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Myoglobin notebooks: preliminary work, 1946-1953

MS. Eng. e. 2347
Held at the Weston Library

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Loose-leaf notebook of small quarto pages. The material, which is extensive, covers various dates 1946-1953; there is an index listing the "Research notes - project numbers" which run 10-25, each with a numbered thumb index card. The projects are:

10 Adult sheep methaemoglobin. Experiments, data, crystallisation, November 1946 - "Summer" 1947.

11 Foetal sheep methaemoglobin. Experiments, crystallisation, dialysis November 1946 - July 1947.

12 Horse myoglobin. Removed for extended treatment in separate notebooks. See MS. Eng. e. 2348-2349.

13 Foetal human methaemoglobin. Crystallisation of various samples, November-December 1946, January-July 1948.

14 Horse methaemoglobin - shrinkage. Refractive index measurements, crystal preparation, November-December 1946.

15 Whale myoglobin. Removed for extended treatment in separate notebooks. See MS. Eng. e 2350-2351.

16 Miscellaneous X-ray experiments. January 1947, January 1948, August 1949.

17 Ox myoglobin. Experiments January-July 1947, February-March 1951.

18 Microcamera. Attempts to take fibre photographs, camera adjustments, calculations of absorption coefficients, April-June 1947.

19 Theoretical calculations - chain configurations. July 1949 - February 1950.

20 Miscellaneous biochemical work. Tests on rat haemoglobin July 1949, gelatin, November 1951.

21 Chymotrypsinogen. Removed and kept with work on whale myoglobin. See MS. Eng. e.2351.

22 Lamprey haemoglobin. Experiments November-December 1951.

23 Muscle. Calculations and diagram June-July 1952, with a "Note: November 1952. These are very bad notes. However the paper is now published and is the best source of information." The reference is to the joint paper with H.E. Huxley "Extractability of the Lotmar-Picken material from dried muscle", Nature, 170, 1952. See MS. Eng. c. 2397.

24 Sea-lion myoglobin. Brief notes only, March 1953.

25 Penguin myoglobin. Brief notes only, March 1953.

Note: preceding the "project numbers" as listed above is a series of "Notes from January 1946 - August 1946" which have no project numbers, presumably because they antedate the system. They deal with work on adult and foetal sheep methaemoglobin (nos. 10 and 11 of the main list) and are given a separate index of cross-references. Among the experiments is one dated July 1946 on the "Identity of monoclinic and orthorhombic forms of foetal methaemoglobin - the crucial experiment!".


  • Creation: 1946-1953

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Physical Description

Loose-leaf notebook


MS. Eng. e. 2347

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NCUACS 11/4/89/C.30

Physical Description

Loose-leaf notebook

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