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Correspondents L-Y; and papers about Palestine, 1921-1967

MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 382, box 13

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  1. File 1, fols. 1-13: Correspondents L
  2. File 2, fols. 1-96: Correspondents M and N including (fols. 3-9) Sir Donald and Lady Mildred Mackenzie-Kennedy to Flora Moody, 1942, 1946 and 1947; (fols. 15-45) Mrs Isobel MacRae, Warden of the St Andrew's Hospice, Jerusalem, to Flora Moody about the city and friends, 1940 and 1943; (fols. 46-51) Doris Mollie MacQueen, wife of Senior Medical Officer J. MacQueen, to Flora Moody with news of Palestine acquaintances and the Secretariat, Mar 1940; (fols. 74-79) Archbishop David Methuen, Apostolic Delegate to Africa for the Roman Catholic Mission, to Sydney Moody with a copy (fols. 76-78) of his confidential letter to Sir Charles Jeffries, Colonial Office, about educational and social conditions in Mauritius and the Seychelles, 20 Nov 1947.
  3. File 3, fols. 1-8: Correspondents O and P including (fols. 40-44) Christopher Pirie-Gordon, Administrative Officer, Palestine, and Political Agent in the Trucial States, to Flora Moody, 1942 and 1955; (fols. 54-57) Norah Pope, the Moodys' nanny, giving an account of the poor conduct of a British policeman during the Jerusalem riots, 1929.
  4. Files 4, fols. 1-34: Correspondents R including (fols. 18-22) Miss Hilda Ridler to Sydney Moody with news of her dismissal from the post of Principal, Women's Training College, and about Palestine acquaintances, 4 Sep 1940.
  5. File 5, fols. 1-149: Correspondents S including (fols. 1-10) Rhoda, wife of Gilbert Sale, Conservator of Forests, Palestine, to Flora Moody about events there, 11 Apr 1940; (fols. 11-15) Sir Herbert Samuel to Sydney Moody with a covering note from Sir John Shuckburgh, 1924 and 1941; (fol. 17) part of a letter from Alan Saunders, Inspector General of Police and Prisons, to Sydney Moody about Palestine people, [1940]; (fols. 24-96) Ethel, wife of Rev. Dr Samuel Hanna Semple, Principal, Scots Mission, Safed, to Flora Moody about the riots of 1929 in Safed (fols. 26-37), events in Safed, Haifa and Jerusalem, and the death of Joan, her god-daughter, 1928-1929 and 1939-1944; (fols. 99-103) Zipporah Shertok, wife of the Head of the Executive of the Jewish Agency in Palestine, to Flora Moody about Jerusalem in wartime, 1940-1942; (fols. 104-116) B.S. Shitrit, Israeli Minister of Police, to Sydney Moody with copies of a film script, "Land for Life", describing development work in Israel, 1958 and 1966.
  6. File 6, fols. 1-85: Correspondents T including (fols. 5-19) Sir Charles Tegart, member of the Council of India and author of the Tegart Plan, to Sydney Moody about Palestine affairs, 1939-1941.
  7. File 7, fols. 1-43: Correspondents V-Y including (fols. 19-22) Field-Marshall Sir Archibald Wavell to Flora Moody about Allenby and his own recent work, 11 Oct 1941; (fol. 33) H. Harvey Wood, Scottish Regional Officer of the British Council, to Flora Moody about her writing and about a meeting with Sir Herbert Grierson and Stephen Spender, 17 Mar 1936; (fols. 40-43) Sir Mark Aitchison Young, Chief Secretary, Palestine, to Sydney Moody mentioning his good work at Geneva, 1932-1933.
  8. File 8, fols. 1-35: Letters from unidentified writers, 1927-1941. File 8, fols. 36-49: Letters from unidentified writers, n.d.
  9. File 9, fols. 1-19: Letters from Girl Guides to Flora Moody, 1929, 1942 and 1945-1946.
  10. File 10, fols. 1-33: Miscellaneous papers about Palestine, 1923-1967, comprising (fols. 1-2) "The Palestine (Amendment) Order in Council", two copies, 4 May 1923; (fol. 3) copy of letter sent by the Arab strikers to Mrs L.G. Andrews, threatening her husband's life, endorsed by Andrews, Development Officer, to Sydney Moody, 26 Jul 1936; (fol. 4) threatenting letter from the strikers addressed to "The British Officials in Palestine", 1936; (fol. 5) article in the Palestine Post on the results of the strike with, on the reverse, a report of one of Flora Moody's radio plays, 11 Nov 1936; (fols. 6-14) typescript, "The third year of Israel", by Norman Bentwich, Oct 1951; (fols. 15-21) circular statement by the Palestine Arab Delegation of New York concerning the diversion of the River Jordan, 11 Jan 1964; (fols. 22-23) reprint from Chemical and Process Engineering about chemical engineering in Israel, by John Ingham, lecturer at Bradford University, Jul 1967; (fols. 24-30) "Remarks on the problems of the Arab Refugees" by I. Ben-Zvi, n.d.; (fols. 31-32) unsigned typescript, "The best hope for the Palestine problem", n.d.; (fol. 33) unsigned doggerel (by "Fellah Heene"), "If I were Mayor...", n.d.


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MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 382, box 13

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