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"Conference notes and lectures", 1959-1971

MS. Eng. d. 2215
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This is a chronological sequence of material 1959-1971, all in Kendrew's hand, consisting of his notes of papers, lectures, questions and discussions at meetings attended by him or by other members of the MRC Unit, talks and seminars given in the Unit by visitors or by staff members during its Open Days, and also of the papers given at the 1969 EMBO meeting at Konstanz on the scientific programme of the proposed European Molecular Biology Laboratory. The content, though primarily on protein structure, is thus not exclusively on myoglobin.

This item was a late addition to the collection and has been kept as an entity, though its contents are often an essential complement to Sections D (MRC Unit), F (EMBO), L (Lectures) and N (Visits and conferences). The work is sub-divided as follows:


D. Davies, Polynucleotides, 30 October 1959.

Gierer, TMV, 20 January 1960.

Anfinsen, no title, n.d.

First International Symposium on poly-α-amino acids and polypeptides, Madison Wisconsin, 19-23 June 1961 (programme, participants, notes).

Gordon Conference on proteins, New Hampshire 26-30 June 1961 (programme, participants, 12pp.notes).

Gurd, Chemical Studies of myoglobin, 11 July 1960.

Brenner, Replicon, n.d.

Krimm, Feather, 18 February 1963.

O'Brien, no title, 25 February 1963.

Brandén, no title, 25 March 1963.

Green, Lactoglobulin, 13 May 1963.

Luzzati, Synthetic polypeptides, 11 February 1963.

D. Blow, Chymotrypsin, 28 May 1963.


Weizmann Conference, June 1963.

Crickday, 7 October 1963.

Bonner, Regulation of chromosome activity, 24 January 1964.

Holland, visit to laboratories, February 1964.

Structural Studies Division, account of work in hand, 12-13 October 1964.

Perutz, Molecular interpretation of Bohr effect, 4 February 1965.

Klug, Turnip crinkle virus, 25 February 1965.

Conformation workshop, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, 24-25 June 1965 (7 pp. notes).

Gordon Conference on proteins, New Hampshire, 28 June - 2 July 1965 (31pp. notes).

Crick, Talk to lab., 12 October 1965.


Blow, Travels in USA, 17 August 1967.

Perutz, no title, 23 May 1968.

McLachlan Gordon Conference, 19 July 1968.

Nobel Symposium on symmetry and function of biological systems at the macromolecular level, Stockholm, 26-29 August 1968 (23pp. notes).


Diamond, Real space refinement of myoglobin, 8 July 1969.

>Clark, tRNA crystals, 29 September 1969.

EMBO Konstanz discussion 27-29 November 1969 (notes on scientific part) (9pp. notes).

Crick, Chromosome structure, 19 October 1971.


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MS. Eng. d. 2215

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NCUACS 11/4/89/C.128

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