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Notebooks and Working Papers, 1921-1939

MS. Eng. misc. b. 187
Held at the Weston Library

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Black exercise book. 'Working up of Travancore Monazite Sand, 12.3.21-8.3.22'; note at end dated Apr. 1939.

Red exercise book. 'Measurements on Ra Ac (Miss H.) May 1925 (started) over several years'. (Reference is to Miss A. Hitchens.)

Thesis on Alpha Rays of Actinium, submitted for D. Phil. Oxford by Marchese Paulo Misciatelli. (Soddy was the Supervisor of this thesis and wrote about the work to Professor Parravano, Rome, in an accompanying letter.) 1927.

Work on radium extraction and alpha activity, by Soddy, Miss A. Hitchens, Mr. Reilly; includes correspondence with Radium Corporation of Czecho-Slovakia, 1921-1922.

Work by Miss A. Hitchens on separation of Ac and Io in pitchblende, 1925-1926.

Correspondence and tests with C.H. Bosanquet; X-ray spectrometer tests on rare-earth mixtures separated from pitchblende, 1925-1926.

Miscellaneous notes and papers on pitchblende; includes work by Miss A. Hitchens and J.K. Marsh, 1926.

MS. notes and papers on Thorium and Uranium in Monazite sand (signed S.I.), n.d.

MS. notes on Activity of Ionium; in various hands, n.d.

Experiments by Soddy on monazite sand, 1938-1939.

Notes and experiments by Soddy and Miss A. Hitchens, with an undated note by Soddy: 'Batch of loose papers, retained from pre-resignation work on Monazite...'

Nine sets of candidates' examination answer-books, numbered In - IXn, detailed experiments on ray measurements, 1934-1935. One answer-book 'test of new apparatus', 1939.


  • Creation: 1921-1939


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 187

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CSAC 14.8.74/IV/198-209