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Work on Mathematical Problems, 1935-1956

MS. Eng. misc. b. 183
Held at the Weston Library

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Miscellaneous figures and diagrams for published work on circles, 1936-1937, n.d.

'The Kiss Precise, The Hexlet and The Bowl of Integers'. (Offprint of Soddy's articles and ensuing correspondence in Nature 1936-1937); later correspondence between M. Howorth and Editors of Nature 1956.

MS. 'Wheels within Wheels'; MS. 'Preface'

Correspondence with: A.S. Gosset Tanner, J. Hodgkinson, T. Chaundy, C.H.,Collie, and F.W. Lanchester, 1935-1937.

Work on 'Kissing Circles'. Includes a note by Soddy dated August 23rd 1956: 'This bundle contains the MSS. (2 copies) of an unpublished book on Kissing Circles and cognate Note Books preserved, after sorting out as much as possible for destruction....' Also contains: 2 annotated copies of a booklet of articles and correspondence in Nature, one with Soddy's note dated 23 Aug. 1956 referred to above. La Nature 15 mai 1937 (contains translations of the poem and article in Nature. 'The Hexlet', 'The Kiss Precise', corrected MSS. 1936. 'The Kiss Precise', 2 copies corrected MSS., with envelope dated 31 March 1955.

'Wheels within Wheels. The General Solution by Elementary Algebra & Euclid of the PROBLEM of the FOUR-FOLD KISS.' (This is presumably the unpublished book referred to above.) 2 copies of heavily-corrected MSS. as follows:

  1. Preface
  2. General Nature of the Problem
  3. The Theorem of the Graded Bead Necklace
  4. The Inductive Approach
  5. The First Curvature Law
  6. The Second Curvature Law
  7. Appendix of Working Details.

'Wheels within Wheels.' Notebook of calculations and notes, 1936-1937. Revisions, with a note inside front cover, 1940. Further note inside front cover dated Aug. 23 1956 concerning unpublished work in notebook.

'The One-Coefficient Standard Cubic Equation' (a paper submitted to the Royal Society in August 1949, and returned 6 on Dec. 1949). MS. drafts, tables of calculations, and a copy of the letter accompanying MS.

'Cubic Ratios by Euclidean Construction'. 2 corrected MSS. Envelope of figures, inscribed 'Rejected R.S. paper & drawings (Euclid Method & cubic relations)'.Includes a letter from the Royal Society declining to publish the MS.


  • Creation: 1935-1956


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 183

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CSAC 14.8.74/VII/155-163