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Societies and organisations, 1964-1987

MS. Eng. c. 2623
Held at the Weston Library

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Folders E.1-E.6: Advisory Board for the Research Councils (ABRC)

Richards was appointed a member of the Board for three years from 1 January 1980 under the chairmanship of Sir Alec Merrison, and resigned 'with great reluctance' in July 1982 because of the heavy pressure of work in Oxford. His advice was sought on the chairmanship of the Science Research Council and the chairmanship of the ABRC in succession to Merrison. He continued to be associated with the ABRC as an advisor on developments in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

General correspondence and papers:

Folder E.1 (= Closed). Invitation to serve on ABRC, advice on chairmanship of the Science Research Council, etc., 1980.

Folder E.2 (= Closed). SUSR report, monitoring of dual support system of research funding and brain-drain, 1981.

Folder E.3 (= Closed). Resignation from ABRC, advice on chairmanship of ABRC, etc., 1982-1983.

ABRC: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In 1983 Richards was invited by Sir David Phillips to prepare a report for the ABRC on NMR imaging.

Folder E.4 (= Closed). Correspondence regarding report with F.S. Dainton, P. Mansfield, J.L. Gowans, and D.C. Phillips; also correspondence with Siemens AG and Picker International, manufacturers of NMR equipment, December 1983-January 1984.

Folder includes report by L.D. Hall regarding NMR imaging work at University of British Columbia.

Folder E.5 (= Closed). Letter to D.C. Phillips enclosing 'Brief history of Magnetic Resonance Imaging'; note of meeting on NMR Imaging at the DES; 'executive summary' of P. Mansfield's 'proposal to set up the National Research Centre for NMR Imaging', March 1984.

Folder E.6 (= Closed). Correspondence and papers regarding proposal for National Research Centre, biomedical NMR etc., April, May 1984.

Folders E.7-E.11: Advisory Council for Applied Research and Development (ACARD), 1984-1987.

ACARD was established in 1976 to provide advice to Ministers collectively on applied science and technology. Richards was invited to join the Council for a three-year term of appointment in 1984.

Folder E.7. Invitation to join from Cabinet Secretary R.T. Armstrong; letter of welcome from Chairman A.H. Chilver; background information, March 1984.

Folder E.8. Agenda and minutes of meeting; correspondence, April 1984.

Folder E.9. Agenda, committee paper, minutes of meeting, May 1984.

Correspondence, June-September 1984.

Letter of thanks from the Prime Minister on retirement from ACARD, 8 April 1987.

Working Group on Medical Equipment. ACARD set up this Working Group in December 1985. Richards was Chairman and wrote the report published by HMSO in 1986.

Folder E.10. Comments on the report, arrangements for a press briefing, Richards's notes for his speech at the briefing.

Folder E.11. The published report.

Folder E.12 (= Closed). Agricultural Research Council. Advice on grant application, June 1971.

Folder E.13. Airey Neave Memorial Trust. Minutes of eighth meeting of trustees, 21 January 1981.

In his opening remarks the Chairman expressed his delight that Richards had agreed to serve on the Advisory Committee.

Folder E.13A. Astor Foundation. Correspondence and papers regarding grant from William Waldorf Astor Foundation to Oxford University to establish the 'Astor Travel Fund', 1980-1984.

Folders E.14-E.23: Chemical Society

Folders E.14-E.18: Chemical Society - Awards

A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers relating to the Society's awards. Richards nominated and acted as referee for candidates. In 1967 he declined an invitation to undertake a lecture tour of Canada under the auspices of the Corday-Morgan Memorial Fund and in 1970 accepted an invitation to serve on the Corday-Morgan Medal and Prize Selection Committee for three years. In 1972 he accepted an invitation to chair a selection panel for a recently inaugurated award in chemical analysis and instrumentation sponsored by Perkin-Elmer Ltd. but declined a similar position in 1974 due to a prior commitment.

Folder E.14 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Awards: 1964-1968.

Folder E.15 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Awards: 1970-1971.

Folder E.16 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Awards: 1972.

Folder E.17 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Awards: 1973.

Folder E.18 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Awards: 1974, 1976.

Folders E.19-E.22: Chemical Society - Publications

A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers principally relating to Richards's refereeing for Chemical Society and Faraday Society publications. The memberships of the two societies were merged in 1972.

Folder E.19 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Publications: 1966.

Folder E.20 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Publications: 1967-1969.

Folder E.21 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Publications: 1971-1973.

Folder E.22 (= Closed). Chemical Society - Publications: 1976, 1982.

Folder E.23. Chemical Society - Miscellaneous. Correspondence regarding Autumn meeting of Society 1966; symposium at Oxford 1968; subscription 1972.


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MS. Eng. c. 2623

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