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Lectures, articles, and addresses, 1895-1918

MS. Eng. misc. b. 179

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Oxford (Merton College) 1895-1899:

'Evans Prize Essay'. Subject: The relations existing between the manner in which the atoms are linked together, and the physical properties of the resulting compounds. 11 March 1895.

(a)'The Isomerism of Oxims and their Derivations.' Typescript essay with MS. corrections and a 2-page résumé of works read, n.d. (b) 'The Work of Hittorf on the Migration of the Ions. An account of Lodge's direct determination of the same.' Typescript essay with MS. corrections and drawings. 10pp. n.d. (c) 'Abstracts of essays by A.P. MacMillan'. Typescript, 6pp., n.d.

'The Relative Atomic Weights of Hydrogen and Oxygen.' Typescript essay with MS. corrections and drawings. 22pp., 1897.

'The Pilgrim Fathers.' English verse composition competing for Sir Roger Newdigate's prize. 1898.

Copies of various poems by Soddy; one published in McGill Magazine, no. II, 1902.

'A New Theory of Aromatic Character.' A paper read before the O.U. Chemical Club, at the Museum, Oct. 26, 1899; typescript with MS. corrections; page of MS. notes; letter from Sir Christopher Ingeld.

McGill University 1899-1902:

'Lectures on the History of Chemistry from earliest times.' Series of 11 lectures given at McGill University. Lecture I typescript, lectures II - XI MS., 1899-1900.

'Alchemy and Chemistry'; lecture and notes for slides, typescript and MS. MS. notes from Les Origines de l'Alchimie (Berthelot), c. 1900.

1900-1901. (a) 'Chemical Evidence of the Indivisibility of the Atom.' 32pp. (b) 5 pp. notes of 'Lockeyer's Views.' (c) Account of a controversial debate with Rutherford at a meeting of McGill Physical Society.

'Gas Analysis', a series of lectures given at McGill. MS. notes for 6 lectures and 6 practical classes; includes a 2-page summary of course. 1900-1902.

Glasgow University 1911-1919:

(a) 'Report on the Electric Furnace Experiments at Cassel Cyanide Co's Works at Maryhill, Glasgow, under the auspices of Sir George Beilby.' April to November 1911. (b) 'Specification of Accumulator Battery....', signed F.S., 1919.

Misc. working papers, research notes and correspondence, Glasgow.; includes Soddy's later note 'Mainly only of Interest now for Reference Purposes', etc.

Keith Lectures given at Glasgow on 'Radioactivity'; 4 lectures, syllabus, annotated typescripts, summaries, etc., 1913.

'The Evolution of Matter.' Citizens' Lecture given in the Digbeth Institute, Birmingham, 16 September 1913; 2 typescripts, MS. list of slides and experiments.

Lecture on Women's Suffrage; delivered at Caxton Hall, London, 1913.

'The Influence of Scientific Advances upon Life.' Lecture given in Glasgow, June 1914. Typescript and MS. corrections.

Aberdeen University 1915-1918:

'Systematic Class'. Opening Lecture 14 October 1915. 'Data', notes on Thorite, 1915.

1915. (a) British Association Discussion on Isotopes. (b) 'Notes of Opening Remarks.' (c) 'Radio - Elements, The Periodic Law, & Isotopic Elements.'

'Advances in the Study of Radio-Active Bodies.' (Lectures at Royal Institution 15 and 18 May 1915.

(a) 'The Social Effect of Recent Advances in Physical Science (with special reference to the discovery of Radium', 5 February 1915). (b) 2 copies of of a lecture delivered to the Workers' Educational Association, Aberdeen, 1915.

Obituary notice of Wilhelm Conrad von Röntgen, with correspondence, 1915. Soddy prepared the obituary for the Glasgow Herald in 1915 and wrote to claim payment in 1923 when the notice was printed.

Lectures and Experiments at Aberdeen, 1916-1918.
  1. 'A Definition of Chemistry' 1916.
  2. 'The Spontaneous Transmutation of the Elements'; plan, notes of slides, demonstrations, and lecture script, 1916.
  3. 'Digest of Successful Experiments', 1917.
  4. '1917 Experiments'.
  5. 'Introductory Lecture 1917/1918'.
  6. 'Scientific & Sociological. The Social Abuse of Science', 1918.
  7. 'Opening Lecture 1918/1919 Session', 1918.
  8. 'Science & Human Welfare. I. Chemistry' (WEA lecture), 1918.


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 179

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