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Scientific research and publications, 1943-1967

MS> Coulson 55

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Folder B.35.1: 'Vibrational momenta', n.d. Miscellaneous ms. notes.

Folder B.35.2: 'Dynamics Book', 1943. 4 pp. MS. outline plan for book, dated August 1943. Other brief ms. notes. (Work on the book was not completed.)

Folder B.35.3: 'Activated water', 1943-1944. Letter from D.E. Lea on subject, July 1943, and letter from CAC on subject, July 1944.

Folder B.35.4: 'Molecular diamagnetism', 1944. 3 sets of MS. notes and drafts, and copy of letter to W.E. Duncanson.

Folder B.35.5: 'Factorising wave equations and other differential equations', 1944. 11 sets of ms. notes and drafts. 2 letters from A. Erdélyi, 1944.

Folder B.35.6: 'Errors in second-order perturbation theory', n.d. 2 sets of MS. notes on the subject.

Folder B.35.7: 'Energy fluctuations in bonds', 1945-1947. Work in collaboration with G.S. Rushbrooke. 3 sets of ms. notes and drafts. Correspondence with G.S. Rushbrooke, May 1945-March 1947, and with M.S. Bartlett, H.J. Groenewald. Includes corrected proof for published paper.

Folder B.35.8: 'Polarisability problems', 1945. 4 pp. typescript 'Object of the work'. 2 sets of MS. notes.

Folder B.35.9: 'C6O2 Lattice Energy', 1945-1946. Work in collaboration with J. Weiss. 4 sets of MS. notes and drafts, and loose pages of notes. Correspondence with J. Weiss, October 1945-July 1946, and from 'E.T.C.' (Copson).

Folder B.35.10: 'Anharmonic oscillator', 1946. Mainly correspondence with colleagues on the subject. Includes 4 pp. note by Coulson 'On the shape of potential energy curves in large molecules'.

Folder B.35.11: Correspondence about Coulson's book Waves, 1945-1946.

Folder B.35.12: 'Co-operative phenomena. Time variations', 1946. 1 p. MS. notes only.

Folder B.35.13: 'The atomic radius of carbon', 1946. 8 pp. typescript paper contributed by Coulson to the Conference on Molecular Bonds, Oxford, July 1946.

Coulson organised the conference, and the folder includes programme (heavily annotated), list of participants, accounts, etc.

Folder B.35.14: 'Representation of simple molecules by molecular orbitals', 1946. 31 pp. typescript draft and 4 pp. references. Correspondence.

The paper was written by invitation for the first (1947) volume of Quarterly Reviews of the Chemical Society.

The folder cover carries a note: 'Golden years of M.O. Theory ... Professor Coulson leads in teaching and spreading it'. (The note is by R.B. Gerber.)

Folder B.35.15: 'Suggested researches', 1946-1953.

Extensive lists of possible research topics for Coulson and research students, various dates 1946-1953, some tabulated with the names of those working on them.

The folder cover carried a note: 'An amazingly broad list of subjects for his research students. List includes some topics on which Professor Coulson (and his students) made distinguished contributions (conjugated systems, for instance). Many of the subjects were not actually pursued'. (The note is by R.B. Gerber.)

Folder B.35.16: Miscellaneous short notes and correspondence regarding various problems discussed with Coulson during his consultancy with I.C.I., 1947.

Folder B.35.17: 'On the eigenvalues and determinants of certain matrices', 1946-1947. Miscellaneous MS. notes. Correspondence with L. Goddard.

Folder B.35.18: 'The random-walk problem - Markoff's method', 1946-1947. 10 sets of MS. notes and drafts. 4 pp. typescript draft for paper.

Folder B.35.19: 'Note on the random-walk problem'. MS. notes, calculations, notes on the literature, etc. related to above.

Folder B.35.20: 'The electronic structure of conjugated systems II Unsaturated hydrocarbons and their hetero-derivatives', 1945-1947. Work in collaboration with H.C. Longuet-Higgins. Miscellaneous sets of MS. notes and loose papers. Diagrams and typescript draft of paper. Letter from H.C. Longuet-Higgins, 1945.

Folder B.35.21: 'Theory of mixing', 1946. Work in collaboration with J.M. Coulson (twin brother). 2 typescript notes by Coulson, 'A theory of mixing' 9 pp., and 'An alternative theory of mixing' 7 pp. 2 sets of MS. notes. Correspondence with J.M. Coulson January 1946-January 1947.

Folder B.35.22: 'Chemical reactivity'. Folder containing several sets of work of different dates and types.

1) Heavily annotated typescript draft of paper with H.C. Longuet-Higgins on 'Recent developments in the theory of conjugated substances', with MS. notes and MS. of a paper in French on similar subject, given by Coulson at Institut des Hautes Études, Bruxelles, December 1949, under the title 'Théorie des Réactivités des Molécules conjugées et Aromatiques', 1947, 1949.

2) 'Some theories in chemical reactivity for [pi] electron systems', 1962.

Proposed article for Quarterly Reviews, to be written in collaboration with Brian C. Webster.

Correspondence with editors, collaborator and colleagues, continuing 1962-1965.

Miscellaneous MS. notes by Coulson on subject, including notes of talks or lectures by others.

'Wave Mechanics of Chemical Reactions', 1967. Course of lectures given in Michaelmas Term. 16 pp. MS., with some intercalated pages.

Folder B.35.23: 'Radial nodes', 1946. Work in collaboration with W.E. Moffitt. MS. notes, typescript draft for paper 'Position of nodes in atomic wave functions'. Correspondence with W.E. Moffitt, 1946.

Folder B.35.24: 'Free valence in triphenylmethls', 1947. Work in collaboration with J. Jacobs. Miscellaneous MS. notes by Coulson and by J. Jacobs. Correspondence with J. Jacobs, 1947.

Folder B.35.25: Work on polyphenyls, 1947. Miscellaneous diagrams of molecules, sent by R. Daudel, and carefully annotated by Coulson. Letter from Daudel 1947 proposing a collaborative paper, with detailed reply from Coulson on points of difference.


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MS> Coulson 55

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