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Preliminary meetings, formal constitution, and statutes, 1963-1965

MS. Eng. c. 2418
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Folder F.1. Geneva, 28 March 1963.

Correspondence and papers, January - March, on plans for proposed international laboratory and meeting held at CERN chaired by Weisskopf. Includes Kendrew's notes of costings, scientists to be approached. No agenda or note of discussions are included; those invited included J. Monod, C.H. Waddington, A. Engström, H. Friedrich-Freksa, M. Delbruck, E. Amaldi, A.A. Buzzati-Traverso, L. Cavalli-Sforza.

C.H. Waddington's letter of 11 March outlines many of the objections to the idea of a centralised laboratory which continued to be made throughout the ensuing decade.

Also included here is correspondence 1971 with a biographer of Szilard in which Kendrew outlines the early discussions and Szilard's part in them.

Folder F.2. Geneva, 28 June 1963.

Correspondence April - June on arrangements for the meeting, choice of participants, matters for discussion.

Folder F.3. Geneva, 28 June 1963.

Draft and final "Record of Discussion on Molecular Biology ...", papers presented at meeting (Kendrew's "Proposal for an international laboratory of molecular biology in Europe" CERB, Waddington's non-centralised "European Biological Organisation" EBO), comments by M. Delbruck.

Folders F.4-7. Ravello, 16-17 September 1963.

The meeting was held at the invitation of the Italian Physical Society during its summer course. The Kendrew and Waddington papers were further discussed and the EMBO was set up, together with a provisional executive committee (Chairman: Perutz), a Laboratory subcommittee (Chairman: Kendrew) and a "Federal Organization Subcommittee" (Chairman: Buzzati-Traverso).

Folder F.4. Correspondence February - August with organisers of meeting and colleagues; includes invitation, proposed participants, discussions of proposals.

Folder F.5. Correspondence July - August with Szilard and Waddington regarding draft proposals, and French representation at meeting.

Folder F.6. Correspondence October on Kendrew's draft summary of the meeting.

Folder F.7. Summary of proceedings of meeting, by Kendrew, 29 October, annotated agenda of meeting, lists of participants, comments on proposals, ms. notes by Kendrew.

Folders F.8-9. Provisional Executive Committee, Brussels, 12 December 1963.

This meeting was organised by Buzzati-Traverso who acted as chairman in the absence of Perutz. The expenses were defrayed by EURATOM.

Folder F.8. Correspondence October - December. Participation in EMBO of J. Wyman, French cancer research proposal, WHO proposal, invitations and nominations.

Folder F.9. Agenda of meeting, Wyman's account of meeting (there were no formal minutes), continuing correspondence December 1963 - January 1964.

Folders F.10-15. Formal constitution and statutes.

Drafts for a constitution and regulations were prepared by Kendrew, Perutz, Kellenberger and Wyman, and presented to the first EMBO Council in February 1964. Firms of international lawyers in Belgium and Switzerland were approached and further drafts drawn up. The Swiss firm was chosen at the Council meeting in July 1964.

Folder F.10. Correspondence on choice of lawyer.

Folder F.11. Manuscript notes and drafts, some dated January 1964, by Kendrew and others.

Folder F.12. Draft submitted by Belgian lawyers, with a little correspondence and comments, April - June 1964.

Folder F.13. Drafts drawn up by Swiss lawyers, with annotations and comments by Kendrew and Perutz, June - September 1964.

Folder F.14. Final versions of Rules and Statutes (English and French).

Folder F.15. Correspondence with members of EMBO and with Swiss lawyers re registration of EMBO in Switzerland (12 July 1964), drafts and amendments of constitution, February 1964 - September 1965.


  • Creation: 1963-1965


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MS. Eng. c. 2418

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NCUACS 11/4/89/F.1-15

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