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Lectures, publications, reviews, 1950-1963

MS. Eng. c. 2582
Held at the Weston Library

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Folder L.10. Drawings, diagrams and figures for collaborative paper with W.L. Bragg and M.F. Perutz "Polypeptide chain configurations in crystalline proteins", Proc. Roy. Soc. A, 203, 1950.

Folder L.11. Black loose-leaf binder of manuscript notes for Kendrew's postgraduate lecture courses at Cambridge.

At rear of book: "Problems in protein crystallography" Lent Term 1950. 97pp with a few pencil alterations made in 1952 and 1 page comments by Kendrew on the course.

At front of book: "Recent work in protein crystallography", Lent Term 1952.

Folder L.12. Manuscript notes for "Projected last section of Prog. Biophys. art. on subunits in proteins" and "Sketch of article on proteins", n.d. but related to "The crystalline proteins: recent X-ray studies ..." in Prog. Biophys. biophys. Chem. 4, 1954.

Folder L.13. "Recent investigations of the structure of globular proteins", abstract in English and in Italian of paper given at conference at Pallanza 28-30 July 1955 and published in Rendiconti Istituto Lombardo, 89, 1955.

Folder L.14. "Structure of biological macromolecules, with special reference to the globular proteins"; a course of four lectures given at the Istituto di Chimica Generale, University of Padua, September 1956. Manuscript and typescript drafts of synopsis and lectures, correspondence regarding invitation, arrangements, letters of thanks etc.

Folder L.15. Correspondence November 1951 - January 1956 with colleagues on chymotrypsinogen (specimens, structure, molecular weight etc.) leading up to paper with M.M. Bluhm on "The crystal forms and molecular weight of chymotrypsinogen", Biochim. biophys. Acta, 20, 1956. Includes manuscript draft, notes and calculations for paper under first title "Three crystal forms of chymotrypsinogen".

Folder L.16. Correspondence only regarding lecture on "X-ray diffraction studies in proteins" given at Kingston Technical College 17 February 1959.

Folder L.17. "The Structure of the proteins", Kendrew's contribution to a course of nine lectures on "Methods and Procedures in Crystal-Structure Determination by X-ray Diffraction" given at Manchester College of Science and Technology 25 February 1957. Poster, brief correspondence only.

Folder L.18. Review of "A Symposium on Molecular Biology" ed. R.E. Zirkle, for Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics, 87, 1959.

Folder L.19. "The Structure of proteins", Kendrew's contribution to course on "The scientific basis of medicine", University of London, 17 November 1960. Brief correspondence, notice of lecture only.

Folder L.20. "Riassunto delle publicazioni sulla struttura di due emoproteine", by Kendrew and Perutz, with a manuscript note "Submitted 1961 for a Turin prize wh. we did not get".

Folder L.21. Review of "Macromolecular Complexes" ed. M.V. Edds for journal of the Institute of Biology, dated 27 August 1961.

Folder L.22. Review of "Protein Structure" by H. Scheraga for Royal Institute of Chemistry, September 1961.

Folders L.23-L.28. Lecture given at International Conference on Defence Administration, Oxford, September 1961, and repeated with a few changes as "Science and the Services in the next ten years" at a meeting of the Royal United Service Institution (RUSI) chaired by P.M.S. Blackett in March 1962. Kendrew submitted the lecture for clearance to the Ministry of Defence where he was then working part-time and after some delay it was cleared for publication in the RUSI journal.

Folder L.23. Typescript draft for Oxford lecture.

Folder L.24. Duplicated version of Oxford lecture, cut and intercalated with manuscript pages, probably for RUSI lecture.

Folder L.25. Unedited shorthand writer's report of RUSI lecture including Chairman's introduction and concluding remarks, questions and answers (46 pp), with official comments on suitability for publications.

Folder L.26. Correspondence with RUSI regarding lecture and publication October 1961 - May 1962, and a little later correspondence 1963.

Folder L.27. Correspondence and memoranda, Ministry of Defence, March 1962.

Folder L.28. Correspondence with A. Engström inviting Kendrew to lecture in Sweden.

Folder L.29. "Science and Defence". Brief manuscript notes for lecture at Peterhouse, 24 January 1963.

Folder L.30. Review of "Science and Politics" by Lord Hailsham, for New Statesman, June 1963, and correspondence.


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MS. Eng. c. 2582

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