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Addenda: Lectures, 1946-1957

MS. Eng. d. 2219
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Folder L.145. Lectures 1946-1957.

1946, 1947.

Space Group on foetal and adult haemoglobin 15 November 1946.

X-ray study of adult and foetal haemoglobin. Lecture to Michael Foster Club 6 February 1947.

An X-ray study of foetal and adult sheep haemoglobin. Paper read before Physiological Society Cambridge 18 January 1947.

1948, 1949.

Myoglobin (notes for Space Group 22 April 1948).

Myoglobin (introduction to paper to Barcroft Memorial Conference 17 June 1948).

The structures of some corpuscular proteins. Paper to XRAG [Institute of Physics X-ray Analysis Group], York 19 November 1948.

Some recent research on proteins. Paper toΔ2v Club, 8 February 1949.

Narrow-mindedness in the humanities. Paper read to Perne Society Peterhouse 28 November 1949.

1950, 1951.

Polypeptide Chains. Paper to Hardy Club, 3 February 1950.

Paper to informal Protein Conference in Cambridge, 6 July 1950.

Fourier summations on the EDSAC. Space Group 9 November 1950.

Some crystallographic calculations with EDSAC. Paper to X-ray Analysis Group [York], 17 November 1950.

Crystallographic computations with digital computers. Talk at opening conference of the Manchester Ferranti machine, 12 July 1951.

Contribution to symposium on biophysics, Ann Arbor, 31 July 1951.

Recent British work in the X-ray study of proteins. Seminars at Berkeley and Seattle, August 1951.

The structure of haemoglobin and myoglobin. Paper to the Gordon Conference, New Hampshire, 28 August 1951.

Recent studies of the structure of myoglobin. Contribution to Symposium on Protein Structure, 75th Anniversary Meeting of the American Chemical Society, 4 September 1951.

Recent X-ray crystallographic studies of haemoglobin and myoglobin. Paper to International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry New York, 11 September 1951.

Paper to protein conference at Harvard, 21 September 1951.

Recent American work on collagen. Paper to Physics Department, King's College London, 31 October 1951.

1952, 1953.

The end of the world. Talk to Perne Club, 9 February 1953.

The helix and globular proteins. Talk at Seattle and Harvard, 16 and 30 September 1953.

Some new crystal forms of myoglobin. Pasadena Conference, 23 September 1953.

The helix in biology. Kapitza Club, 1 December 1953.

Report on America. To the [MRC] Unit, 3 November 1953.


An electron density projection of myoglobin. Colloquium at King's College London, 8 December 1955.

1956, 1957.

The use of X-ray single-crystal measurements to determine the shapes of protein molecules. Paper at International Union of Crystallography, Madrid April 1956. (Several versions of collaborative paper with H.M. Dintzis and P.J. Pauling).

Problems of the non-university research worker in Cambridge. Talk to Scientists' Lunch Club Cambridge, 26 April 1956.

Phase determinations in myoglobin. Paper to X-ray Analysis Group London, 16 November 1956.

Shape in living organisms. Carphologists, 30 January 1957.

The structure of proteins. Lecture to Manchester College of Science and Technology, 25 February 1957.

Crystallographic studies of myoglobin. Paris protein conference, 27 July 1957. Spoken version.

A three-dimensional map of myoglobin at low resolution. Space Group, Cavendish Laboratory, 14 November 1957.


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MS. Eng. d. 2219

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