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Intergovernmental meetings and negotiations, 1967-1970

MS. Eng. c. 2441
Held at the Weston Library

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Folders G.14-G.20. First intergovernmental meeting, at CERN, 4-6 April 1967.

Folder G.14. Documents circulated by Swiss Government, including their delegation paper "Récapitulation des efforts de collaboration internationale entrepris en matière de biologie moléculaire ..."

Folder G.15. March 1967. Perutz's correspondence with colleagues and officials in Britain, sending EMBO report and trying to enlist U.K. support at conference.

Folder G.16. March 1967. Arrangements for meetings preceding conference, correspondence.

Folder G.17. April 1967. Includes Wyman's "Notes on EMBO Conference", correspondence with members of EMBO and officials on successful outcome, press releases and conference "Communication". This summarises Conference decisions to hold a second meeting (to be convened by Swiss Government), set up Working Group to prepare a draft "Arrangement" (later "Agreement") and invite EMBO to submit a financial plan and a laboratory proposal.

Folder G.18. May - July 1967. Correspondence and papers, including arrangements and drafts for Working Group meeting 6-8 June.

Folder G.19. August - September 1967. Mainly on proposals for Conference Secretariat, and "Arrangement"; includes Appleyard's notes on discussions and on second meeting of Working Group 12-14 September.

Folder G.20. Various drafts of "Arrangement" some with corrections by Appleyard and Perutz, copy of Final Report of Working Group.

Folders G.21-G.28. Second Intergovernmental meeting, at CERN, 22-25 January 1968.

It was hoped that the Agreement could be signed at the Conference, but various problems arose over funding arrangements, the length of time to be covered by any agreement, and the German demand for the recognition of German as an official language of the Conference. As a result the signing ceremony did not take place until February 1969 and considerable activity was required to ensure interim financing between the ending of the Volkswagen Foundation grant and the start of government contributions.

Folder G.21. September - December 1967. Correspondence on arrangements for Conference, Israel attendance.

Folder G.22. Correspondence, discussion notes etc. on likely reactions to funding, Israel membership, Conference Secretariat, draft "Arrangement" etc. by France, Germany, U.K.

Folder G.23. January - March 1968. Correspondence, notes and papers. Includes Wyman's "Comments on EMBO Conference", full text of "Intervention by the British Delegation", Perutz's manuscript notes for speech opposing U.K. alternative proposals, Conference papers relating to U.K. comments and proposals, other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder G.24. February 1968. Correspondence on attempts to mobilise political interest in EMBO projects, especially in U.K.

Folder G.25. February - October 1968. Correspondence, notes and circulars on the German demand for the recognition of German as an official Conference language. This problem led to the postponement of the signature of the Agreement (scheduled for May 1968) and endangered the whole EMBO project. After correspondence and negotiation the solution was accepted that, as at CERN, simultaneous translation should be provided at meetings, and Conference records should be circulated in English, French and German.

Folder G.26. June-December 1968. Correspondence, memoranda etc. mainly on financial situation and arrangements for interim payments to EMBO.

Folder G.27. September 1968 - March 1969. Correspondence etc. on visit to Greece by J. Wyman to encourage contacts with Greek colleagues and Greek participation in EMBO and EMBC. Includes suggestions for EMBO activities by Greek scientists.

Folder G.28. October - November 1968. Correspondence about Belgian signature of Agreement.


  • 1967-1970


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MS. Eng. c. 2441

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NCUACS 11/4/89/G.14-28

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