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Lectures, articles, and addresses, 1922-1954

MS. Eng. misc. b. 180
Held at the Weston Library

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'The Origin of the Conception of Isotopes.' Nobel lecture delivered at Stockholm, 12 December 1922. Printed copy with MS. notes.

'My solution of the present world depression. Science must perhaps lead.', c.1929.

'The Lord R. (Rutherford) of Nelson. The Periodic Law and its Interpretation.', 1934.

Lecture on Hooke's Joint, given at Tercentenary Celebrations, Oxford, 1935.

'Money the Mischief-Maker.' Luncheon address to Rotary Clubs of Aylesbury & High Wycombe, 1935.

'Some personal memories of the earlier years of Sir Harold Carpenter's career.' Typescript with MS. annotations, 4pp. Printed obituaries of Carpenter. 1940.

'An Independent Scientist's Views on the Economic and Political Possibilities of Atomic Energy for the Future.', 1947.

'The Constitutional Justification for Resisting Tax-Payments.', 1951.

'The Story of Atomic Energy and its Lesson.' (Lecture to New Europe Group), 1949.

'Why a larger pay-packet now buys less than it did.' (Lecture to New Europe Group), with related correspondence, 1950.

'How Isotopes were discovered.' (Talk broadcast in 'Science Survey') with related correspondence with Sir Henry Dale, Dr. Archie Clow, F.A. Paneth, and W.O. Kermack, 1951.

'Is the deterioration of the climate due to the radioactive Pollution of the Atmosphere?', 1954.


  • Creation: 1922-1954


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 180

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