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Scientific research and publications, 1936-1948

MS. Coulson 53

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Folder B.33.1: 'Problems on hand', 1936-1948. Extensive folder of notes (many only 1 or 2 pages long) on problems and questions for research.

Folder B.33.2: 'Graphite: tight binding and loose binding', 1939. Several sets of ms. notes.

Includes a letter to J.E. Lennard-Jones regarding publications on graphite, 3 July 1939.

Folder B.33.3: 'Classical lengths of links in aromatics', 1939. Several sets of MS. working notes, with later amendments and annotations.

Draft of paper 'The lengths of the links of unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules' sent to Journal of Chemical Physics; it was returned with referee's comments. Coulson re-wrote the paper and re-submitted.

R.B. Mallion notes (1975) that this folder is of special interest.

Folder B.33.4: 'The Electronic structure of some polyenes and aromatic molecules', 1938-1939. Miscellaneous MS. notes, diagrams and drafts, including 'first rough draft' July 1938, and 'Revision of July 1939'.

Folder B.33.5: 'Unsaturated hydrocarbons', 1939. Contribution to London Mathematical Society discussion, January 1939. 12 pp. typescript.

Folder B.33.6: 'Polarisation problems', c.1939. MS. notes, 4 pp. and 3 pp.

Folder B.33.7: Correspondence with W.G. Penney, May 1938-February 1939 regarding calculation of bond orders.

Includes reference to London Mathematical Society discussion, January 1939, at which Penney read Coulson's paper.

Folder B.33.8: 'Liquid sodium', 1939. MS. notes and draft. Correspondence with collaborator G.S. Rushbrooke.

Folder B.33.9: 'Note on method of molecular orbitals', 1939. Work in collaboration with G.S. Rushbrooke. 5 pp. and 4 pp. MS. notes.

Folder B.33.10: 'Notes on the calculation of the energy of unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules', 1939. 13 pp. MS. draft.

Folder B.33.11: 'Van der Waals force between H+ and H', 1940-1941. MS. drafts, 52 pp. and 3 pp.

Folder B.33.12: 'Momentum in single bonds', 1938-1940. MS. drafts, 20 pp. and 9 pp.

Folder B.33.13: 'Anharmonic linear oscillator vibrations', 1940. MS. draft, 11 pp.

Folder B.33.14: 'Bristol Conference', 1946. Notes of papers by M. Polanyi, J.E. Lennard-Jones, Daudel, Gergole and others given at conference.

Folder B.33.15: Working papers on specific heat of mercury at constant volume, 1940. Includes calculations by a student at Dundee.

Folder B.33.16: 'Momentum in [sigma]-p bonds', 1940. Correspondence exchanged with collaborator, W.E. Duncanson, July-October 1940. Detailed comments on progress of work with some discussion of personal matters, including Coulson's appearance before Conscientious Objectors Tribunal.

Folder B.33.17: 'Momentum of mobile electrons', 1939-1940.

19 pp. MS. draft 'Momentum of molecular orbitals'.

17 pp. MS. draft 'Case of Butadiene'.

10 pp. MS. draft 'Ethylene'.

6 pp. MS. draft 'Application to benzene'.

Letter from collaborator, W.E. Duncanson, November 1940.

Folder B.33.18: 'Momentum distribution in many-electron systems', 1940. Miscellaneous MS. notes. Includes a note from 'E.T.C.' (Copson).

Folder B.33.19: 'Colour of unsaturated compounds', 1939-1941. Miscellaneous MS. drafts and notes.


  • 1936-1948


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MS. Coulson 53

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