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Correspondence volume 11, 1916-1926

MSS. Afr. s. 1610 vol. 11

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  1. (Fols. 1-4) Cuttings from South African newspapers, including the Northern News, about Garraway's appointment as Resident Commissioner for Bechuanaland, and his arrival at Mafeking, n.d.
  2. (Fols. 5-7) Cutting from a local newspaper about a visit to Mafeking by the High Commissioner, Lord Buxton, May-Jun 1916
  3. (Fol. 8) Cutting from a local newspaper, possibly the Mafeking Mail, about improvements to the Railway Camp effected by Garraway, n.d.
  4. (Fol. 9) Cutting from a local newspaper reporting the death of Garraway's father, [Dec 20] 1916
  5. (Fols. 10-11) Official copy of amendments to dress regulations, 1912
  6. (Fol. 12) The Waterford Standard: Report of Colonel C.S. Garraway's funeral, 3 Jan 1917
  7. (Fols. 13-15) Letter from Gladstone advising on Bechuanaland and commenting on Panzera's administration and the progress of the war, 5 Jan 1917
  8. (Fol. 16) Press report of a Service of Thanksgiving at Serowe to celebrate Khama's recovery (14 Feb), 19 Feb [1917]
  9. (Fols. 17-20) Printed circular, signed by Coryndon, about a proposed Basutoland museum (2 copies), Feb 1917
  10. (Fols. 21-23) Mafeking Mail and Northern News: reports of the Lobatsi Agricultural Society's show, 23 May 1917
  11. (Fols. 24-25) Northern News: complete issue, containing reports on the Basutoland Farm Produce Exhibition and a related dinner, 4 Jul 1917
  12. (Fol. 26) Letters to the Government Secretary, Mafeking, from Lieutenant [C. Ledebors?], O.C., Lobatsi, reporting on big-game prospects for Coryndon, 31 Jul 1917
  13. (Item 1) Printed form of Service of Memorial for Denis Bertram Sydney Buxton, killed in action 9 Oct in his 20th year: with related cutting from the Westminster Gazette, 26 Oct 1917
  14. (Fols. 27-48) Letter congratulating Garraway on his appointment as Resident Commissioner for Basutoland from, among others, W.J. Atherstone, C.A.E. Fitzroy, [A.D.C. to the Governor-General] Government House, Pretoria; P. Horsfall, Governor-General's Office, Pretoria; [de S.M.G. Honey], Resident Commissioner for Swaziland; J.B. Philip, British South Africa Company, Cape Town; A.J. Haile, Tigerkloof Native Institution; W.J. Atherstone, Salisbury; H.J. Stanley, Resident Commissioner for the Rhodesias; G.T. Morice, Pretoria; the Municipality of Mafeking; and members of the London Missionary Society, 26 Nov-4 Dec 1917
  15. (Fols. 49-52) Press cuttings reporting Garraway's new appointment and a Farewell Conversazione in the Town Hall, Mafeking; and a leading article from Mochochono, Maseru, entitled 'Exit Coryndon', 11-14 Dec 1917
  16. (Fols. 54-55) Notes by Winifred Garraway, Maseru 1918, n.d.
  17. (Fol. 56) Letter from Gladstone about Garraway's move to Basutoland, Coryndon, policy towards the native territories, mutual acquaintances and the war, 5 Jan 1918
  18. (Fol. 57) Letter from Malcolm congratulating Garraway on his move, 15 Jan 1918
  19. (Fol. 58 and Item 2) Printed form of service for marriage between Hon. Doreen Buxton and Major Charles Fitzroy, with a related report from the Cape Argus, 24 Jan 1918
  20. (Fol. 59) Letter from Chief Sekgoma acknowledging a letter from Garraway and wishing him well, 28 Jan 1918
  21. (Fols. 60-61) 'The Land of Tomorrow', an article on Basutoland in a South African newspaper by a late member of the government service, Feb 1918
  22. (Fols. 62-63) Cutting from a South African newspaper giving the text of the High Commissioner's message to the 13th session of the Basutoland Council, and of a speech by Garraway, [Mar?] 1918
  23. (Fol. 64) Cutting from Mochochono of leading article entitled 'The New Appointments', with a particular reference to Coryndon and Garraway, 13 Mar 1918
  24. (Fol. 64a) Cutting from a South African newspaper of a brief report on the settlement of a boundary dispute between Chiefs Jonathan and Joel, [post May 18] 1918
  25. (Fol. 64b) Cutting of a report from an Australian newspaper of the christening of Garraway's goddaughter, Elizabeth Goold-Adams, 6 Jun 1918
  26. (Fols. 65-73) 'Record of Tiger Fish caught on the Chobe: His Ex's Bag.' [Notes by Lord Buxton?], Jun 1918
  27. (Fols. 74-76) 'Kezia Notes (Chobe?)', by Winifred Garraway, 1918
  28. (Fols. 77-79) Report [by a Basuto?] of the Mohales Hoek Police Gymkhana, post 27 Jul 1918
  29. (Fols. 80-81) Press cuttings of reports from South African newspapers of the Hon. Phyllis Buxton's marriage with Captain the Reverend Maurice Ponsonby, 24 Sep 1918
  30. (Fol. 82) Copy of a letter from Khama answering a letter from Garraway and giving news of Bechuanaland affairs, in particular the influenza epidemic, 7 Nov 1918
  31. (Fol. 83) Mochochono: 'An Open Letter re the Sale of Beer to his Honour the Resident Commissioner of Basutoland' (cutting), 13 Nov 1918
  32. (Fols. 84-86) Report of official gathering of Basutoland chiefs and people to hear the terms of the armisitice read by the Resident Commissioner; and related press cuttings, Nov 1918
  33. (Fol. 87) Letter from Dr. Voller Guthring, Government Hospital, sending new year wishes and thanking the Garraways for their kindness, 31 Dec 1918
  34. (Fol. 88) Photograph of Basuto ponies, Piccanin and Perfection, 1918
  35. (Fol. 89) Photograph of Miss C. Buxton ploughing with a span of oxen, British East Africa, 1918
  36. (Fols. 90-91) Typescript copies of prayers, n.d.
  37. (Fols. 92-93) [ Mochochono]: Report of meeting of Basutoland Progressive Association, 16 Jan 1919
  38. (Fol. 94) Mochochono: 'My Sojourn in Basutoland", by J.M. Makhothe (cutting), Feb 1919
  39. (Fols. 95-96) Letter from Gladstone about a holiday abroad, personal affairs and acquaintances; and the political effects of the allied victory in South Africa, 3 Mar 1919
  40. (Fol. 97) Birthday card and poem by Kathleen, Garraway's younger daughter, 10 Mar 1919
  41. (Fol. 98) Picture of Vaal Rhebok (sic) ram shot by Dr. Hertig, Basutoland, Mar 1919
  42. (Fol. 99) Letter from Baden-Powell acknowledging an invitation to visit Garraway at Maseru, 27 Mar 1919
  43. (Fols. 100-107) Letters from Winifred Garraway to her mother written while returning from a trip to Quacha's Nek (5-24 Mar), and while on a visit to Quithing [Quthing], 23 Mar-22 Apr 1919
  44. (Fol. 108) Letter from the Band Master, Quthing Brass Band, thanking Garraway for his interest in the band's activities, 22 Apr 1919
  45. (Fols. 109-110) Letter from F.A. Adcock, Officer-in-Charge, Peka, Basutoland, thanking Garraway for his kindness to the retiring officers, 12 May 1919
  46. (Fol. 111) Letter from C. Dawson thanking Garraway for his kindness in getting him on the fixed staff, 22 May 1919
  47. (Fols. 112-113) Cuttings from the Friend, Bloemfontein, about the visit of the Governor-General, Viscount Buxton, to Basutoland (12-25 May), 24-27 May 1919
  48. (Fols. 114) Letter from Mrs. J.C. Smuts thanking Garraway for his contribution to a welfare fund for the inmates of the military hospital at Robert's Heights (copy?), Jun 1919
  49. (Fols. 115-116) Letter from [A. Dieterlen?], a departing missionary, acknowledging a letter from Garraway, 25 Jul 1919
  50. (Fols. 117-118) Printed copy of letter from Winifred Garraway to her mother describing a visit to Johannesburg and an audience with the Mokwae of Barotseland at the start of a trip with the Buxtons to the Chobe (21 Jul-23 Aug), 28 Jul 1919
  51. (Fols. 119-123) Notes by Winifred Garraway on Zambesi camps with Buxton and with her husband, n.d.
  52. (Fols. 124-126) Photograph and watercolour by Winifred Garraway of tiger fish caught by Buxton, with notes of dimensions, Jul-Aug 1919
  53. (Fol. 127) Watercolour by Winifred Garraway of the Linyanti River, 2 Aug 1919
  54. (Fol. 128) Photograph of a Lechwe ram shot by Garraway in Caprivi Tipfel Strip, 15 Aug 1919
  55. (Fols. 129-130) Printed message of thanks for sympathy from the widow of General Botha, 3 Sep 1919
  56. (Fol. 131) Letter from Baden-Powell welcoming Garraway to England and suggesting a meeting, 22 Oct 1919
  57. (Fols. 132-135) Notes by Garraway's father on bequests to his children, and on his own and his son's careers (among insertions in the diary recording their home leave 1919), n.d.
  58. (Fols. 136-137) Three cancelled cheques found in the diary for Oct 1919, 10 Oct-31 Dec 1918
  59. (Fols. 138-150) Cuttings from English and South African newspapers about the visit of the Busato chiefs to England, Oct, Nov 1919
  60. (Fol. 151) Photograph endorsed "Capt Coventry", n.d.
  61. (Fols. 152-157) Photographs of Petronella, Franceska's pony, and other thoroughbreds; and of a prize-winning fox terrier and a parrot, n.d.
  62. (Fols. 158-162) Cuttings from a South African newspaper about the death and funeral of Goold-Adams, 14-16 Apr 1920
  63. (Fols. 163-164) Letters from the Minister of the Maseru Native Church and from representatives of the Native Government Employees welcoming Garraway on his return from leave; and a newspaper report of the welcome celebrations, 5-7 May 1920
  64. (Fols. 165-166) Press cuttings reporting the arrival of the Buxtons at Maseru as private guests of the Garraways, 15-27 May 1920
  65. (Item 3) Programme of a gymkhana meeting at Maseru, 22 May 1920
  66. (Fol. 167) Mochochono: cutting reporting the death of the Deputy Resident Commissioner, E. Boyes, on 12 Jun, and paying him tribute, 21 Jul 1920
  67. (Fol. 168) Letter from [Leopold Amery, Under Secretary of State for the Colonies] introducing N.W. Rowell, a Canadian M.P., who is touring South Africa, 28 Jul 1920
  68. (Fol. 169) Photograph of Miss Marion Archer, a visitor to the Residency, Jul 1920
  69. (Fol. 170) Mochochono: leading article, 'The New Appointments', with remarks complimentary to Garraway; also the text of telegrams exchanged between Buxton and Garraway on the former's retirement, 8 Sep 1920
  70. (Fol. 171 and Item 4) Invitation to the wedding of Khama's son Sekgoma on 20 Sep; with a photograph of the bridal party, 9 Sep 1920
  71. (Fols. 172-174) Letter from Rowell thanking the Garraways for their hospitality during his stay in Basutoland and commenting on Rhodesian affairs, 26 Sep 1920
  72. (Fols. 175 and Item 5) Programme of Ladybrand Sporting Club Race Meeting; with a related press cutting, 4 Oct 1920
  73. (Fols. 176-177) Programme of a children's concert at Maseru organised by Mrs. H.C. Long [in aid of St. Dunstan's], 23 Oct 1920
  74. (Fols. 178-179) Programme of a gymkhana at Maseru in aid of St. Dunstan's, 13 Nov 1920
  75. (Fols. 180-181) Letter from the new Superintendent of Roma mission, Bishop J. Cénez, 14 Dec 1920
  76. (Fols. 182-184) Letter and postcard from James Gaul, an old servant of Colonel C.S. Garraway's, [1920]
  77. (Fols. 185-187) Photographs [of Franceska, one with Dr. Long?], n.d.
  78. (Fol. 188) Cutting [from The Times or Morning Post?] of an obituary of Major Lord Alaistair Leveson Gower, n.d.
  79. (Fols. 189-190) Letter from Malcolm thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on his wife's death, 29 Dec 1920
  80. (Fols. 191-192) Letter from the Reverend A. Casalis thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy following the death of the Reverend Jacottet (cf diary entry 23 Dec 1920), 2 Jan 1921
  81. (Fol. 193) Letter from the President and Secretary of Basutoland Teacher's Association conveying the Association's greetings to Garraway, 6 Jan 1921
  82. (Fol. 194) Mochochono: article praising Garraway's kindness in giving a life to an old man, Ramaphathe (typescript copy), 12 Jan 1921
  83. (Fol. 195) Press cutting reporting Basutoland's contribution to St. Dunstan's Fund (cf fols. 176-179 above), 19 Jan [1921]
  84. (Fol. 196) Letter from Major-General Sir Reginald Curtis acknowledging a letter from Garraway and sending news of family and ex-colleagues from South Africa Company days, 2 Feb 1921
  85. (Fols. 197-198) Letter from [C.P.?] Crewe commenting on South African political affairs, 17 Feb 1921
  86. (Fols. 199-200) Letter from Buxton about personal affairs, Jacottet's death, educational grants [for Basutoland] and a Commission of Responsible Government in South Rhodesia to be chaired by him, 8 Mar 1921
  87. (Fol. 201) Letter from Garraway to Lord Milner regretting the latter's departure from the Colonial Office; with references to mutual acquaintances (copy), c. 11 May 1921
  88. (Fols. 202-203 and Item 6) Programmes (handmade) of a race meeting to celebrate Moshoeshoe's Day, 12 May 1921
  89. (Fols. 204-205) Letter from Buxton acknowledging South African newspapers sent by Garraway and commenting adversely on misleading reports of a speech by him on native affairs, 3 May 1921
  90. (Fol. 206) Letter from Milner acknowledging Garraway's letter of 11 May and commenting on Basutoland affairs, 9 May 1921
  91. (Fols. 207-212) Letter from the Governor-General, Prince Arthur of Connaught, thanking Garraway for hospitality during his official visit; with related press cuttings, 25 May 1921
  92. (Fol. 213) Press report of the King's Birthday parade at Maseru, 4 June 1921
  93. (Fols. 214-219) Programme of a gymkhana meeting at Mohales Hoek, 4 Jun 1921
  94. (Fols. 220-221) Letter from [Captain the Hon. Bede] Clifford, [Governor-General's Secretary], acknowledging a letter from Garraway and thanking him for his kindness during the official visit to Basutoland, 11 Jun 1921
  95. (Fol. 222) Letter from Arthur [Travers?], British South Africa Company (Commercial Branch), Lobatsi Estate, intended to accompany a press report of the Lobatsi Show, 16 Jun 1921
  96. (Fol. 223) The Friend: report of the opening of the 16th session of the Basutoland National Council, 4 Jul 1921
  97. (Fol. 224) Letter from Connaught asking Garraway to join them for a shooting trip in the north, and thanking him for sending ponies (copy), 22 Jul 1921
  98. (Fol. 225) Letter from the Secretary of the Central Agricultural Society, Bloemfontein, informing Garraway of his election as Vice-President, endorsed by Garraway, 2 Aug 1921
  99. (Fols. 226-228) The Friend: cuttings of articles about exaggerated reports in Die Burger about unrest in Basutoland, 11 Aug-13 Sep 1921
  100. (Fols. 229-230) The Bulawayo Chronicle: report on preparations for a royal visit to Livingstone, and a photograph of the event (cuttings), 23-24 Aug 1921
  101. (Fol. 231) Sketch by Lady Evelyn Farquhar of Katambora Rapids, 21 Sep 1921
  102. (Fols. 232-234) Letter from Buxton about family matters and Irish affairs: with an unofficial message to Chief Griffith, [2 Sep 1921]
  103. (Fols. 235-238) Letter from Curtis enclosing leaflets about the origin of the Boy Scout's pole and about the throne of King Prempah of Ashanti, illustrated by Baden-Powell, 3 Sep 1921
  104. (Fol. 239) [ The Friend?]: report of a visit to Basutoland by Bishop Carey [the Bishop of Bloemfontein] (cutting), 20 Sep 1921
  105. (Fol. 240-241) Letter from Marjory [Nunneley] thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on the death of her husband Quex, n.d.
  106. (Fols. 242-243) Letter from Princess Alexandra, Duchess of Connaught, intended to accompany photographs taken on tour in Rhodesia, 16 Oct 1921
  107. (Fol. 244) Photograph of Tom Gurney fishing [in Rhodesia?], 1921
  108. (Fol. 245) Letter from Baden-Powell acknowledging a message from Garraway which he read [at the South Africa Company Annual Dinner], 27 Oct 1921
  109. (Fol. 246) Addendum to the obituary notice of Major Francis Parish (cutting), [c. Nov 1921]
  110. (Fols. 247-248) Letter from Buxton acknowledging three letters from Garraway and commenting on Irish affairs and tiger-fishing techniques, 22 Dec 1921
  111. (Fols. 249-250) Letter from Bishop Cénez sending annual wishes, thanks and blessings, 23 Dec 1921
  112. (Fols. 251-252) Letter from Malcolm thanking Garraway for his kindness in writing; with references to Wilson Fox's death and to Rhodesian affairs as handled by the Colonial Office and the Buxton Committee, 26 Dec 1921
  113. (Fols. 253-254) Letter from Princess Alexandra regretting their inability to accept an invitation to Maseru for the present, 8 Jan 1922
  114. (Fols. 255-256) Letter from Dossie [Mrs. Francis Parish] thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on the death of her husband; with a photograph pasted in 1921 diary (see entry for 2 Feb), 8 Jan 1922
  115. (Fol. 257) Letter from Lady Hilda Curtis thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on the death of her husband Sir Reginald Curtis (see cutting pasted in diary, 16 Jan), 22 Feb 1922
  116. (Fol. 258) Letter from Buxton introducing Lord and Lady Leconfield, on a visit to South Africa, 18 Apr 1922
  117. (Fols. 259-261) Unrelated cuttings from Punch, 19 Apr-11 Oct 1922
  118. (Fol. 262) Letter from Gladstone about mutual acquaintances, J.B. Robinson's knighthood, English and Irish politics, 27 Jun 1922
  119. (Fol. 263) The Star, Johannesburg: article on the days preceding the relief of Mafeking, with photographs of the principal figures concerned, many of whom appear in the diaries, 16 May 1922
  120. (Fols. 264-269) Letter from Emmie [Miss E.M.A. Garraway], Rockshire, about fighting at Waterford between Republican and Free State troops, her difficulties when the latter were billeted in the house, and damage done to Waterford by shelling, 19 Jul [1922]
  121. (Fol. 270) Waterford Standard: excerpts from a letter from Garraway acknowledging a report of the award to him [in the King's Birthday Honours] of a K.C.M.G., 25 Oct 1922
  122. (Fols. 271-272) Copy of a letter from Connaught to the Colonial Secretary, the Duke of Devonshire, reporting that he had conferred the K.C.M.G. upon Garraway at a ceremony in the Courthouse, Maseru, 25 Nov 1922
  123. (Fols. 273-275) Maseru note [by a Basutu reporter?] on the Prince's visit, [Nov 1922]
  124. (Fols 276-281) Photographs of the Connaughts and of Garraway at the Investiture: in an envelope addressed to Garraway, Nov 1922
  125. (Fols. 282-283) Letter from Rowell recalling his visit to Basutoland [Aug-Sep 1920] and commenting on South African and Rhodesian affairs, 6 Dec 1922
  126. (Fols. 284-288) Letter from Colonel Sir A. Weston Jarvis about mutual acquaintances, English and European politics and Imperial affairs, in particular those of Rhodesia; with reminiscences of Rhodes and Jameson and a reference to Colvin's Life of the latter, 13 Dec 1922
  127. (Fols. 289-290) Annual letter of greetings from Bishop Cénez,19 Dec 1922
  128. (Fol. 291) Copy of a letter from Garraway wishing the Paramount Chief and all his people a happy Christmas and New Year, 22 Dec 1922
  129. (Fol. 292) Christmas card from Tom Gurney, Hotham Hall, Yorkshire, [Dec] 1922
  130. (Fols. 293-296) Photographs of Garraway's god-daughter, Anne Fitzroy, and her mother Doreen (née Buxton), 1922
  131. (Fol. 297) Cutting from a Johannesburg newspaper of a report by H.K. Lloyd on Botsabelo, a leper asylum in Basutoland, 1922
  132. (Fol. 298) Letter from Buxton about Garraway's forthcoming leave, [9?] Jan 1923
  133. (Fols. 299-300) Letter from the Right Reverend F.R.T. Balfour, Coadjutor Bishop of Bloemfontein, thanking the Garraways for their kindness and making plans to visit them before retirement, 13-22 Jan 1923
  134. (Fol. 301) Letter from Dr. E.C. Long thanking Garraway for his kindness and support while they were colleagues, 16 Jan 1923
  135. (Fol. 302) Letter from Baden-Powell about meeting when Garraway is in England, 1 Feb 1923
  136. (Fol. 303) Letter from Princess Alexandra thanking Garraway for some photographs, 14 Feb 1923
  137. (Fols. 304-308) Letter from J.C. Macgregor, Resident Commissioner Bechuanaland, reporting Khama's death; with a report by three doctors (copy), 24 Feb 1923
  138. (Fol. 309) Letter from Buxton enclosing a copy of his article on Khama for The Times, 28 Feb 1923
  139. (Fols. 310-312) Cape Times: report on Moshesh Day celebrations and a race-meeting at Matseing, with photographs including one of the Garraways (cuttings), 17 Mar 1923
  140. (Fol. 313) Letter from Malcolm thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on his father's death and announcing his forthcoming marriage to Lady Evelyn Farquhar, 21 Mar 1923
  141. (Fols. 314-319) Letter from Weston Jarvis about a dinner for Sir Charles Crewe to be given by the 1820 Settlers' Association in London; the future of Rhodesia following the rejection of union with South Africa; difficulties with the French over post-war reparations; sporting and personal matters, 2 Apr 1923
  142. (Fols. 320-321) Letter from Malcolm acknowledging congratulations on his engagement, 17 Apr 1923
  143. (Fol. 322) Letter from C.T. Loram, Native Affairs Commission, Pretoria, returning the 1922 Council Report lent to him by Garraway and comparing its proceedings with those of the Transkeian Native Council, stressing the need for agricultural instruction, and thanking Garraway for hospitality, 1 May 1923
  144. (Fols. 323-326) Letter from Tom Gurney urging Garraway to stay at Hotham during his leave; with news of his personal affairs, reference to their trip north with the Connaughts, and enclosed photographs, including one of the Malcolm-Farquhar wedding, 4 May 1923
  145. (Fol. 327) Letter from Alfred Horsfall thanking Garraway for hospitality when visiting Maseru, 10 May 1923
  146. (Fol. 328) Letter from [Caryl Annesley?] sending an invitation from the Connaughts to stay at Government House, Cape Town, from 3 to 6 Jun, 21 May 1923
  147. (Fol. 329) Letter from Loram, wishing the Garraways bon voyage and offering to assist Winifred Garraway's project for a spinning and weaving school, 28 May 1923
  148. (Fol. 330) Cable from Buxton inviting the Garraways to stay, [20-21 Jun 1923]
  149. (Fols. 331-334) Letter from Captain the Hon. C.J. Coventry about arranging a meeting, mutual acquaintances, sporting and convivial matters, and stock-breeding; with a reference to Rockshire's fate during the Troubles, 31 Jul-10 Aug 1923
  150. (Fol. 335) Letter from Mrs. Susannah Flory, a family connection, asking the Garraways to luncheon, 31 Jul 1923
  151. (Fols. 336-339) Printed memoir of Doreen Fitzroy (née Buxton) who died 28 Jul, post 31 Jul 1923
  152. (Fol. 340) Cutting from a South African newspaper; report of the opening session of Basuto National Council, [Aug] 1923
  153. (Fols. 341-343) Letter from Bishop Balfour regretting that it has proved impossible to meet, and commenting on mutual acquaintances and Irish affairs; with a press photograph of a group at a Dublin Sale of Work including the Bishop and W.B. Yeats, 22 Oct 1923
  154. (Fols. 344-345) Photographs [of Winifred and Franceska, taken during the Garraways' home leave?], [1923]
  155. (Fol. 346) Irish Times: leading article on double income tax (cutting), 1 Nov 1923
  156. (Fol. 347) Letter from Mrs. Drew about a book by [A.S.?] Cripps which she intends to show to Smuts, 14 Nov 1923
  157. (Fols. 348-349) Letter from Connaught accompanying an inscribed cigarette case sent as a memento of their association and in gratitude for hospitality at Maseru, 1 Dec 1923
  158. (Fol. 350) Press cutting reporting the Garraways' return to Maseru, 7 Dec 1923
  159. (Fols. 351-352) Letter from the Secretary, British Empire Service League, about the visit of the Earl and Countess of Harrowby to Maseru; and related press cuttings, 15-16 Dec 1923
  160. (Fols. 353-355) Photographs of [the Residency], the Leribe War Memorial, and members of Garraway's family on horseback, n.d.
  161. (Fol. 356) Pastel of late Captain F.C. Selous, by O.M. Bryden (press reproduction), n.d.
  162. (Fol. 357) Letter from H.J. Stanley thanking Garraway for congratulations on his appointment as Governor of N. Rhodesia, 19 Jan 1924
  163. (Fol. 358) Engraved luncheon invitation from the Earl and Countess of Athlone, 6 Feb 1924
  164. (Fol. 359) Letter from General Anthony Abdy thanking Garraway for hospitality at Maseru, 6 Feb 1924
  165. (Fol. 360) Letter from Mabel Bayley, headmistress of Roedean School, Johannesburg, about her new pupil, Kathleen, Garraway's youngest daughter, [Feb, Mar?] 1924
  166. (Fols. 361-362) Letter from B.M. Phamotse about Race Relations in the New Africa by Professor W.C. Willoughby, lent to him by Garraway, 18 Mar 1924
  167. (Fol. 363) The Times: obituary of Brigadier-General J.S. Nicholson, [c. 21 Mar] 1924
  168. (Fol. 364) Note from Mabel Bayley enclosing a poem by Kathleen, [Apr, May?] 1924
  169. (Fols. 365-366) Kathleen's school report, and a painting, [Apr-May] 1924
  170. (Fols. 367-368) Letter from W.C. Willoughby, Hartford, Connecticut, about his book, Phamotse's reactions to it and reviews in the South African press, 6 May 1924
  171. (Fol. 369) Cartoon from Punch, 9 May 1924
  172. (Fol. 370) Letter from Buxton about his sketch of Botha which he intends sending to Garraway, 10 May 1924
  173. (Fol. 371) Letter from Baden-Powell about the Mafeking Defence and Relief Force Dinner (17 May), 18 May 1924
  174. (Items 7-8) Programme of gymkhana meetings at Maseru and Mafeteng, 24-31 May 1924
  175. (Fols. 372-374) Telegram from Athlone to Winifred Garraway expressing his relief at Garraway's recovery following a serious illness and consequent operation, and sending his best wishes for a speedy recovery, 10 Jul 1924
  176. (Fols. 375-380) Two letters from Athlone: the first expresses pleasure at Garraway's recovery and offers hospitality; the second, marked private and personal, regrets that their first visit to Basutoland will be during Garraway's absence on sick leave, thanks him for lending the Residency, discusses arrangements generally, comments on life in his two official roles [as Governor-General and High Commissioner] and expresses in characteristic terms his personal view of his duties, 12 Jul, 27 Aug 1924
  177. (Fols. 381-382) Letter from Buxton expressing relief at better news of Garraway and commenting on his fishing holiday in Scotland, 24 Aug 1924
  178. (Fols. 383-385) Letter from Mother Jacoba, King Williams Town, acknowledging a gift from Garraway and giving news of herself and friends from Macloutsie days, 4 Sep 1924
  179. (Fol. 386) Letter from Athlone, Maseru, describing the Pitso and thanking the Garraways for lending the Residency, 12 Sep 1924
  180. (Fol. 387) The Times: report by Sir Howard d'Egville on the Conference of Parliamentary Delegates from Britain and the Commonwealth at Maseru after the Pitso (cutting), post 10 Sep 1924
  181. (Fol. 388) Report from an Irish newspaper of the Waterford Remembrance Day celebrations (cutting), post 11 Nov 1924
  182. (Fols. 389-390) Letter from Milner regretting that he cannot accept Garraway's invitation to stay at Maseru but hoping for a meeting at Westminster Station; with comments on L.S. Amery's appointment as Secretary of State for the Colonies, 17 Nov-15 Dec 1924
  183. (Fols. 391-392 and Items 9-10) Letter from Athlone about his forthcoming visit to Basutoland (10-19 Jan); and two Christmas cards, 5 Dec 1924
  184. (Fol. 393) Letter from Gladstone sending Garraway his wishes for a speedy recovery, news of friends, including Buxton and Otto Beit, and his views on the Liberal Party, Lloyd George and Ireland, 17 Dec 1924
  185. (Fols. 394-395) Annual greetings from Bishop Cénez, 22 Dec 1924
  186. (Fols. 396-397) Letter from Athlone about the composition of his party on his forthcoming visit, and other arrangements, 29 Dec 1924
  187. (Fol. 398) Christmas cards from all at Hotham Hall, [Dec] 1924
  188. (Fols. 399-401) Notes by Garraway on his Irish properties and finances (1923), [1924?]
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