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Scientific research and publications, 1955-1972

MS. Coulson 59

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Folder B.39.1: 'A comparison of the various representations of ethylene', 1955-1959. MS. notes, typescript draft. Correspondence with C. Moser and F. Birss.

Folder B.39.2: 'Hydrogen bond ideas', 1956-1972. Numerous sets of notes and data assembled by Coulson over the years. Many are paginated, few are dated. Typescript 'The hydrogen bond', based on a lecture before the Basler Chemische Gesellschaft, February 1963. Correspondence with W.N. Lipscomb, January 1957, regarding neutron diffraction work and on hydrogen bonding.

Correspondence regarding lecture by Coulson to the British Gelatine and Glue Research Association, 1956.

Folder B.39.3: 'N2O4 and related molecules', 1957-1958. Ms. notes, drafts, extensive correspondence with collaborator J. Duchesne.

Folder B.39.4: 'Chemical valency', 1957-1958. MS. draft of article for Winkler-Prins Encyclopaedia. Correspondence with editor.

Folder B.39.5: 'Fundamentals of conjugation - benzene', 1958. MS. notes and draft, typescript of lecture delivered to Chemical Society symposium in Bristol, and transcript of discussion following Coulson's paper.

Folder B.39.6: 'The dependence of electronic energy levels upon deformation in aromatic hydrocarbons', 1958. MS. notes, typescript of lecture delivered at symposium in Hull, and related correspondence.

Folder B.39.7: 'Two notes on the shape of the charge cloud near a hydrogen atom', 1958-1960. Typescript, editorial correspondence, referee's report. (The paper was not published.)

Folder B.39.8: 'Benzene to graphite - the change in electronic energy levels', 1958. MS. notes and calculations. MS. draft of lecture prepared for delivery at Carbon Conference in Buffalo, New York, June 1957. (Coulson cancelled his visit because of ill-health.)

Folder B.39.9: 'Some theoretical considerations about vibrational band intensities', 1958. Paper delivered at Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy, London, February 1958. MS. notes, draft, correspondence.

Folder B.39.10: 'Steric forces in halogen-substituted benzenes', 1958. MS. draft.

Folder B.39.11: 'Thirty years of quantum chemistry', 1958. Ms. notes, draft, correspondence.

Folder B.39.12: 'Effect of medium on spectra', 1958. MS. notes, typescript of 'Theoretical considerations of the effects of the medium upon molecular energy spectra', Coulson's contribution to a Royal Society discussion meeting, December 1958, on 'The effect of environment upon molecular energy levels'. Correspondence with chairman (H.W. Thompson) regarding publication.

Folder B.39.13: 'On the stability of substituted diphenylenes', 1960. Typescript draft.

Folder B.39.14: 'Edge carbon atoms', 1959. MS. notes, draft, typescript of Coulson's contribution to conference on carbon, June 1959.

Folder B.39.15: 'Lower bounds of energy - application to helium', 1960. MS. notes, correspondence.

Folder B.39.16: Preparation of diagrams for 2nd edition of Valence, 1961.

Folder B.39.17: 'Bond lengths in the cyclo-octatetraene dianion C8H8 --', 1960. Ms. notes, draft, typescript, related correspondence.

Folder B.39.18: 'The electronic spectra of [pi]-electron molecules', 1960. MS. notes, draft, typescript of Coulson's contribution to meeting of Photoelectric Spectrometry Group, February 1960.

Folder B.39.19: 'Maximum overlap orbitals', 1961. MS. notes, related correspondence.

Folder B.39.20: Coulson's comments on papers by G. Klopman, D. Peters and R. Pauncz, with replies from the authors, c.1962.


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MS. Coulson 59

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