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Sermons, lectures, publications, 1950-1967, n.d.

MS. Coulson 110

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Folder D.3.1:

'The way to God through science'. Sermon broadcast from Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford, 7 February 1954, and later published in The Listener, The National Message and by the Layman Publishing Co.

Drafts of sermon, arrangements for broadcast and publication, ensuing extensive correspondence with members of the public. As always, Coulson replied to their various doubts and queries with patience and kindliness. This sermon was based on a talk given on the BBC overseas service in 1952: a copy of that broadcast is included in the folder.

Folder D.3.2:

'Conflict, coexistence and cooperation', ms. and typescript, n.d.

'Miracles and visions', 1969: ms. and typescript for Coulson's contribution to book edited by R. Selby Wright Asking them Questions (published 1972).

'Must the scientific ethic be based on religion?': manuscript, 1950.

Folder D.3.3:

'Moral responsibility in the atomic age': manuscript, 1956.

'Science and religion': typescript, n.d.

'Some notes on worship in the twentieth century', a talk to the Conference Committee on Worship, May 1960: typescript.

'Science and religion - teamwork or tug-of-war', article published in the Methodist Recorder: typescript, 1961.

Review of The Firmament of Time by Loren Eisely (2 versions, one for a BBC broadcast): ms., typescript, 1961.

Folder D.3.4: Miscellaneous shorter talks and prayers (all are typescript):
  1. 'Praying hands', n.d.
  2. 'St. Christopher', n.d.
  3. 'Work - Bach', n.d.
  4. 'Christ of the every-road', n.d.
  5. 'Christ and Easter', n.d.
Folder D.3.5:

'Science, religion and education', a talk given at the Young Schoolmistresses Conference, January 1955: 2 versions, plus questions and answers following the lecture.

'Science and religion', an evening discourse for the British Association, September 1954: draft, printed version, with Coulson's letter to Dr. Archie Clow outlining his plan for the talk.

'Science and religion', an expanded version of the talk given to the British Association, 1954.

Folder D.3.6:

'The age of the universe': typescript of 2 versions, 1958.

'Scientific humanism', an address delivered at the Oxford Ecumenical Methodist Conference, September 1951: typescript.

'The natural sciences': typescript of an article published in An Approach to Christian Education, 1956.

Untitled talk on science in relation to the wider cultural outlook: typescript, n.d.

'Science and religion - a changing relationship', Commemoration Address, Handsworth College, Birmingham: typescript and printed version, 1952.

Folder D.3.7:

'Science without God': ms., typescript, n.d.

'Case history in Hell', in The Preacher's Quarterly: typescript, 1956.

'Social science and other science', in Methodist Recorder: typescript. n.d.

Folder D.3.8:

Review of The Scientific Adventure by Herbert Dingle, published in The Modern Free Churchman: typescript, published version, 1952.

Introduction to a lecture by D.M. Mackay on 'From Mechanism to Mind': typescript, n.d.

'Atomic energy: the moral issue', paper read at conference convened by Institute of Biology and Atomic Scientists' Association: typescript, 1952.

'The star of Bethlehem': typescript, n.d.

'Can science do everything?', draft for a contribution to the series 'New Thinking on old problems', in News Chronicle, 1950.

'The bearing of the natural sciences on the nature of man': ms., n.d.

Folder D.3.9:

'Prolegomena for series on sanctity' (probably for a broadcast): duplicated typescript, n.d.

'The Christian religion and contemporary science': typescript. 1950.

'The place of science as a cohesive force in modern society': typescript, corrected proof, 1951.

'The new cosmology', published in The Frontier, n.d.

'Some reflections on the significance of the new cosmology': lecture to the Conference of Educational Associations: offprint. 'Cosmology and Christianity': published report on this lecture, 1950.

'Some aspects of scientific humanism', a paper read at the Southlands Conference: typescript, printed version, 1951.

'Education': ms. notes for a talk at the Methodist Conference, Sheffield, 1951.

'Science and religion', Friday Evening Discourse, Royal Institution, 24 February 1967: ms. notes and transcript of lecture.

Folder D.3.10: Miscellaneous ms. notes by Coulson for short talks, sermons, addresses, discussion contributions.


  • 1950-1967, n.d.


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MS. Coulson 110

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