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Correspondence volume 10, 1900-1915

MSS. Afr. s. 1610 vol. 10

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Comprises letters from various correspondents found in diaries; and other miscellaneous papers (many referencing the South Africa Company (S.A.C.):
  1. (Fols. 1-2) Draft letter from Garraway, Advance Camp, to the Commanding Officer, B.S.A. Police, No. 2 Division, reporting on the condition of the Boer women and children taken prisoner by the Bakatla at T'squani (25 Nov 1899), 10 May 1900
  2. (Fols. 3-5) Draft letter from Garraway, Rustenberg, to the C.O., Rhodesia Regiment, requesting that his name be forwarded to General Baden-Powell for transfer to a proposed mounted police force; with related application form endorsed by Baden-Powell and a letter of recommendation, 22 Jun 1900
  3. (Fols. 6-9) Letter from Major W. Lambton, Military Secretary, Government House, Cape Town, informing Garraway that Baden-Powell has recommended his appointment to one of two posts; with related telegram from Chief of Staff to General Plumer, 7 Jan 1901
  4. (Fol. 10) Draft letter from Garraway, Sydenham Camp, to the Principal Medical Officer, South African Constabulary, requesting that his position on the roster of Medical Officers be defined, 24 Apr 1901
  5. (Fols. 11-12) Minutes exchanged between Colonel W.C. Beevor, P.M.O., S.A.C., and Colonel J.S. Nicholson, Chief Staff Officer, on the position of officers in the S.A.C. with respect to pensions; and a related note from Beevor to Garraway, 18 May 1901
  6. (Fols. 13-19) Letters from Major A.W. Pack-Beresford, in temporary command of E Division, S.A.C. to the Inspector-General and the P.M.O., S.A.C., about the shortage of medical officers, inadequate equipment and other deficiencies in the division; with a related statement, Jun 28-11 Jul 1901
  7. (Item 1): Printed list of officers and superintendents, S.A.C. (16 pages), 1 Nov 1901
  8. (Fols. 20-21) O.R.C. Standard, Bloemfoentein: two pages containing a report of a St. Patrick's Day Banquet at the Imperial Hotel on 17 Mar, 19 Mar 1902
  9. (Fol. 22) Confidential report on Major E.C.F. Garraway by Colonel H.L. Pilkington, O.C., E Division (copy), 13 Nov 1902
  10. (Fols. 23-24) Printed memorandum from Baden-Powell, Inspector-General, S.A.C., for circulation to all members of the force on his departure to take up a military appointment in England, 15 Feb 1903
  11. (Fols. 25-31) Copy of letter from Garraway to the Divisional Staff Officer, O.R.C. Division, S.A.C., about his position in regard to a pension; with record of service and copies of related official correspondence, 25 Feb 1904
  12. (Fols. 32-33) Letters from Garraway to the D.S.O. and to the Resident Commissioner, Bechuanaland, about his claim to Matabele Rebellion Clasps (copies), 28 Mar 1904
  13. (Fols. 34-35) Letter from Major James Deane, Military Secretary, on behalf of the High Commissioner, about Garraway's application for the 1896 Rhodesia Clasp: forwarded with covering letter by the Deputy Divisional Commandant, O.R.C. Division, S.A.C., 29-30 Jan 1905
  14. (Fol. 36) Letter from Alfred Lyttelton, Secretary of State for the Colonies, to the High Commissioner [Lord Selborne] about Garraway's request to be placed on the Colonial Office List and that his services in Bechuanaland should count towards a pension, 9 Jun 1905
  15. (Fols. 37-38) Cuttings from the Morning Post (2 Aug) and from a Waterford local paper relating to Garraway's marriage with Miss Winifred Mary Harvey at Fareham on 21 Aug, Aug 1905
  16. (Fols. 39-40) Letter from Nicholson, now in London, wishing Garraway well; with references to Baden-Powell's return to South Africa and to his own electioneering activities, 4 Jan 1906
  17. (Fols. 41-42) Rand Polo Club programme for Beresford Cup Tournament, Apr 1906
  18. (Fols. 43-44) Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel R.S. Curtis, Inspector General (I.G.), S.A.C., advising Garraway that following reorganisation the post of P.M.O. will cease from 1st July and offering him the post of Medical Adviser; with reply, 7-20 Jun 1906
  19. (Fols. 45-48) Letter, marked confidential, from the C.S.O., S.A.C., about a proposed pension scheme for departmental officers becoming civil servants from 1 Jul; with copies of related correspondence between Lieutenant Colonel Curtis and the Secretary of the Inter-Colonial Council of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, Johannesburg, 13-29 Jun 1906
  20. (Fols. 49-50) Letter from an offical of the B.S.A. Company/Rhodes Trust informing Garraway that there was no immediate prospect of a post in the N.E. Protectorate, 6 Oct [1906]
  21. (Fol. 51) Notes on diaries for 1906-1907, by Winifred Mary Garraway, n.d.
  22. (Fols. 52-55) Letter from Curtis, I.G., S.A.C., forwarding copies of letters from P.H. Kerr, Secretary, S.A.C. Committee, Inter-Colonial Council, about the pension rights of civilian members of the S.A.C. (18 Dec 1906), 4 Jan 1907
  23. (Fols. 56-57) Letter from Kerr requesting details of Garraway's service in previous forces in connection with the pension scheme; with draft reply, 22-27 Mar 1907
  24. (Fols. 58-63) Copy of letter from Lord Elgin, Secretary of State for the Colonies, [to Lord Selborne] about the difficulty of taking Garraway's service in the Buachanaland Border Police into account for pension purposes; with related letters from Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams [Lt. Governor, Orange River Colony], Government House, Bloemfontein, to Garraway, 31 May-17 Jul 1907
  25. (Fols. 64-67) Letters from Selborne to Curtis about employment and pensions for retrenched S.A.C. members, with a proposal that Garraway should join his staff for a trip to the Zambesi; and a letter of acceptance from Garraway, 15 Jul-15 Aug 1907
  26. (Fols. 68-70) Letter from Curtis, I.G., S.A.C., forwarding a copy of a letter from the Colonial Office noting Garraway's application for further employment (5 Jul); with a draft reply, 31 Jul-1 Aug 1907
  27. (Fol. 71) Winifred Mary Garraway's notes on 1908, n.d.
  28. (Fol. 72) Copy of letter from [W.J.] Bentinck, High Commissioner's Office, about Garraway's pension rights in relation to his service in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 8 Jan 1908
  29. (Fols. 73-75) Letter from Barry May, Government Secretary, Bechuanaland Protectorate, about that administration's contribution to Garraway's pension; with draft reply, 13-29 Jan 1908
  30. (Fols 76-77) Letter from Kerr about Garraway's pension rights, 30-31 Mar 1908
  31. (Fol. 78) Certified copies of letters from Kerr and from Curtis, the I.G., S.A.C., about discontinuing the services of Colonel Greener, Chief Paymaster, and Garraway about the disbandment of the S.A.C., and of a letter from Louis Botha, Prime Minister's Office, regretting the necessity and thanking the officers concerned for their services, 13-28 Apr 1908
  32. (Fols. 79-80) Letter from Selborne, marked Private, to Garraway about his appointment as Military Secretary, 21 Apr 1908
  33. (Fol. 81) Special General Order from the High Commissioner to the I.G., relating to the disbandment of the S.A.C., 1 Jun 1908
  34. (Fols. 82-83) Letter from F.W. Panzera, Resident Commissioner, Mafeking, congratulating Garraway on his new appointment, 4 Jun 1908
  35. (Fols. 84-86) Copy of letter from Garraway asking the I.G., S.A.C., to forward his request that his pensionable service should again become continuous in the event of his obtaining further pensionable employment in the future, and enclosing copies of his correspondence with the Governor's Private Secretary, Dougal Malcolm, about the terms of his appointment, 18 Jun 1908
  36. (Fols. 87-97) Garraway's certificate of service in the S.A.C., and a file of official correspondence relating to his retrenchment, his record of service and his pension rights, 25 Jun-31 Oct 1908
  37. (Fols. 98-99) Personal letter from Curtis thanking Garraway for his work as Medical Adviser and wishing him success, 3 Jul 1908
  38. (Fols. 100-101) Letter from a member of the Cavalry Club (signature illegible) congratulating Garraway on his appointment and commenting on the policy of retrenchment and on sporting and personal matters, [6 Jul 1908]
  39. (Fols. 102-103) Letter from K.P. (Kitty) Apthorp, Chairman, Orange River Colony Land Settlement Board, Bloemfontein, sending his congratulations and commenting on parliamentary and administrative affairs and on the progress of post-war settlement, 22 Jul 1908
  40. (Fol. 104) Letter from Baden-Powell, The Castle, Richmond, Yorkshire, sending congratulations and regretting the disbandment of the S.A.C., 1 Nov 1908
  41. (Fols. 105-106) Press cuttings reporting the annual dinner of the S.A.C. Association, London, [1908?]
  42. (Fols. 107-110) Press cuttings reporting S.A.C. Memorial Service and dinner in Pretoria, n.d.
  43. (Fols. 111-115) Correspondence between [W. Goldberg], Liquidator of the Inter-Colonial Council, and Garraway about reducing the latter's pension while Military Secretary; with a related enclosure from the Treasury, Pretoria, 3 Feb-21 Jun 1909
  44. (Fols. 116-123) Letter from Garraway, written on Lord Methuen's instructions, to Messrs Bell and Nixon, Johannesburg, about investments for a trust fund of which Methuen and Selborne were trustees; with related enclosures, 24 Jun 1909
  45. (Fols. 124-132) Correspondence between Garraway and James Leisk, The Treasury, Pretoria, about Garraway's pension rights; with a related letter from Garraway to the Liquidator, I.C.C., Johannesburg, 3 Dec 1909-16 Jun 1910
  46. (Fol. 133) Letter from S.W. Harris, Home Office, requesting Garraway to call on [Herbert] Gladstone on 26 Jan, 24 Jan 1910
  47. (Fols. 134-135) Menu of Bloemfontein Sporting Club's farewell dinner for Goold-Adams, autographed by Goold-Adams, 18 Mar 1910
  48. (Fol. 136) Press photographs from an Irish newspaper of the arrival in Cape Town of Viscount Gladstone, Governer-General of the Union of South Africa, in May, 6 Jun 1910
  49. (Fols. 137-138) Letter from Harry Scobell, The Woolsack, Rosebank, [Cape], about the Gladstones and their reception by the English and Dutch sections of the population (see diary entry, 2 Jun); the importance of Garraway's role; and the electoral contest between Botha and Percy Fitzpatrick (see diary, 14-16 Sep), 10 Jun 1910
  50. (Fols. 139-140) Letter from Major (Henry) Cecil Lowther about the Duke of Connaught's visit to South Africa, 3 Dec 1910
  51. (Fols. 141-142) Letter from Colonel J.G. Fair, Salisbury, about the prospect of Garraway succeeding him as Resident Commissioner, 8 Dec 1910
  52. (Fols. 143-145) Draft letter from Garraway to Gladstone requesting permission to apply for Fair's post: with reply, marked private, explaining that following the amalgamation of the Rhodesias the post would require a man with legal training and experience, 20-23 Dec 1910
  53. (Fol. 146) Letter from Methuen about rumours that Garraway was leaving his present post, 23 Dec 1910
  54. (Fols. 147-148) Draft letter from Garraway to Selborne asking advice about his future career, 28 Dec 1910 (note: for copies of letters from Selborne to Garraway (1909-1932) see vol. 12, fols. 217-230)
  55. (Fol. 149) Cutting from a South African newspaper of a brief biographical sketch of Garraway, n.d.
  56. (Fols. 150-156) Notification from the Duke of Argyll, Chancellor of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, that Garraway has been appointed a Companion of the Order; with Garraway's reply, and printed copies of the Order of Service and of the Chapel Report, 17 Jan-Feb 1911
  57. (Fols. 157-158) Telegrams of congratulation from Lady Gladstone and from General Beresford on behalf of the Government House staff, 18 Jan 1911
  58. (Fols. 159-165) Letters of congratulation from Lowther, A. Weston-Jarvis and others, 18-26 Jan 1911
  59. (Fol. 165a) Letter from George Aston, Simonstown, about Garraway's disappointment over the Rhodesian post (see fols. 143-145 above) and a letter, possibly related, from Captain de la Chapelle which he had forwarded to Garraway, 1 Feb 1911
  60. (Fols. 166-171) Draft letters from Garraway to Selborne and Sir Francis Hopwood, [Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies], Colonial Office Development Committee, asking advice about further employment owing to the abolition of his present post; with Hopwood's reply, 11 Apr-4 May 1911 (note: for a copy of Selborne's reply, see vol. 12, fols. 217-230)
  61. (Fols. 172-175) Draft letter from Garraway to Charles Dacres Wise, Director of Land Settlement, Salisbury, following up a conversation about taking up a farm in Rhodesia; with a reply from the Acting Director, 10-27 Oct 1911
  62. (Fol. 175a) Cutting from a South African newspaper of a report of George Grey's death in British East Africa (3 Feb), 1911 (see also vol. 12, fols. 66-67)
  63. (Fol. 176) Photograph of Garraway's father aged 78, 1911
  64. (Fols. 177-181) Letters from Rowland Ward, author of the Sportsman's Handbook, about a rare sable antelope shot by Garraway in North West Rhodesia; with a related letter from Edward Gerrard & Sons, taxidermists, enclosing a photograph and a cutting from The Field, 10 Jan-19 Mar 1912
  65. (Fols. 182-186) Press cuttings reporting Cape race meetings, and three photographs of Fatima, a thoroughbred mare, 20 Apr [1912]
  66. (Fols. 187-189) Letter from Garraway to his father-in-law, T.H. Harvey, about his career plans, with a related enclosure from Selborne; and about family matters and the sable antelope head, 15 Apr 1912
  67. (Fols. 190-191) Letter, marked private, from Methuen regretting Garraway's pending departure, 30 May 1912
  68. (Fols. 192-193) Letter from F.C. Selous, Worplesdon, Surrey, about experiences shared in the past, sporting and family matters, 16 Jul 1912
  69. (Fol. 194) Telegram from Dr. [Wilhelm] Solf, [Colonial Secretary, German Empire], thanking Garraway and the staff of Government House for their courtesies while staying there, 3 Aug 1912
  70. (Fols. 195-199) Draft letter from Garraway to Lewis Harcourt, Secretary of State for the Colonies; and a copy of a related letter of recommendation from Chief Justice J.H. de Villiers, Officer Administering the Government, about employment for Garraway in the Colonial Service, in particular in the Gambia; with replies, 22 Oct 1912-14 Feb 1913
  71. (Fols. 200-201) Press photographs of the Governor-General and Lady Gladstone and suite returning to South Africa on the Edinburgh Castle, n.d.
  72. (Fols. 202-205) Farewell letters from Gladstone, one marked private, expressing his gratitude for Garraway's services and his hope of a continued association, 28-30 Dec 1912
  73. (Fols. 206-207) Letter from Gladstone about personal matters and South African affairs, in particular the Protectorates, 25 Feb 1913
  74. (Fols. 208-213) Letter from the High Commissioner's Office sending a specimen pension form; files with an earlier correspondence between Garraway and James Leisk, The Treasury, Pretoria (3-9 Dec 1912)
  75. (Fols. 214-225) Letter from Sir Herbert [Plumer], Dringthorpe, Yorkshire, about his efforts to find a job for Garraway; with related letters from the Duke of Connaught and from Alexander Harris, Chief Clerk, Colonial Office, to Sir Herbert, 7 Aug-1 Sep 1913
  76. (Fols. 226-227) Letter from Dougal O. Malcolm, Director of the British South Africa Company, about placing Garraway in charge of an expedition to North East Bechuanaland, and expediting his settlement in Rhodesia, 22 Aug 1913
  77. (Fols. 228-229) Letter from T.H. Rivers Bulkeley about Garraway's prospects of future employment and Connaught's letter, 6 Sep 1913
  78. (Fols. 230-235) Circular concerning the appointment of Commissioners in connection with a British South Africa Company Land Settlement Scheme; and related correspondence, including a letter from Malcolm, 28 Nov-31 Dec 1913
  79. (Fols. 236-239) Letter from Gladstone about his proposal that a Commission be appointed to define the native reserves in South Rhodesia and that Garraway should serve on it; and about his own recent northern tour and affairs in Southern Africa, in particular the resettlement of Sekgoma on the Chobe and Panzera's role in this, 13 Dec 1913
  80. (Fol. 240) Letter from Malcolm about the proposed Commission, 22 Jan 1914
  81. (Fols. 241-242) Letter from a correspondent at the Admiralty (signature illegible) who recommended Garraway to Lord Buxton, 21 Feb 1914
  82. (Fols. 243-253) Letter from Henry Lambert, Colonial Office, about the Commission and the terms of Garraway's appointment; with copies of a letter from Lambert to the Secretary, British South Africa Company, accompanying a draft by the High Commissioner of the Commission's terms of reference, 24-28 Apr 1914
  83. (Fol. 254) Certificate conferring the Freedom of the City of Waterford, 1 May 1914
  84. (Fol. 255) Cartoon [from Punch]: a conversation between Lords Selborne and Crewe about the debate on the sale of honours, [1914]
  85. (Fol. 256) Photograph of the members of the Commission with officials of the British South Africa Company, taken on circuit: endorsed on reverse by Garraway, [1914]
  86. (Fol. 257) [ The Rhodesia Herald]: a cutting of a report on the death in action of Captain A.P. Palmer, 12 Nov 1915


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MSS. Afr. s. 1610 vol. 10

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