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Biographical material, 1937-1974

MS. Eng. misc. b. 171
Held at the Weston Library

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(Fols. 1-117) 'Eastern Tour' to India, Ceylon, and Malaya: 2 Notebooks of expenses and notes, 1937-1938.

(Fols. 118-138) Papers and correspondence regarding visit to Travancore and extraction of monazite sand, 1937-1938.

(Fols. 139-152) Correspondence with Stanford & Co., Clydebank, regarding commercial possibilities of thorium extraction, 1939.

(Fols. 153-156) Correspondence with G.T. Tupper (Minister of Economic Warfare) on monazite sand, 1940.

(Fols. 157-161)Correspondence with Watson, Laidlaw, and Glasgow on centrifuge, 1940.

(Fols. 162-168) Frederick Soddy calling all Taxpayers' and 'Affidavit' against Commissioners of Inland Revenue, regarding protest against Special Contribution; printed matter, 1950. Note on the failure of the case, 1951. Press-cutting on Soddy's economic opinions, 1931.

(Fols. 169-170) Correspondence with Harbour Master, Liverpool, regarding grounding of 'S.S.Merion' on Soddy's 1903 journey from Boston to Liverpool, 1953.

(Fols.171-179) 'Just Fifty Years Ago', an address on the occasion of the Radioactivity Julibee, Spring Symposium of the Institute of Atomic Information for the Layman; contains Soddy's account of his early work. Printed matter. 1953.

(Fols. 180-227) Nobel Conferences, 1952-1955: printed arrangements and lists of participants; press-cuttings; German translation of Soddy's address in 1953; copy of Soddy's address in 1954 (publ. New World Publications); copy of Mainau Statement on World Peace, 1955; correspondence with conference organisers, 1955; Soddy's query on lecture by C.F. Powell, 1953; note from Soddy to M. Howorth on German translation of address to Lindan conference, 1954.

(Fols. 228-263) Misc. printed tributes to Soddy. Particulars of Frederick Soddy Research Fellowship, University of Sussex, 1974.

(Fols. 264-320) Letters from Soddy to M. Howorth; photocopies of 32 letters, taken in 1969. 1 original, typescript, and MS., 1955.

The following (fols. 321-483), is material collected by Muriel Howorth for her biography of Soddy Pioneer Research on the Atom, published in 1958. The period of Soddy's life to which the correspondence or material refer is given in brackets.

(Fols. 321-335) Correspondence with Otto Hahn (1903, 1913-1914); includes translation by Soddy of Hahn's letter of 23 March 1953, and additional comments by Soddy, 1953-1958.

(Fols. 336-339) Correspondence with Alexander S. Russell (1909-1911), 1956-1957.

(Fols. 340-344) Correspondence with W.T.H. Williamson (1914-1919, Aberdeen), 1956.

(Fols. 345-347) Correspondence with F.M. Brewer (Displacement Law) and W.O. Kermack (1914-1917), 1956.

(Fols. 348-356) Correspondence with George de Hevesy (1911-1912), 1956-1958.

(Fols. 357-372) Correspondence with Morris W. Travers (1903), and regarding methods of filing correspondence for her biography; includes offprint of Travers's note 'Ramsay and Helium', Nature, 135, 1955, p.619, 1956-1958.

(Fols. 373-381) Correspondence with F.A. Paneth, Sir Charles Darwin (1945), and Registrar, U.C.N.W. Aberystwyth (1894-1896), 1957-1958.

(Fols. 382-387) Correspondence with A.E.M. Geddes (1914) and John A. Granston (1914-1918), 1956-1957.

Fols. 388-403) Correspondence with F. Joliot-Curie, Sir Alliott Verdon-Roe, and Alexander (Lord) Fleck, 1956-1958.

(Fols. 404-414) Correspondence relating to Mrs. Soddy from Mrs. Stella Brewer, Alexander Russell, and Mrs. Hilda Beilby ; includes extracts from Soddy's letters written on holidays abroad 1929-1937, 1957, n.d.

(Fols. 415-430) Misc. correspondence from: Royal Society, 1956, 1959; Chemical Society, 1957; Geoffrey Mure, 1957; Sir Douglas Veale, 1957; Meteorological Office, 1957; University of Cambridge, 1956; Admiralty; 1957; and New Europe Group, 1957.

(Fols. 431-434) Misc. press-cuttings.

(Fols. 435-468) Article by Otto Frisch on Nuclear Fission (New Scientist, 23 May, 1957) and subsequent correspondence of M. Howorth and the Editor, 1957.

(Fols. 469-471) Press-cutting, 'Science and Religion', with correspondence of M. Howorth and the Archbishop's Chaplain, Lambeth Palace, 1957.

(Fols. 472-483) M. Howorth's Index to documents prepared for Pioneer Research on the Atom.


  • Creation: 1937-1974


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 171

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