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Collections from the muniments of landowners in Lancashire and in the West Riding of Yorkshire, Extracts from the Chancery enrolments and Testa de Nevill and Extracts, chiefly from monastic chartularies, Written in 1630-1640, in part by R. Dodsworth, written in 1641 by R. Dodsworth and others, written in 1643-1647 by R. Dodsworth (artt. 1, 3-5, 7-9, 11-14), sir W. Dugdale (art. 2), and others

MSS. Dodsworth 53, 54, 55
Held at the Weston Library

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MS. Dodsworth 53, 1630-1640, 103 leaves: Collections from the muniments of landowners in Lancashire and in the West Riding of Yorkshire:

  1. Fol. 1. Extracta ex 'cartulario abbatie de Melsa vulgo Meaux modo in turri beate Marie, Ebor., 1639'. Further notes from this lost chartulary are in MS. Dodsworth 95, fol. 106.
  2. Fol. 12. Pedigree and notes from the evidences of Richard Tyldesley (property in Warrington, etc.), Oct. 2, 1639. At fol. 15v is a copy of 'Verses made upon the Scotch sermon preached at Edinburgh the 16th of July, 1638, touching the kirk'
  3. Fol. 17. Abstracts of the deeds of (fol. 17) Thomas Southworth of Southworth and Samlesbury, including deeds of the Dewyas family relating to properties in the liberty of Pontefract and elsewhere, March 11, 1638, and (fol. 27) George Ireland of Southworth (manor of Pennington, etc.), May 11, 1630.
  4. Fol. 29. Abstracts of 13th-cent. deeds relating to Cold Coniston in Craven, from the evidences of Francis Malham of Elslack, March 12, 1636: calendared in slips
  5. Fol. 37. Extracts from documents in the possession of sir Gervase Cutler of Stainbrough, (fol. 37) extract from the will of John Rayny, 1631, endowing a lectureship and schoolmastership at Worsborough, (fol. 38) notes from the court rolls of the priors of Pontefract for the manor of Barnsley, 1279-1370, dated July 5, 1639: other extracts from these court rolls are in MS. Dodsworth 32, fol. 47
  6. Fol. 43. Transcripts of deeds relating to the manor and chantry of Hemsworth, lands in Badsworth parish, and various other places in the West Riding of Yorkshire
  7. Fol. 75. Transcripts of nine deeds of the family of Molyneux of Sefton
  8. Fol. 83. Abstracts of the evidences of (fol. 83) Henry Butler of Rawcliffe, relating to Rawcliffe, Catterall, Greenhalgh, and Freckleton in Amounderness, and to Whittle-le-Woods in Leyland hundred, and including a series of grants of land in Stalmire to Cockersand abbey; dated May 8, 1640; see also MS. Dodsworth 149, fol. 114: (fol. 101) Henry Butler of Hackinsall

Articles 1-3, 5, 8 are in part in Dodsworth's hand. The 12th-13th cent. charters in artt. 3, 6, 8 are included in a MS. slip calendar in the Library. There is an index nominum by Dodsworth at fol. iv, and of Yorkshire place-names in MS. Dodsworth 21.

MS. Dodsworth 54, 1641, 212 leaves: Extracts from the Chancery enrolments and Testa de Nevill as under:

  1. Fol. 1. Charter, patent, close, fine, and liberate rolls of king John and 1-11 Henry iii, by Roger Dodsworth: the entries copied relate chiefly to baronial and northern families, and are arranged in a single chronological series. An index to baronies in fols. 1-51 is entered in MS. Dodsworth 40 at fol. vi. MSS. Dodworth 103 and 56 contain fuller extracts from the close rolls of this period and the fine rolls of Henry iii respectively
  2. Fols. 105, 153. Calendarium rotulorum patentium (as in Cott. MS. Titus C. ii and iii): in two hands, with marginalia by Dodsworth. The entire calendar was printed in 1802 by the Record Commission, and the entries here selected from it relate chiefly to the north of England and cover 16 Henry iii to 23 Richard ii. At fol. 157 are some notes from a patent roll of 5 Edward ii
  3. Fol. 159. Charter rolls, 10 Edw. i to 20 Richard ii; entries, probably taken from a calendar, supplementary to the series of abstracts in MS. Dodsworth 120: part by Dodsworth, part by his secretary
  4. Fol. 189. Testa de Nevill, vol. ii (Exch. K. R. misc. book 6), by Dodsworth: other extracts from the same are in MS. Dodsworth 66, fol. 86, and 5053 passim

An index nominum is at fol. iii.

MS. Dodsworth 55, 1643-1647, 146 leaves: Extracts, chiefly from monastic chartularies:

1. Fol. 1. Extracts from sir William Dugdale's Oxford collections (MS. Dugdale 21), Dec. 18, 1643. The several items are specified in the Old Catalogue, artt. 1-11, and include notes from:

  1. Fols. 1v, 18. a roll of charters of the priory of Nutley, alias Park Crendon, Bucks., in Christ Church treasury, Oxford
  2. Fol. 2. original charters of Daventry priory, Northants., penes Christopher, lord Hatton
  3. Fol. 4. obits and genealogical notices of Irish nobility, from sir George Carew's collections (nos. 1134-6)
  4. Fol. 9. Eynsham abbey chartulary
  5. Fol. 15. original grants of the Port and St. John families to Monk Sherborne priory, Hants, at Queen's college, Oxford
  6. Fol. 17. chartulary of St. Frideswide's priory, Oxford (MS. C.C.C. Oxon. 160)
  7. Fol. 19. Catesby family notes

2. Fol. 20. Lists by sir William Dugdale of creations of English and Irish nobility, 1642-5, and (fol. 24) of Irish nobility, 1603-29: (fol. 21v) commissions of the counties and royal castles of Cumberland and Westmorland, 1248-1352, from the fine and patent rolls. Fols. 25-32 are wanting.

3. Fol. 33. Extracts from Samson Erdeswyke's collections now in the British Museum, Harl. MS. 506 (chartulary of the priory of St. Thomas the martyr, near Stafford; deeds of the family of Starkey of Stretton in Cheshire).

4. Fol. 35. Extracts from monastic chartularies in the Arundel collection now in the British Museum:

  1. Fol. 35. Sibton abbey in Suffolk (MS. Arund. 221), including an inquisition for feudal aid for Blything hundred, 1347 (fol. 43), and a list of knights' fees of the honour of Eye (fol. 44v)
  2. Fol. 49. Newenham abbey in Devon (MS. Arund. 17), viz. the articles numbered 29, 31-3, 47, 49, 50, 54, 55 in the B.M. Catalogue of Arundel MSS., including, in addition to the pieces printed in the Monasticon, a pedigree of the Courtenay family ('descenta heredum de Courteneys', fol. 50: cf. fol. 52v)
  3. Extracts made from this register in 1589 by lord William Howard are in MS. Top. Devon c. 6, fol. 50
  4. Fols. 51-2 are in the hand of Thomas, lord Brudenell

5. Fol. 57. Extracts from the chartulary of Lewes priory in Sussex, then (in 164 7/8) 'penes Edwardum Bysshe ar.', and now Cott. MS. Vesp. F. xv in the British Museum. Other extracts (from Gascoigne's notes) are in MSS. Dodsworth 117 and 159, and (by Robert Glover) in MS. Dugdale 39 and Ashm. 844.

6. Fol. 86. Copy of extracts from the chartulary of Monks Horton priory in Kent, now Stowe MS. 935 in the British Museum, 'per Somenour de ciuitate Cantuar.', i.e. William Sumner, by the same scribe as MS. Dodsworth 30, art. 4. MS. Top. Kent. c. 6 is an abstract of the entire chartulary.

7. Fols. 89, 96. Extracts from the chartulary of Sawley abbey in Craven, 'penes dominum Simonds D'ewes ... 30 Jan. 1647', and now Harl. MS. 112 in the British Museum. Other extracts are in MS. Dodsworth 89.

8. Fol. 91. Copy of entries 'in quodam libro MS. in pergameno continente actus curie Cantuariensis tempore archiepiscopatus Winchelsey archiepiscopi [1304-8] in bibliotheca Lamethana', now Lambeth MS. 244.

9. Fol. 97. Abridged copy of the annals of Bermondsey abbey, 'in custodia dni. Simondes Dewes, 5 Jan., 1647', now Harl. MS. 231 in the British Museum: printed from this copy in the Monasticon.

10. Fol. 102. A rhyming history of the Stafford family (beg. 'All manner of men that lust for to heere'), being 'the coppie of the table that was hanging in the Priorie of Stone att the time of the suppression', in the same hand as art. 6: printed in the Monasticon.

11. Fol. 104. Obits of priors, benefactors, etc., of Christ Church priory, Canterbury, and list of persons received into confraternity, 'ex libro MS... . cuius titulus est registrum siue martirologium prioratus scae. Trinitatis Cantuariae in custodia domini Simonds Dewes ... 27 Jan. 1647', now Arundel MS. 68 in the British Museum.

12. Fol. 118. Copies from the originals in the possession of Samuel Roper, May 30, 1643, of deeds of Repton priory in Derbyshire, relating to Sutton upon Soar: calendared in slip: also (fol. 125) copies of two Fountains abbey deeds in the same ownership.

13. Fol. 120. Extracts from the chartularies of Merton priory in Surrey, now Cott. MS. Cleop. C. vii; (fol. 124) Kirkstead abbey in Lincolnshire, now Cott. MS. Vesp. E. xviii, in the British Museum: other extracts from the Kirkstead chartulary are in MSS. Dodsworth 30 and 105.

14. Fols. 126, 134. Notes from the manuscripts of Thomas, lord Brudenell, afterwards first earl of Cardigan:

  1. Fol. 126. extracts from the ledger-book of Doddington in Huntingdonshire, a chartulary of the families of Grimbaud and Taylard
  2. Fols. 134, 142. pedigrees from lord Brudenell's deeds and genealogical collections: the fullest are those of the families of Reynes of Clifton Reynes, co. Bucks. (fol. 135)
  3. Bussy of Hougham in Lincolnshire (in lord Brudenell's hand), with notes from the family evidences (fols. 137, 142)
  4. Boyville of Stockerston in Leicestershire, with descendants (fols. 138, 144v, 145v)
  5. Neville of Ragnall and Markham of Cotham, co. Notts. (fol. 146)
  6. Further pedigrees from the same source are in nos. 5013, 31650
  7. Fol. 140. copy of entries in a martyrology of Belvoir priory in Lincolnshire, now MS. Trin. coll. Camb. O. 9. 25

15. Fol. 130. Copies of five charters of English earls in the possession of sir Simonds D'Ewes (see MS. 4175, fol. 54), with sketches of seals: the earliest are grants:

  1. Of Waleran earl of Meulan to Bordesley abbey (fol. 132v)
  2. Of Gilbert earl of Pembroke to Gervase de Cornhill (Langham in Essex, fol. 131)
  3. Of William de Mandeville, earl of Essex, to Richard son of Reiner (Shenley, co. Herts., fol. 130)

16. Fol. 148. Transcript of seven deeds from a chartulary-roll of Blythebury abbey in Staffordshire (all printed in the Monasticon and Shaw's Staffordshire), followed at fol. 149v, in the same hand, by Carew family notes from sir Simonds D'Ewes's collections.

The volume is preceded, at fol. i, by an index nominum, made before the loss of fols. 25-32.


  • Creation: Written in 1630-1640, in part by R. Dodsworth, written in 1641 by R. Dodsworth and others, written in 1643-1647 by R. Dodsworth (artt. 1, 3-5, 7-9, 11-14), sir W. Dugdale (art. 2), and others


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MSS. Dodsworth 53, 54, 55

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, nos. 4195-4197

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MS. Dodsworth 53: ('H' in circle)

MS. Dodsworth 54: ('HHH')

MS. Dodsworth 55: ('H' in triangle)


  • MS. Dodsworth 55: Several smaller pieces, here omitted, are enumerated in the Old Catalogue, artt. 12, 14, 19, 20, 27; and in Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 4-6, 12, 16, 27. A transcript of the whole, except artt. 2 and 10, is in the British Museum Harl. MS. 2044, fols. 7-9, 26-104.

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