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Pedigrees of English nobility and north-country families, Antiquarian notes from the collections of St. Loo Kniveton and John Booth of Twemlow and Transcripts of Clifford evidences in Skipton Castle, Written about 1610-1620 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written about 1636 by Roger Dodsworth, written about 1646 by Roger Dodsworth and others

MSS. Dodsworth 81, 82, 83
Held at the Weston Library

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MS. Dodsworth 81, 1610-1620, 229 leaves: Pedigrees of English nobility and north-country families:

1. P. 1. Pedigrees of English peers, temp. James i, compiled about 1615 and written in a secretarial hand in Latin, with numerous additions by Roger Dodsworth, some dated 1618-19: at p. 86 is a pedigree of the founders of Stanlaw abbey

2. P. 91. Pedigrees of English baronial families by Roger Dodsworth but without citation of authority: they include a:

  1. 'Linea consanguinitatis de stirpe fundatorum abbathie de Sibbeton' (p. 102)
  2. Full pedigrees of Fitzwilliam (p. 114) and Hussey (p. 124)
  3. Notes on Basset heraldry (p. 133)
  4. At p. 140 is a 'Genealogia Paganellorum e chartulario de Seleby extracta', Oct. 18, 1620

3. P. 142. Pedigrees of north-country families transcribed by Dodsworth from an old roll in his possession, in Latin: a list of the pedigrees at at p. 184: the roll, a full transcript of which is in MS. Ashmole 831, appears to have been compiled about 1480-90

4. P. '194'. Pedigrees of Yorkshire families:

  1. P. '195'. narrative pedigrees in English, recorded by William Flower, Norroy king-at-arms, in 1567
  2. P. '200'. narrative pedigrees in Latin, in the same hand as a, of the families of Fitzwilliam of Woodhall, Drax, and Neville of Liversedge, 'collected by Thomas Drax of Woodhall ... and enlardged by Thomas Bossevile of Newhall, esq., 1610'
  3. Pp. '194', '211'. pedigrees of Gascoigne (p. '214') and other families, by Dodsworth

Dodsworth has supplied separate indexes to those in artt. 1-2 (p. ix) and in artt. 3-4 (p. xiii).

MS. Dodsworth 82, 1636, 129 leaves: Antiquarian notes from the collections of St. Loo Kniveton and John Booth of Twemlow:

1. Fols. 1, 42. Notes from Kniveton's:

  1. Fol. 1. extracts from Francis Thynne's calendars of public records, and from Leland's Collectanea, vol. i
  2. Fol. 11. 'liber J', containing notes from the evidences of sir Thomas Metham concerning Brus of Carlton, with pedigrees of Mauley, Salvin, and Neville of Westmorland, Holland from Anthony Clifford's archives, Beauchamp, Longford from 'sir William Catesby's charters, 31 March 1607, then in the custody of mr. Arthur Agarde', and (fol. 17) notes from public records
  3. Fol. 42. 'In mr. St. Low Kniveton's book of church notes of Nott' and Derbyshires' concerning many parishes, and including notes from the chartulary of Darley abbey (fol. 45), pedigrees of Vernon to 1586 (fol. 42), Constable, Lascelles to 1575 (fol. 48), Foljambe to 1612, and Brayselford (fol. 48v)
  4. At fol. 59 follow pedigrees, perhaps from Richard Gascoigne's collections, of Basset, Chaworth, Grey, Cauz, and Pigot

2. Fol. 34. 'In quodam MS. antiquo continente cartas de Herleston in comitatu Northampton penes dominum Christoferum Hatton militem 10 July 1636', being extracts from a MS. (now Cott. MS. Nero C. xii in the British Museum) printed as Henry de Bray's Estate Book (Camden Soc., vol. xxvii).

3. Fol. 66. Brief notes by Dodsworth from two calendars of inquisitiones post mortem, temp. Hen. iii-v.

4. Fol. 90. 'In a MS. [marked 'A'] borrowed of John Bothe of Twemlow in comitatu Cestrensi esq., 15 Feb. 1636', being copies, not by Dodsworth, of charters with sketches of seals and (fol. 110v) notes from plea rolls, relating to the abbeys of Vale Royal and Cumbermere.

There are also deeds concerning the family of Danyell (formerly Danyers) of Daresbury and the allied family of Norris of Daresbury (fols. 97v, 116v) and deeds concerning land in Croxton, Twemlow (fol. 101v), Tabley (fol. 112v), and Bexton (fol. 114v), in Cheshire.

There is an index of names, and an index of the Yorkshire place-names is contained in MS. Dodsworth 21.

MS. Dodsworth 83, 1646, 158 leaves: Transcripts of Clifford evidences in Skipton Castle in 1646, made for the most part by Dodsworth. The documents relate chiefly to:

  1. Fols. 1, 113, 117. the fee of Harewood and the barony of Skipton, with subsections concerning Bolton priory and the Mohaut family, lands of the hospital of St. Leonard's, York, in Bramhope, and of Marton priory
  2. Fol. 41. Clifford property in Glusburn, Owsthorpe in Londesborough (fol. 43), Skipton (fol. 49v), Bradley in Craven (fol. 51), Burnsall in Craven (fol. 56), and the families of Roecliffe of Cowthorpe, Eton of Nottingham, Lascelles of Escrick, Plumpton (fol. 57)
  3. At fol. 46v are notes from a Clifford family coucher book
  4. These are followed by (fol. 81) miscellanea, chiefly from feodaries and inquisitiones post mortem 'out of many decayed muniments in severall trunks in the lower evydence chamber', including the wills of Edmund Talbot, 1519 (fol. 101v), Henry, earl of Cumberland, 34 Hen. viii (fol. 104), and John, lord Scrope, 2 Edw. vi (fol. 110)
  5. The rolls of the Curia militaris at Skipton, 4 Edw. iv-6 Eliz. (fol. 113), 14th-17th-cent. deeds of Mauleverer and Clapham concerning the manor of Gargrave in Craven (fol. 121)
  6. A descent of the manor of Owsthorpe in Londesborough (fol. 152)

There is an index nominum at fol. v, by Dodsworth, who also wrote fols. 1-24v, 28, 32, 33-5v, 38-89v, 91-111v, 113v-19v, 124, 125-6, 127v-8, 132, 137-41.

(there is no fol. 120)


  • Creation: Written about 1610-1620 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written about 1636 by Roger Dodsworth, written about 1646 by Roger Dodsworth and others


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MSS. Dodsworth 81, 82, 83

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, nos. 5022-5024

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MS. Dodsworth 81: ('P' in circle)

MS. Dodsworth 82: ('PPP')

MS. Dodsworth 83: ('P' in triangle)


  • MS. Dodsworth 81: Most of the pedigrees are enumerated in the Old Catalogue of 1697.
  • MS. Dodsworth 82: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 7, 13-15.

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