (fol. 113v)
  2. the hospital of St. Nicholas, Yarm (fol. 125)
  3. Ellerton (fol. 125v)
  4. Nunkeeling (fol. 126v)
  5. Swine (fol. 127)
  6. Yedingham (fol. 128)
  7. St. Bees (fol. 129)
  8. Roche (fol. 130)
  9. hospital of St. Nicholas, York (fol. 133)
  10. Rievaulx (fol. 137)
  11. St. Mary's, Walton (fol. 138)
  12. the foundation of St. Martin's, Aumale (fol. 149)
  13. Of Haltemprise (fol. 157)

At fol. 151 are abstracts of grants to St. Peter's, York, from a 13th-cent. register in the possession of the dean and chapter. There is an index nominum on fol. iv. Fols. 1-18, 28-35v, 38-40, 43-9v, 55v, 149-56v are by Dodsworth.

MS. Dodsworth 95, 1645, 165 leaves: Copies of documents from St. Mary's Tower, York:

1. Fol. 1. Extracts made by Dodsworth in 1644 from the chartulary of Holy Trinity, Kirkham, now MS. Fairfax 7.

2. Fol. 29. Copies of deeds relating to Yorkshire monasteries found amongst the ruins in St. Mary's tower, of which the following houses appear most frequently:

  1. Yedingham (fols. 31v, 33)
  2. Ellerton (fols. 34, 45v, 56, 56v, 58, 65)
  3. Nostell (fols. 35, 76, 79)
  4. Byland (fols. 40, 73v)
  5. St. Peter's, York (fols. 41, 43, 48, 61)
  6. from a chartulary thereof (fol. 71)
  7. Roche (fols. 43v, 51, 54v, 57v, 78v)
  8. Kirkstall (fols. 48v, 59v, 65, 79v)
  9. Nun Appleton (fols. 45a, 51v)
  10. Newburgh (fols. 46, 60, 65v)
  11. St. Mary's, Walton (fols. 48, 55, 82)
  12. Guisborough (fols. 48, 54, 62, 84)
  13. Monk Bretton (fols. 51v, 64v)

3. Fol. 29. A calendar of documents, relating to the manor of Hallfield-in-Craven, 'delivered to Richard Sunderland of Coley, in com. Ebor', gent., by virtue of a warrant directed to Thomas Sandwith, keeper of his majesties evidences in the Tower of St Maries, nere the walls of the cytty of York, 17 die Julii, 1617', including a fragment of mem. 48 of a roll of pleas at York, 55 Hen. iii.

4. Fol. 77v. Pedigrees of:

  1. baron Fitz-Hugh of Ravenswath, Greystoke (fol. 78)
  2. Smith of Wootton, to 1643 (fol. 94)
  3. Aske of Aughton (fol. 94v)
  4. Willoughby of Risley, to 1644 (fol. 97)
  5. Butt, Percy, Slingsby (fol. 97v)
  6. Paynell, Gant (fol. 105)

5. Fol. 85. 13th-16th-cent. deeds of Percehay of Riton, Sept. 29, 1643, relating to the family lands and Vesey lands in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire:

  1. The foundation charter of Bullington priory, co. Lincs., from the chartulary penes Robert Metham, esq., 1642 (fol. 91)
  2. Notes from 15th-cent. Yorkshire deeds of Robert Sandford of Lincoln Close, Aug. 22, 1643 (fol. 92)
  3. Extracts from the 'magnum registrum album' of York (fol. 98)
  4. Genealogical notes from the Meaux chartulary, 1644 (fol. 106)

6. Fols. 89, 96, 112. Numerous extracts by Dodsworth from Camden's Britannia, as printed.

There is an index nominum at the beginning.

MS. Dodsworth 96, 1637-1650, 79 leaves: A copy of the visitation of Staffordshire, 1583, with additions to 1637, printed from another source in the William Salt Hist. Collections for Staffs., and of which Gough MS. Staffs., no. 1, is another copy with additions to 1768. The more important additions in the Dodsworth MS. carry the pedigrees of:

  1. Broughton to 1597 (fol. 49)
  2. Leigh of Rushall to 1622 (fol. 51v)
  3. Unwin to 1588 (fol. 61)
  4. Dorrington to 1634 (fol. 65)
  5. Dawes to 1630 (fol. 75v)

The pedigrees are not in the same order as in the MS. of the printed copy.

There is a modern index of pedigrees at the beginning.

MS. Dodsworth 97, 1641, 157 leaves: 1. Fol. 1. Notes from collections made from 1591, by the under-chamberlains of the Exchequer under the supervision of John Bradshaw, of fines and pleas temp. Ric. i and John (fols. 1, 16, 61), and pleas temp. John (fols. 11, 17).

2. Fol. 69. Copies of the foundation charters of Ely, as in Birch, Cart. Sax., from the Quo warranto bag, and (fol. 73) notes from Gascoigne's book 'Y' concerning Fitz-Warin, derived from public records.

3. Fol. 80. Four original documents, being:

  1. Fol. 80. an abstract of title to the manor of Munden Furnivall, c. 1500
  2. Fol. 81. a leaf from a late 15th-cent. martyrology of Mottisfont priory, co. Hants.
  3. Fol. 82. pleadings in the consistory court of Lincoln, c. 1245-65, of the parishioners of Slawston, co. Leics., against Ossulveston abbey, co. Leics., concerning a chantry in Authorp
  4. Fol. 87. a Castle Acre charter, 1299, followed by (fol. 88) genealogical notes as in Hunter's Three Catalogues, artt. 14-20

4. Fol. 122. Numerous pedigrees derived from:

  1. Fol. 122. 'a booke of petegrees, being a great thicke booke in the hands of Sir Henry St. George, Norroy king att Arms, 30 Jun. 1641'
  2. Fol. 124. 'In a booke in the Heralds office, 15 March 1641, marked on the back with E. 2.'
  3. Fol. 129. 'In sir Henry George, Norry King att Armes his great black booke of petegrees made by mr Nicholas Charles, sometymes Lancaster Heralde'

Index nominum by Dodsworth at the beginning.


  • Creation: Written in and after 1636 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written in and before 1645 by R. Dodsworth and others, written 1637-c. 1650, in various hands, written about 1641 by Dodsworth


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MS. Dodsworth 94, 95, 96, 97

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, nos. 5035-5038

Custodial History

MS. Dodsworth 94: ('SSS')

MS. Dodsworth 95: ('S' in triangle)

MS. Dodsworth 96: ('S' in square)

MS. Dodsworth 97: ('T' in circle)


  • MS. Dodsworth 94: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , art. 7.
  • MS. Dodsworth 95: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 10, 13.
  • MS. Dodsworth 97: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 2, 3, 8, 10-13.

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