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Scientific research and publications, 1946-1956

MS. Coulson 57

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Folder B.37.1: 'Bacterial variation', 1946-1950. Work in collaboration with D.E. Lea. Extensive MS. drafts, working papers and calculations by Coulson and by Lea, most dated 1947. Correspondence with D.E. Lea 1947, with detailed discussion of the progress of the work. Correspondence with J.B.S. Haldane 1948-49 regarding publication of the work after Lea's death. MS. accounts by Coulson of his work with Lea, 4 pp. MS. and 6 pp. typescript (not identical texts) given as part of a discussion at King's College, London, 1950.

Folder B.37.2: 'Surface tension of liquid metals', 1946-1950. Correspondence and working papers, various dates. Invitation to lecture to Faraday Society on 'Existence and Energies of Surface States' 1949.

Folder B.37.3: 'Ultra-violet spectra of conjugated molecules', 1947-1949. Work in collaboration with J. Jacobs. MS. notes, draft for paper. Extensive correspondence with colleagues.

Folder B.37.4: 'The addition of osmium tartrate to dinaphthylethylenes', n.d. Miscellaneous MS. notes. 2 pp. ms. draft for paper.

Folder B.37.5: 'Momentum functions in a central field', n.d. 7 pp. ms. notes.

Folder B.37.6: 'Butadiene and FMO and configuration interaction', 1949-1950. Work in collaboration with J. Jacobs and D.P. Craig. Ms. notes, calculations and correspondence with collaborators. Letter from J.E. Lennard-Jones, to whom the papers had been sent to referee, with his comments, 1950.

Folder B.37.7: 'R.S. Bond Conf.', 1950. [Royal Society Conference on Bond Energy and Bond Length, 9 March 1950.] Programme of conference. Notes, plan of contribution, and MS. draft 'Bond lengths in conjugated molecules: the present position'. Letter from J.E. Lennard-Jones.

Folder B.37.8: 'Quantum mechanical account of reactivity of conjugated compounds', 1949-1955. Extensive sets of notes and calculations, including 'ideas notes' stimulated by reading, conversations, conference papers, etc. Typescript draft of paper 'Some recent theories of chemical reactivity'. Continuing notes and correspondence on reactivity 1955.

Folder B.37.9: 'Naphthalene-anthracene bond lengths', 1949-1950. Work in collaboration with R. Daudel and J.M. Robertson. Miscellaneous sets of MS. notes and some loose pages. Correspondence with collaborators detailing the progress of the work.

Folder B.37.10: 'Structure of graphite. Review of existing information', n.d. MS. and typescript notes c.1950.

Folder B.37.11: 'Linear combination of bond orbitals', 1949-1950. Extensive notes and working papers. Correspondence with R.D. Brown and M.J.S. Dewar.

Folder B.37.12: 'Strong-field polarisability', 1946-1951. Work in collaboration with A. Maccoll and L.E. Sutton. Extensive correspondence with collaborators. 2 corrected drafts of paper on 'Hyper-polarisability'.

Folder B.37.13: Work on the electrostatic potential of H2 and H2 +, 1951-1953. MS. notes, calculations and correspondence, on the problem, and MS. draft of a projected paper which was not completed.

Folder B.37.14: 'Factors affecting bond lengths', 1951. Ms. notes and calculations. Correspondence.

Folder B.37.15: 'Carbon-carbon bond lengths in small molecules', 1955-1956. Paper read at a Meeting of European Molecular Spectroscopists, Oxford, 7-11 July 1955. 8 pp. MS. draft for paper, + 4 pp. Appendixes. Miscellaneous MS. notes, calculations and working papers. Correspondence with colleagues, including invitation to give paper from 'organiser H.W. Thompson, and regarding research problems preceding and arising from paper, 1955-1956.


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MS. Coulson 57

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CSAC 60/4/78/B.37/1-15

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