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Correspondence, 1905-1957

MS. Eng. misc. b. 189
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Miscellaneous references for students. (Not sorted.)

Correspondence with Department of Coins and Medals, British Museum, regarding Soddy's request to examine B.M. coins for chemical reaction (declined by Trustees); letters exchanged with Barclay V. Head, G.F. Hill, and E. Thompson, 1905.

*Letter from K.A. Fajans, 19 Oct. 1913

*Letters from Howard A. Kelly, Charles L. Parsons, and Karl L. Kithil regarding despatch to Soddy in Glasgow of carnotite ore from the Bureau of Mines, Colorado, in co-operation with the National Radium Institute, 1914.

2 letters from A.J. Balfour, 1914, 1920.

Correspondence with University of Glasgow regarding work submitted for D.Sc. by Alexander (Lord) Fleck, 1916. Undated MS. reference for Fleck supporting his application for a Fellowship, and describing scientific work done in collaboration, 1914?

Reference by Soddy for Alexander Russell (later Student of Christ Church, Oxford) as Lecturer, Westminster Training College, 1913. Later testimonial for Russell, 1919.

Miscellaneous letters of thanks to Soddy for complimentary copies of Science and Life; includes letters from Mando Royden, Rutherford, and H.G. Wells, 1920.

*Correspondence regarding John Ernest Marsh, renewal of Fellowship, Merton College, Oxford, 1923, 1928.

*Correspondence with Radium Belge regarding shipment of Katanga Uranium ores for work at Oxford, 1923-1924.

*Correspondence with Alexander Russell regarding work on uranyl mitrate; includes MS. by Soddy 'Résumé of Work on the Uranium Compounds', 1925.

*Correspondence with Frederick M. Brewer; request for testimonial and copy of Soddy's testimonial in reply, 1926.

Correspondence with Rutherford regarding specimens of thorium lead, 1927.

Miscellaneous correspondence regarding specimen of thorium lead sent to Professor Hönigschmid in 1916 through Professor Kammerlingh Onnes; letters exchanged with Professor W.J. de Haas, O. Hönigschmid, and Stefan Meyer, 1927.

Miscellaneous correspondence with Robert A. Lawson, Fritz A. Paneth (to M. Howorth), tributes to Stefan Meyer by Lawson and Paneth regarding loan of thorium lead and events in 1914-1918 War, 1942-1957.

*Correspondence with John A. Cranston; testimonial by Soddy supporting Cranston's application for Chair of Chemistry, Bangor, 1930.

Letters from E.F.Armstrong, 1935.

Correspondence with W.A. Noyes regarding controversy over priority of discoveries of atomic disentegration and isotopes, 1935-1936.

Letter from A.W. Stewart, on Soddy's retirement, 1936.

From Sir John Townsend on measurements of 'e' and 'e/m', 1936.

From Sir Cyril Hinshelwood; includes letter to M. Howorth from Hinshelwood, 1937, 1957.

Correspondence with Professor A.S. Eve during preparation of Eve's The Life of Rutherford, 1938.

Letter to Nobel Committee for Chemistry, suggesting Fritz Paneth and George de Hevesy as candidates for Nobel Prize, 1938.

Correspondence with Professor Norman Feather during preparation of Feather's biography of Rutherford, 1939; includes letter from Feather to M. Howorth,1957.

Letter from Dr. S.T. Bowden on early use of term 'isotope', 1939.

Letters from Edgar C. Thrupp (Vancouver) on predictions of magnetic storms, 1939.

Letter from Sidney A. Reeve, 1939.

Correspondence regarding patents on rare-earth elements, including thorium, 1940.

Correspondence with Harry W. English, 1942-1943.

Document on 'Relativity Nonsense' by Robert Harvey, n.d.

Correspondence with Sir James Chadwick, 1942; includes letters from Chadwick to M. Howorth, 1957-1958.

Correspondence with Dr. F.W. Lanchester on gravity and radioactivity, 1945.

Correspondence with Sir Charles Darwin, on energy, 1945.

Invitation to visit Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1945.

Correspondence with Morris W. Travers; includes two versions of Soddy's unpublished letter to Nature correcting Otto Hahn's New Atoms, 1946-1953.

Correspondence with Morris W. Travers regarding collaboration of Ramsay and Soddy in 1903; contains information on experiments carried out and dates of work, 1946-1949.

Letter from People's Common Law Parliament, 1947.

Letter regarding lecture at Economic Reform Club and Institute, 1948.

Correspondence with C.H. Collie and Kurt Mendelssohn regarding Soddy's radioactive materials; with related offprints, 1949-1951.

Letter from Sir Richard Gregory, 1950.

Correspondence with Herbert Marcus Powell, 1951, 1953.

Controversy on priority of claims of Wm. Higgins and John Dalton in modern atomic theory.; includes MS. of Soddy's letter to Nature May 5,1951, in response to J.R. Partington's letter of Jan. 20, 1951; further correspondence with J.R. Partington and Frits Paneth. Also includes one letter from Paneth dated 1941.

Miscellaneous personal correspondence, 1952-1953.

Letter from E.R. Pounder thanking Soddy for gift of articles, 1953.

Correspondence with Sir Harold Hartley regarding Soddy's early ideas on atomic energy; includes cuttings of 2 articles by Soddy written in 1903: 'Recent Advances in Radioactivity' and 'Possible future applications of radium', 1953.


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 189

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